A day well spent....

Cindy and I had a wonderful time at the

Desert Botanical Garden


Dale Chihuly's glass exhibit in the gardens.

It was breathtaking.

Here are just a few of the amazing photos.

Thank you Cindy for treating me to the gardens and lunch.



This last photo was taken by Cindy....

Isn't it just amazing?



A good day..

Having Cindy here to thrift with is so much fun!

We have found a few treasures, including this wonderful vintage

1957 Black Tulip Purex

casserole dish with serving tray.



Good job!

Claire earned a red strip

on her belt at her

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class.

As well as making snowmans, going swimming and day care,

she is one happy little girl!

We get to see her here in Arizona in 3 weeks.



My sister Caroline's art....

This is the lastest painting my sister


has finished. She is truly very talented.

Not only does she paint,

she is creative in her pottery studio, she helps out and teaches

young kids at school about pottery,

she can knit, crochet, & garden.

The best part is that she is loving and kind.

Caroline is a sister that we are happy was born into our family.

I am so glad she is one of my sisters!



Caroline and her husband Larry.


check out her art at

Check out her pottery at



Scouting for treasures...

As soon as my Cindy arrives,

we will head for the treasure trove of antique malls and thrift stores.

My scout, Jimmy was simply amazing with his ability

to spot vintage Pyrex!

Here are a few of the thing a we found in just one

Antique Mall!




Flamingo Pink...

Just by chance I came across this lovely

pyrex casserole bowl in

"flamingo pink"

It was quickly snatched up for $4.99

{less 20%}

and added to my collection.

I did this all in the name of my Cindy who is arriving

next thrifting locations being scouted out as we speak!

The countdown has begun. only 5 more sleeps until she arrives!





It seems that somewhere,


are always in season.

These ones are really sweet, however,

nothing will ever taste like the ones that are sun ripened

and eaten right off the plants in a garden.




Weekend pleasures....

A relaxing weekend.

I finished knitting a scarf, started making some clothes for

"Little Panama."

We went to a wine tasting at our club as well as a

picnic and hike.

Had a FaceTime call with Claire...some new photos and caught

up with friends and family.

It was all good.





Picnic at Saguaro Lake

With record hot days here in AZ


a picnic at Saguaro Lake was a perfect get away.

It is a lovely spot, cliffs on one side, the lake in front of all

the covered picnic tables.

There even was a breeze off the water to keep us cool in the shade.





Just a small bouquet of joy...

It does not take much to make me happy,

flowers do it every time.

Hope your day is a happy one.