3 days away in Nelson..

Longtime friends,

my best thrifting buddy ever,

great food, marvellous drinks,

best sleeping cabin on the lake....

only one question remains,

when can I come back?

Thank you Cindy, Tim and sweet Koda for the love and friendship!

See you in September.



Wine Touring..

When friends come to our Okanagan Valley,

we pack a picnic and go wine touring.

With 135 wineries, the task at hand is where to go.

Our friends Patrick and Steven flew in from Seattle for a few days of fun.

We met them in Panama a few years ago and have

continued our friendship.

It was time for them to see our part of the world.

Wine was sipped, a picnic enjoyed, back roads traveled,

new wineries visited.

We are looking forward to having them return next summer.



Fun in my day...

I have made the time to read a few really good books,

take some really good pictures,

have some really good fun thrifting.

It's summer in the Okanagan!



The days were filled with joy..

Crafting, playing, crafting, running,

thrifting, crafting...

oh we had fun.

I think one of the best things we did

was to set up a photo booth with props.

She just loved it!

Here are just a few of the photos we took.



Claire is here..

Her sweet smile says it all.

So much energy and she many things she wants

to try.

Trying to fit it all in.




Countdown to Claire..

We are picking up Claire on Sunday.

We will meet 1/2 way in Hope,

have lunch together with Jeremy and Julie,

then driving back here with her to

West Kelowna.

We have 4 fun days planned,

keeping lots of time open to do spontaneous things.

Picking flowers,

maybe trying to knit,

learning how to style a photo with her toys.



Tasking a new Makelight photography course...

Happy days these are.

Continuing my love for taking photos.

So much fun learning and styling my photos.

Each day I can be creative,

each day I can find a new photo

to take.