Falling leaves...

About 5 years ago we planted this

lovely maple tree.

Every year it is the last tree to lose it leaves.

They all fall on our driveway.

With luck, the wind will always blow it

into our flower bed, making the leaves easier

to collect.

Some are just too beautiful to part with.

Using a couple of different apps,

here's what they look like now.

Raw and untouched.




These are simply good cookies,

easy to make,

even easier to enjoy with a glass of milk.


You can find the printable recipe here

I made a few changes, I used butter,

added another cup of raisins

and used slivered almonds because I had them on hand.



Quiet moments today...

The above mittens are a free pattern from The Purl Bee.
I think they would be a dream to knit.



Going for a drive...

There is so much to do and see in our beautiful

Okanagan Valley.

Lunch out and a drive is a wonderful way to see the

subtle fall colors we enjoy here.



A new app...

I have been reading about this

amazing app called


I watched a video to see what it does and I was impressed.

The first pumpkin photo is the one I took with my IPhone,

it is untouched.

The following photos all were changed within the app.

It was fun and has a lot of different

applications within each of the

tools and filters.




Playing in my craftroom...

I took the time out to make some of the yarn
trees I found on Pinterest.
I changed a few things and made them my own.
They were such fun and easy to make.
Any scrap yarn works.

Tutorial found here


Sunday sunrise...

With a hint of rain as well as some wispy clouds

in the sky,

this morning's sunrise was spectacular.

I played around with some of my editing programs to get

a few different looks.

This is the original photo taken with

my IPad.

Mobile Monet
Minutes later, the sky turned red.