Mini pumpkins.....

I went up to Paynter's Market today

to pick up a few small


They are just perfect.

I thought my little deer would look cute with them.

Then I put the beaded coyote

that my sister Evelyne gave amongst them.

It just became to be more and more fun,

stylin the pumpkins and my props.



Gardening...getting ready for fall....

To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.

~Mahatma Gandhi~



Happy Birthday, Jeremy

Happy 42nd birthday to my wonderful son.

As Claire well knows,

you will always be my baby.

I know she and Julie will give you a kiss from me.

What a lovely coincident that you met

Julie 20 years ago today.

You don't raise heroes, you raise sons.

And if you treat them like sons,

they'll turn out to be heroes,

even if it's just in your own eyes.

~Walter M. Schirra, Sr.





Somehow seeing a rainbow

never gets old.

It always gives you hope of sunshine coming your way soon.



Hello Saturday....

Tidying up the garden, knowing we have to turn off

the irrigation on Monday.

Good time to do a few creative crafts.

Sunny, cooler and clear today,

autumn is here.




Two of my favourite apps....

I use "Waterlogue" as well as "Mobile Monet".

I love the way they can become

a watercolour, a poster or point and paint.

Some photos do well in Waterlogue,

others look better in Mobile Monet.

The fun of it all is that you never, ever have to buy

another card.

You have all you need within these two apps to make

the most beautiful cards.

The fruit comes from

"Paynter's Market."



Fall colours....

Sunny days, leaves changing colours,

tidying up in the garden.

These have been my past few days.

I hate to throw away all the cutting, so I spread them out on my table

and create some styled photos.




A splendid day..

A walk at the nut farm,

then along the lake,

topped off with ice cream and a

great game of sequence.

A wonderful time with dear friends,

Bob and Sue.