Fresh fruit...

At this time of the year who could resist such a delicious breakfast. The peaches from the Okanagan are just the best!


Jessie and Eleanor...

These two bunnies have found a new home...they will be bringing joy to two sweet sisters at Christmas time.."time to get dressed, Jessie."


Kelly's Campground

My sweet sister Caroline and her husband Larry had graciously said that we could stay in their trailer while we were Werner and Dana's wedding. She had made it so sweet including wonderful touches such as a bottle of wine, two redneck drinking glasses as well as flowers. Their 5 acres of grounds and flowers were so beautifully manicured. We enjoyed their great company, amazing meals and Larry's most awesome breakfast the morning after the wedding. Thank you so much for all you did for us!

Evelyne and Richard hosted the wedding at their beautiful home, an easy walk between both Caroline and Evelyne's home where most of us were housed..


Welcome Dana...

Welcome to our family Dana, you are such a beautiful and sweet sister-in-law, is it any wonder that Werner loves you so? I know we all will remember how special this day was for you and Werner. ❤


Wedding plans

My brother Werner is 
getting married
tomorrow to 
We are so thrilled to have her part of this
big Leuenberger 

staying at the wonderful accommodation 
lovingly created by
my sweet sister Caroline and her husband Larry.
Thank you Caroline and Larry❤




Just another bunny waiting to be dressed..I think Jessie will look wonderful in striped pj's!.

Wishing my wonderful brother-in-law, Larry a truly great birthday year ahead.


Fresh produce

Fresh Tomatoes
fresh corn,
fresh basil,
dinner in the making.
Summer produce at it's best.



Last week

Just a small collection of
photos from last

Begonias in upper left photos are from Jo-Ann's beautiful garden in Victoria❤



It seems just a bit quieter,
a bit more 
 it seems like there are more birds
It seems just a bit sweeter
because it is



In the works....

Just a few more bunnies
in the works,
helping create
joy and happiness for an other day.


This week....

Christa and I spent these last few days
crafting and creating.
These sweet bunnies were hand sewn with great love and care.
They will be given to her 5 grandchildren to be loved for many
years to come.
We hope they will be cherished and
 create new
childhood memories.




My new little guy

My sweet little 
Waiting for a name..
Waiting to be given to a new baby to be loved..
If the new baby is a girl, 
this little one will get a skirt over



Little "Karolina"

This is a very special bunny that I handmade for Claire..she is named after my mother "Karolina". Her ears and top of her head are made from a Shetland sweater that belonged to my Mom. Jeremy's dad, Peter brought this sweater home with him on holidays from the Shetland Islands many many years ago. She loved this sweater.
When my mom passed away in 2010, the sweater became mine. I felted it and I continue to make sure that pieces of it is reloved and repurposed.


Helping the SPCA..

Jim has done such a great job helping raise funds for the SPCA..Claire was his helper over the weekend to put out the golf balls, she took great pleasure helping him put the golf balls on the table. Our goal is to raise more than $1032.00 which was the total we raised last year. Since June 6th, we have raised $881.00.....we are well on our way. Way to go Jim and Claire❤


Such a sweet time with Claire

I think these photos say it all.
Claire is having fun 
on this warm weekend of
summer in the Okanagan
 at Oma and Opa's.
So glad she brought her parents as well.




Claire's visit

Claire brought her parents for a weekend visit to "Oma and Opa's"
She had fun right away, first with all 
of my balls of wool, then going for a golf cart
ride with Daddy and Opa.



A bunny for Claire...

"Little Karolina" is the bunny I am making for Claire.
Karolina was my Moms name, this little bunny will be stuffed with happiness, joy, goodness and love. Her little dress will be finished today
in time for Clare's arrival.❤I hope she will be well loved for many years to come.


Ball jars..

I have a few of the original blue Ball jars in my collection. 6 of these jars are new. Ball has re-issued these iconic blue jars to celebrate their anniversary.
Love how they look in my wire holder.



is my lucky little 13th
that I have just finished.
Here she is all dressed
up for her photo




A day to pinic,
pick flowers, 
buy peaches and plums,
a day to have 
a sweeter, slower start
to the 



Vivian and Lillian

These two sweet girls will be given to my nieces, their ears are made from a Shetland sweater that used to belong to my Mom. "Alice" is still in my craft room waiting to have her pinafore dress completed. While I was sewing them by hand, they were filled with wonderful memories of my Mom wearing that sweater.


"the girls"

Some of these girls are just waiting for a home...three more in my Craftroom waiting to be fully dressed before being presented..such a wonderful way to spend the day..crafting and creating.