Snowy day in Kelowna.....

Our dear neighbour,


sent us this photo that he husband took of our home

back in Kelowna.

It don't think we have ever had this much snow at one time.

Thanks Kathy and Marvin.

You can see how grateful we are to have this as our view this morning.



Traveling, being away..

Traveling has it's own set of rewards.

New adventures, meeting the locals, seeing old friends,

pehaps exploring the countryside or going into the city.

Luckily, being away from home isn't as difficult as it once was.

With FaceTime, E-mail, Messaging and Skype,

staying in touch has never been

easier and more convienent.

I see Claire at least once a week. Jeremy and Julie value

building a relationship for her with her 3 sets grandparents.

I make video's of the sunrise here in Panama.

I send her photos

and each week we are part of their

daily lives.

Even if you are traveling or are away, there are so many

ways to stay in touch.

Claire at her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class.





Panama hats and shells..

I am now the proud owner of two

Panamanian hats.

I love that they were hand crafted.

These hats are worn by the cowboys as well as ordinary Panamanian folk.

They wear so well and are necessary under

the hot Panamanian sun.

I bought one two years ago in Penonomé.

This week I bought the one on the right in








The roads less travelled...

1053 km = 654 miles.

Our 2 day trip was wonderful.

We travelled many back roads, armed with a good map and thankfully,

"Gertie"our GPS

that Jim had downloaded with Panamanian maps,

we saw some wonderful country.

Even though we only speak pico Spanish,

(learning more all the time)

the Panamain people are so friendly and helpful..

These are just a few of the sights we saw along the way.

I hope you will enjoy the photos.





Casa de Montaña

Here in Bouquete, Panama.

Our wonderful, knowledgeable hosts,

Manzar and Terry's made our stay so welcoming.

Their attention

to detail was nothing less than first class.

Casa de Montaña

is a must stay when you come to Bouquete.





Good morning...

This morning we are heading off on a road trip to

Boquete for a couple of days.

The drive will take us into the mountains about 6 hrs away.

I know the coffee we will drink, the flowers we will

see and the sights and sounds will bring back those

great memories from 2 years ago.

Just another wonderful day in this amazing country.





Such a great relaxing holiday...

Each morning the sunrises seem to be more spectacular.

The wind has picked up quite a bit, but it keeps the condo

cool and no need for air conditioning.

The collection of sea glass has been very slow, not sure why I am

not finding as much this year.

However the ones I have found make me so happy!

Here are a few photos of the fun we are having.




Coffee and bakery treats...

Those of you who know my husband


you know that he has a sweet tooth and can ferret out a bakery

from miles away.

He has been successful here in Panama.

Delightfully so!





Cocobolo wood bowl

This is such a useful bowl.

Handmade with a natural stain, it is good for so many things.

Here are just a few of the objects it can

hold and display.


This is the bowl I bought at the bottom left from a young
woodworker in El Valle.
It is a beautifully made bowl.