Hello February...

Luckily we still have 28 days before we fly home.

We plan to make the best of these next 4 weeks.

I got up early to capture the sun rise.

It was one of those special moments in time when

I saw a saffron robed monk walk up the beach to collect his alms.

As he walked back, he gave me a sweet smile that felt

like a blessing.

I gave him one of my sweetest smiles back.

A moment I will always treasure.



Small gifts to take home....

The Cicada Market

has amazing food and lots of booths with hand made gifts,

handcrafted by people in Thailand.

Here are a few of the small things that pack well into our carry on to

share when we get back home.

I hope Claire will like her little dress.



Hua Hin Market..

This is where the food and other vendors

sell their produce, flowers, clothing, etc to both

private and public clients.

It is amazing to see rows and rows of fresh fish, fruits, flowers,

vegetables interspersed with toys, makeup, spices

and women sewing on old tredle machines.

I want to go back again and have a enjoy another look around.

I find it fascinating to see all their hard work

for sale right in front of you.




Temples and Markets...

Hua Hin and Takiab have no shortages

of Temples and Markets.

We took the hotel's air conditioned courtesy shuttle bus downtown to visit

"Wat Hua Hin".

It is a huge complex where the monks live and collect

their daily alms.

We also walked thru the

market where all the food vendors and restaurants buy their produce.

Both were quite amazing.

Here are just a few of the photos I took today of

the Temple today.



Tempeture drop...

It got really windy and quite cool yesterday.

It was 33 Celsius, then it dropped to 18 Celsius.

The Thai people think it is cold at 33, as it is their winter.

They walk around in sweaters and long pants,

we are hot in a bathing suit.

Making the most of a cool day, we explored a different part

of Takiab/Hua Hin.

We found a wonderful bakery not very far from here that served

up delicious pastries as well as good coffee.

By mid week we should be back

into sunny & warm weather.




A good weekend...

At the moment it is pouring rain,

but all week we enjoyed such lovely warm weather as well as

perfect water temperature in the pool.

We love our new condo and all the amenities it has to offer.

Here are a few photos I took over the weekend.




Making a few more bracelets...

Our Aussie friends had to go home early

because their 8 year old son Bailey

got stung badly by a jelly fish.

I won't post the photos of his wounds, but just to tell you he

had multiple visits to the hospital and a 4 hour surgery to stitch up

some of the wounds.

They had to fly back today to continue his treatment and more surgery.

He loved my friendship bracelets, they had to cut them all off his wrist

when he was in the hospital.

We visited him in the hospital and I made several more for his ankles.

This morning I made some more for him and his brother Cooper to wear.

They were a wonderful family and we will miss them.





My sweet Claire...

Jeremy and Julie are wonderful at

taking and sending pictures of Claire.

I will be amazed at the change in her when I see her

once again in March.

I am so glad we FaceTime together each weekend.

Interesting ratio 13 boys, 6 girls