Taking time to live well....

We continue to try to live our lives really well.

Taking time for ourselves, enjoying the good health we have been blessed with.

Time for picnics, long walks, driving to find new places to explore.

Reading, crafting, gardening, baking and cooking!

Vacation dreaming.

Keeping in close touch with family and our friends.

To each person, living well means different things.

I hope you have found the time to live well.

Photos from British Country Living
Martha Stewart Magazine.





By Day and Night...

Early in the morning a couple

coyotoes go running by.

Sitting on the deck having my coffee

way before anyone else is up.

Long before all the noise that happens on this golf course occurs.

It is a noisy place first thing in the morning.

It is lovely and peaceful in the quiet evening light.

This intense heat makes the flowers thirsty.

Thank goodness for drip lines to each pot.


The mornings are the time to catch up on FaceTime with my girlfriends...

Good Morning Fro:)

A cup of coffee in hand to catch

up on all our busy lives.

A new beaded band for my Panamian hat!



A week in pictures...

Random shots,

books read,

gardening done,

coffee made,

birthdays celebrated.....

Happy Birthday, Caroline, sweet sister of mine!

It's all good!

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A day spent crafting was well spent... I ended up with

several new bracelets.

My little Boxer dog makes a great model, don't you think?



Jim golfing with his buddy Gary....

Jim's buddy Gary flew up from Arizona to

enjoy some of our golf courses.

Fun is being had at a few different courses.

Here are a few sights we have seen along the way.

Of course I had to take a few photos

of the flowers blooming around the courses.



High Heat, Fire and Wind...

A pretty lethal combination.

Today we have a combination of all three plus the added problem

of dead pine beetle destroyed trees and lots of

pine needles as fuel for the fire.

2500 people evacuated but no injuries to human,

or domestic animals.

At this time, 3:00pm on Friday afternoon,

no homes have been lost.

Let's hope everyone stays safe.



These last few hot days..

At the market, driving around, seeing the sights,

it's all good on a warm

and sunny

Okanagan day!


And maybe, just maybe, doing a bit of