Closing blog down..

The blogger platform I have been using since 2006
has not updated to the new IOS 11.
I am unable to continue blogging here in 
since Blogger will not
be supported any longer.

I will continue to post my photos and comments on Instagram.

You can find me on Instagram @

Thank you to all of my followers over these many years.


One month today...

I am counting down the days.
We head back to Thailand for the 3rd time,
one month today.
This year we will have a car for those 4 months.
It will give us much more freedom to explore the villages 
and beaches around where we are staying in Hua Hin.
We plan to take longer road trips as well.
This year we are planning to take a side trip to Vietnam.
Who knows where else the winds 
of travel will take us while we are there.


Happy birthday my wonderful son...

Happy birthday to you Jeremy.
It’s hard to believe you were born 44 years ago today.
Where has that time gone?
You have grown up to become such a great guy, 
a really kind and caring husband, a fun and loving dad.
I am very proud to be your Mom.
There are many photos I cherish of our time together,
but this one taken in 1987 still remains one of my favourite ones.
I hope this year is filled with love, joy, health, happiness, wonder and personal fulfillment.
I will see you soon.


My love for reading has always been a constant part of my life.
How I read has changed drastically as I have embraced new technologies.
I still read paperbacks and hardcover books.
I belong to a library here in The Okanagan. 
I read and take out books in their app “Libby.”
I read on my iPad, IPhone and Kindle.
When we travel, it’s much easier to download books on several of my devices, as well as Magazines and Newspapers. 
Wherever I am, I am always able to enrich my life by reading. 


Weekend free of smoke.....

It has been such an unusual spring and now

summer here in the


First we had the wettest spring on record with some of

the most serious flooding this area has seen.

Right after that, the fire season started with high tempetures and strong winds.

The summer months where filled with hot smokey days.

77 days without rain.

To celebrate one of the clear days we had over the weekend,

we drove the WestSide Road, up to Vernon and

had a lovely picnic along the way.

You definitely can feel that fall is in the air.

I celebrated my 68th birthday on the 13.

How blessed I feel to be so healthy and happy.

Always a bittersweet day for me as I was born 2 days after my

Mom's 25th birthday.

I miss her each day.




Grade 2

In order to be a dolphin trainer,

you need at least as BSc.

It looks at this point she is

following in her Dad's footsteps.

Who knows what she will want to do by the time she is in Grade 12.

I hope you have a really good

Grade 2 Claire!




A busy little girl...

She's busy being a kid.

Doing what little girls do, she's growing up.

I was there for her first day back to school.

She only had 1 hour of classtime, back in her grade one room.

Next week she will be full time in her grade 2/3 split.

I will see her again in October before we leave for

our time away in Thailand.



Claire brought her parents for a visit..

Since I had to take Claire back to Vancouver

on her July solo visit to us here,

this time she brought her parents so she wouldn't be so homesick.

We had lots and lots of fun.

Jeremy and Julie celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary on

August 22 and we looked after Claire while they went out for dinner.

There wasn't any homesickness or drama.

I gave her a mannequin that Frosso had given me.

She spent hours draping her clothes, fabric and trim all over her.

It was a great hit and she took it back home with her.

She dressed her mannequin all by herself with just some fabric

when she got home.