At Frosso's home....

Thankfully Frosso was at her Vancouver home this visit.

She travels between Halifax, Vancouver and Cyprus.

We went thrifting, visiting friends and

just catching up as old friends do.

Her garden is stunning, her hellebores are beautiful

as are seeing the flowers in her

Strathcona neighbourhood.

This afternoon I head over to spend the weekend

with Claire and her gang.

You can imagine how excited I am to see them.



Claire is back home...

Claire arrived back to Vancouver late Saturday night

after nearly 2 weeks on her spring break.

Jeremy and Julie were wonderful about taking and sharing the

pictures they took.

She will have such good memories of this

lovely trip.

Now we could enjoy their holiday with them.

I can't wait to see her this week.




Spring has arrived.....

It finally looks like spring is trying to
arrive this week.
This morning it is gorgeous, the sun is shining and it looks like it will be a
sunny day.
I found a pattern in Moolie Makes Magazine #33.
The pattern and beautiful bears was created by
Sabina of
I had some felt and made these two hand stitched bears.
I now have new wool felt and I will be making a few more as gifts.

Happy Spring weekend to you.



Being a princess...

Claire's big moment was being with some of

the Disney Princesses on board the

Disney Fantasy Cruise.

I must admit that I am pretty biased when I say I think she looks adorable.

(Love that her front teeth are growing in.)

Today they are in Georgetown on Grand Cayman.

Jeremy's only wish was to swim with the dolphins.

He will get his wish today.




Claire in Disney World

Today Claire is headed on her 7 day,

Carriabean Disney Cruise,

taking along her parents and grandparents.

To say she is excited is an understatement.

For the past few days they have been in Walt Disney World in Orlando.

Jeremy had been there 5 times by the time he was 5 years old.

He was very lucky as his godmother lived in West Palm Beach.

This will be Claire's first time in WDW

and her first cruise.

I am sure it won't be her last.




I have been crafting...

While the rain or snow is still falling,

I get busy

crafting and cooking..two of my favourite things.

I have always wanted to paint a

Paint By Number.

I got one for Cindy as well and each day we send

each other photos of our

progress on the painting.

I am still finishing off a scarf I started before leaving for Thailand,

as well as finishing a needlework pillow I have been working

on and off for several years,

Grilling up a whole bunch of vegetables to use

in soups and as a side dish.

My days are happy and full.



Dinner on the stove...

Mitchell's Soup Company

Did I tell you that it was snowing again.

Really, well it is.

So soup was on the menu for dinner tonight.

I had been given these soup package as a gift.

(Thanks Sue McLure)

It was apparently the best soup Jim has ever had, could bacon in it

be the reason?

Cindy thinks so.

The crusty baguette added a nice addition.

Thankfully, I have enough to freeze to several more

winter/spring meals.



Back home to a cold BC...

It really is a shock to my system.

The cold, seems to seep into my bones keeping me chilled.

Of course getting over bronchitis and a sore throat,

on that long flight from Bangkok

makes coming home a cosy spot to be.

The snow keeps falling and the roads to the coast have either been closed

or so much snow falling each day,

travel is not advised.

Thank goodness I still get to see Claire on Face time.

She just received her green belt in Karate.

She is one proud little 6 year old.

Here are a few of the photos I have taken since

we got back in Tuesday.

Tulips help brighten these overcast days.