A busy sunny day

It was a gorgeous sunny day today!

All kinds of things got accomplished today.

I have wanted to swap out my picnic basket and change

it into another vintage picnic basket. I was able to do that today.

Everything I had fit in beautifully.

It was a good day to get many things done.

Working in the garden and planting some saved cosmos seeds.

I had lots of fun doing flatlays as the light was so good.

I will be posting them onto my

Instagram feed over the next few days.




Sunny days..

The sun is shining brightly today.

Signs of spring everywhere.

The leaves on the trees are starting to unfurl.

Flowers opening up after a long time in the cold earth.

A sunny, warm week is promised ahead.





See what spring brings...

Spring is here today with sunshine and warmer tempetures

In Port Coquitlam, there is a garden in the making,

a chance for Claire to grow her own vegetables.

Some baby goats, that my great niece Myla fell in love with.

They are so adorable at a week old.



Sunday walk...

I am never without my pruning shears,

just in case a few flowers jump into my path

or bulbs just pop out of the ground

on a public path to the lake.

Can anyone truly blame me?

I am rescuing them, that's my story and I am sticking to it!



Weekend love...



I love that Claire took this photo!

Jeremy is 6'4"

that makes it hard for Claire to fit him all in the frame!



The weather turned out to be sunny and quite warm.

We went out to do a few errands,

had a Thai lunch then Jeremy and I went for a walk to

Art Knapp's Garden Center.

The greenhouses were filled with beautiful flowers

that would make every garden a delight.

I am sure a few flowers will come home with me in Sunday.





She slips into bed with me,

tries on all of my bracelets.

Getting down on the floor and playing.

Laughing, talking, playing!

She gives me so much love and joy!




My sweet Claire,

  • She was waiting at the front door when she saw me drive up.

    I came thru snow, ice, sleet, as well as rain to be her.

    She had a little hula girl in her hands, waiting to give it to me for a gift.

    The afternoon just got better with each hour.

    We played, she wrote me a note, we had a tea party,

    we played with two crochet balls I made her several years ago.

    We phoned and Face Time Jim, (OPa)!

    We went out for Sushi, she shared her rice!

    Oh, we sure had a lovley day!

    Believe me, I was so happy to see

    Julie and Jeremy as well!

    Frosso, she still has the little basket of pigs!



On my walk...

Who could resist such beauty?

Hellebores, they are widely grown for their beautiful flowers

as well as foliage.

I love how the sun shone on both the leaves and flowers.

It was a lovely walk, this was a bonus!



Coming home..

They are flying on their way back to Vancouver.

I can't wait to see them.

I've been busy tidying up in the garden,

then taking time to take photos and play.

It was a lovley kind of day!