Sweet Cookie....

Today it is Cookie's day. Here she is doing what she does best...... resting. Not bad for a 12 1/2 year old gal. She was very patient with me as I put on a new scraf and completed the look with some of my new bling.

When she does move, she just turns her head and gives you one of those, "What are you doing?" looks.

So here's to all of you who have dogs in your lives, they touch your heart in so many ways, and they truly give unconditional love.Posted by Picasa


My Wish For You.......

My Wish For You" is another scrapbook challange by Ali Edwards that I did last night. It took about 2 hours to complete with all kinds of supplies all over the 5th wheel. I am happy with how it turned out, and will be submitting it tomorrow on Ali's web site for her challange. All the paper is LilyKate by Basic Grey except for one 4x4 Chatterbox.Love to be able to do this while we are on the road. Posted by Picasa


altered Lunch Box


I finished this little lunch box a few days ago. It is a great place to store all those photos that I am printing off waiting to be made into a scrapbook page. Posted by Picasa


More good things

Here are a few more things that I thought were cool at the Flea Market. These are reflectors, should you need some, chilies for cooking or just hanging up for decorations. Then all kinds of flags , love this one that says "it's 5:00 somewhere", and the budweiser horses at a good price for a beer.

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All About Jim

This is all about Jim today. Lots of fun things in his life. Loves golf, travelling, his kids, planes, and trying new beer.

Since we have been travelling we are able to use Skype and phone any where in the world from our computer. His daughter Laurie in Australia is the receipient of his wonderful calls. Jim is also able to stay in touch with his son Brad in Calgary.
What a great thing to be able to be in the 5th wheel and call whom ever you want and it is either free in NA or really reasonable. Check it out at
So Laurie, this is for you today, so you can see your happy Dad.

1. Jim in Algodones , Mexico
2. New beer from El Salvador.

3. Jim and Laurie in Bogota, Colombia.
4. Flying the 1944 Texan out of Casa Grande. AZ

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Some Bling

Here are a few new photos of some Bling
that you can find at the Swap Meet.Scraves, Purses, Italian Charm bracelets, and Vintage brooches. Fun way to have some fun for you girls that like to shop.

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Yuma Flea Market

So here are a few photos of what you can find at the Yuma Flea Market or Swap Meet as it is called. It is a fun way to spend the aftrnoon and find some interesting pictures to take. They have a good selection of junk food, and cold beer which by the looks of some of the people here, is enjoyed every afternoon. You can get all kinds of things that you may never need, but for some reason, you always come home with a few new treasures.

It is a bit overcast today, only about 78 degrees. So, there will be no working on the sun tan today. Hope where ever you are and reading this, you are missing us!!! Posted by Picasa


Happy Birthday Evelyne

Happy birthday there, Eve, I hope you are having a great day, and counting down the days till you and Richard hook up your rig and join us down here in the sunshine. For those of you who check this out, you may know that Evelyne is one of my two favorite younger sisters, the other one being Caroline. She and her all girl crew build the most incredible river rock fireplaces, and do all the caulking on the Log Homes that her husband Richard designs and their company builds. Check them out at
Also, a big happy birthday to my friend Shannon, and our HeliPilot friend Leighton. Hope all of you guys have a wonderful day. Posted by Picasa


Beach me in Mexico

Here are a couple of new signs.

This is on Jim's new T-Shirt that our friend Franz designed and gave to him, cool, eh!!!
The Texas RoadHouse makes a great Pulled pork sandwhich which are really good.

Another great day here today. Here's hoping there won't be any snow in Williams Lake when Heinz and Marlene leave in 14 days.


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Jeremy and Julie

Lucky Me, to have such a wonderful son as Jeremy and my daughter-in-law, Julie.

Congratulations and good luck starting their Masters Degree in Science, while teaching full time. 
We are so proud of both of you!!!!!! 


Yuma Balloon Festival

WOW!!!! it was a great evening to sit and watch these amazing ballons being filled up and tethered with long guide ropes, and then at dusk watch them light up with these propane burners.
The Eagle balloon was "heads" above the rest, and he looked truly grand. There were about 20 in total and tomorrow at sunrise they will fly over the Colorado River. Who wants to come and watch that?

It was a free event, you just made a donation which went to the Crossroads Mission. What a wonderful event for all the local folks and the winter visitors.

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The (picture perfect) Girls

This is for another Ali Edwards Challange, about "Your Scrapbooking Style". As we travel along I take alot of photos of our "girls" Cookie and Pebbles. They are very patient with all the photos I take, and as long as they get treats, that's all they ask in return. I changed these ones to B&W, first time I have done that, and the little Cannon Selphy printer I take along on our travels works just great.
My style is evoling as I take courses, read magazines, and follow what my favorite Scrapbookers's like Ali are creating. It is really easy to get creative if you keep your eyes, heart and mind open to what you see around you. Posted by Picasa


Mexican Pop

Who could resist such colorful pop, makes you think of the beach on a hot day. Just had to get a couple of bottles to take a photo of, not sure how they will taste. Happy hour is coming up, maybe with some ice, a bit of lime, and some gin, might be just a great drink.

It's hot and sunny here in Yuma, AZ today, but with the swimming pool and lot of shade, you can spend the days quite happily, reading, swimming and walking the dogs.

Heard about the bad wind and weather in BC, and we really are so sorry that we missed that!!!!! :) Posted by Picasa


Algodones #3

Here are a few more photos, the wonderful sunsets, the handmade pottery, the cheerful signs and all the really cute kids. They are quite shy, but if you ask them, they will usually stand still long enough for a photo. I wanted to take this one in memory of my Mom, she loved the Mexican kids. They are really polite and wear these uniforms to their school. Most of the time their backpacks are bigger than they are.

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Algodones #2

Here are a few more photos to match up to the text below. Enjoy

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