Miss Dandelion Doe

Jeremy was starting to get better,

Julie felt they could manage ok on their own, so I was able to drive home.

I am hopeful he will not overdo it.

He will be re-evaluated by his Dr. in 10 days to see when he

is well enough to go back teaching.

I was grateful to have been able to help out.

I am happy to be back home and share my days with Jim once again.

Now that I am back home, I will be making this new felt Doe that I purchased


Posie Gets Cosy

I will post my deer when I get her completed.

This is my PFD pattern.
Here are Alicia's other new patterns.





A happy day....

Jeremy is home, Claire is so happy,
her smile says it all.
Recovering at home is so much better.



A tender moment....

I have been down here in Vancouver since Friday helping out Julie as Jeremy has pneumonia.

I spent another long day at the hospital with Jeremy..

He will probably be there at least few more days.

I love just being there for him, just keeping him company while he rests.

His pneumonia went to the serious stage very quickly.

He is very tired and having trouble breathing, so right now it is the best place for him to be.

Claire was really worried about him so Julie brought her

up so she could see he was getting better.

Thanks for all the love and support from our

family and friends, it sure means a lot.

Especially Jim, who is holding the fort down

back home in Kelowna.

I think this is a very touching moment.




Baking and gardening.....

If it is a bit cool outside it seems the perfect

time to bake.

In the early mornings when it is warm, I love to get outside and dig in the dirt.

I love looking around at the garden centres and dreaming how my containers will look in full bloom.

Here are a few photos of the past week.





It was the best of days..

There are days when Cindy and I are thrifting and we get

totally skunked. We phone, message or text each other

to commiserate or celebrate what we found and say how lonely

thrifting is without each other.

These were just a few of my wonderful

finds over the past 3 days.

Oh my, but I had a good day yesterday!

Some gifted milk glass vases from Cindy.

As well as another Flamingo Pink Pyrex bowl.

I do love the crocheted scarf. Thank you

my sweet thrifting buddy!





Around the house this morning...

Baking a loaf,

arranging my cutting boards and bowls,

restacking my everyday in use pyrex,

sitting down enjoying the quiet of the morning with a

good cup of coffee.

This is my morning, hope yours is good as well.



Happy Mother's Day...

The love in this photo says it all.
I am so very very blessed!
I shared this Mother's day with Julie, Jeremy and Claire.

My thanks to the three of you for a wonderful weekend.



A wonderful weekend..

The weather has been a bit overcast

but that did not lessen any of

my enjoyment spending the weekend with

Jeremy, Julie and Claire.

Swimming lessons in the morning and baking cupcakes

in the afternoon. It has been fun!

Jeremy took me to 3 area thrift stores,

sad to say I got skunked, but what a lovely

way to spend a couple of hours in the afternoon with my only child.



Such a sweet smell....

Just having even a few of these lilacs in a vase

fills the room with such a

beautiful fragrance.




The skillet cinnamon bun....

Just to prove I could make it,

Just to score some major points,

Just because I have so many pyrex bowls I can use,

Just because I knew how happy this would make Jim,

Just because it was raining,

Just because.....

Reciepe found here


Sprinkle Bakes



Some may stay, some may go....

I snapped a few photos this morning of some of my treasures.

Some will stay, some were collected to sell.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

The first lilacs of the season.



April...a wonderful month...

I try to take a photo everyday to remind me

how lucky and blessed I am.

April was a wonderful month,

as we drove from Arizona back to BC.

Here are a few of my photos.