Summer Postcard No.14

river glass
Glass, Water, Currents and Sand
Strong forces to change something that was rough into smooth lake glass.

Happy Birthday, Layne, enjoying the California sunshine.



Summer Postcard No.12

typewriter keyes
Truth is rarely written in ink; it lives in nature.
Martin H. Fischer


Summer Postcard No.11

Cindy's brooch
A girl can never have enough jewelery.
I really think that American gentlemen are the best after all, because kissing your hand may make you feel very very good but a diamond and a sapphire bracelet lasts forever.
~Anita Loos


Summer Postcard No.10

A Great Summer Time Read.
The blood of flowers.
In Iranian-American Amirrezvani's lushly orchestrated debut, a comet signals misfortune to the remote 17th-century Persian village where the nameless narrator lives modestly but happily with her parents, both of whom expect to see the 14-year-old married within the year. Her fascination with rug making is a pastime they indulge only for the interim, but her father's untimely death prompts the girl to travel with her mother to the city of Isfahan, where the two live as servants in the opulent home of an uncle—a wealthy rug maker to the Shah. The only marriage proposal now in the offing is a three-month renewable contract with the son of a horse trader. Teetering on poverty and shame, the girl weaves fantasies for her temporary husband's pleasure and exchanges tales with her beleaguered mother until, having mastered the art of making and selling carpets under her uncle's tutelage, she undertakes to free her mother and herself. With journalistic clarity, Amirrezvani describes how to make a carpet knot by knot, and then sell it negotiation by negotiation, guiding readers through workshops and bazaars. Sumptuous imagery and a modern sensibility (despite a preponderance of flowery language and schematic female bonding and male bullying) make this a winning debut.



Summer Postcard No.8

Happy Birthday, Caroline, thanks for the wonderful weekend hospitality!

                                                        Alexander sitting at 6 months.

                    What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance.
They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And most importantly of all



Summer Postcard No.7

Can we conceive what humanity would be if it did not know the flowers?
Maurice Maeterlinck


Summer Postcard No.5

We will be stopping here in the Maldives for 7 days before heading on to Sri Lanka in November.
We have a beach bungalow on the right hand side of the island.
I am really excited about the pictures that I will be able to take and the new experiences we will share.


Summer Postcard No.3

Werner gave us this plaque when we moved here nearly 5 years ago.
He bought in Cabo San Lucas where he lives. Every time I water these plants and see the lovely gift, I think of him.


Summer Postcard No.2

I am the happy owner of this new Ipad. 
Jim said I needed this to take control of my huge crafting corporation, or at least my craft room.
I quilted the cover with fabric I bought in Hawaii in never know when you will need to make an Ipad carrying case. 
When I get my back ordered camera kit attachment, I will be able to upload my photos directly to the Ipad.


Summer Postcard No.1

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There are so many pictures to take in the summer.
These are but a few of them that I have taken to capture the moment.


Cindy's Market Bag..

Cindy lent me this bag on one of our thrift store adventures. I brought it back to her on her birthday filled with her gifts.
She looked quite surprised when I had returned it without a liner.
She gave me the most questioning look that said.."what's up with this naked basket?"
I took it home and made her this liner from a sheet and an April Cornell tablecloth she gave me.
She said she approved!!
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Water babies.....

This baby duck had a  fun day at the beach especially when the wind picked up.
The mother was always swimming on the outside to guard the last one she had.
It is not an easy life being a little duck in the great big lake.
Mom and duckling


All the pleasures of Summer

These are a few of my summer pleasures.
I think there might be a few more coming as summer really gets here.
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The Island of Sri Lanka

"The Pearl in the Indian Ocean"
As some of you know, we are planning on going to Sri Lanka for the month of November to be with Shane, Laurie and to see Alexander for the first time.
 We have been reading as many books as we can and getting some amazing photos from Shane as he travels the country.
We are open minded as we just want to enjoy seeing this history filled country.
We will also go to visit our young Sri Lankan World Vision Child that we have sponsored for 10 years. We want to see firsthand what our monthly donation has done for her and her village.

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Summer things

Just a few things that remind
me that summer is finally here.

I hope you can enjoy all the
lovely things that give each
one of you joy and happiness.

These are a few of mine.

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Kelowna's Farmers Market -Street Food

Having lunch at the Farmer's Market. 
This is the best pulled pork burrito I have ever tasted. It is so flavorful, melts in your mouth.
Jim is very partial to the Bakery Truck.


Carmen and Brad's Visit

Had a lovely visit with Carmen and Brad over the weekend. We looked at some amazing properties on the water.
Here we are at The Outback in Vernon..It was a great weekend.

At the Outback
Carmen and Brad


Happy Birthday,Cindy

The world became a much better place on July 10 when you were born. I am so happy to call you my friend.


Baby News....

You have already met our 6 month old Alexander attending his first Sri Lankan wedding with his Dad Shane and Mom Laurie.
We are also so happy to announce that my Jeremy and his wife Julie will be expecting their first long awaited baby in December. We are thrilled for them.
As well, my sister Caroline will become a grandmother as well a month before me, when her son Troy and his fiancee, Danelle have their baby in November.. How thrilling is this?
Sri Lankan wedding with his dad


Nature, Jewelery and Technology...

Found this lovely piece of birch bark and 2 oak leaves. I took off the new necklace I made, added it to the bark and set down my Ipod/touch.
The composition came together in a flash.



At Harvey and Annmarie's in Nelson.

Kicking back and relaxing at the beach.
We had a wonderful couple of days in the company of Harvey and Annmaire. Wonderful food, good friendship and a great place to enjoy the summer and relax.
Harvey, Jim and Annmarie in Nelson
The Fabulous Log Home


Happy July 1st...

On the drive over to Nelson last Sunday, we rounded the corner and this was what we saw. How delightful to see a moose with twins, not a sight I have seen very often. I was able to stand up in the convertible while I got several different shots, but even this one she had already turned away to get her babies out of harms way.

Farmers Market Re-Visited