Lovely Ribbons and Buttons....

Some of my newest finds was this trim at an old fabric store in Apache Junction. It was a crafters delight...rolls of vintage trim and just check out these buttons. Some of the original prices are still on them, but I paid 20 cents each. What is a girl to do with all these you say? Who cares, they are lovely and Christa will appreciate some of these on her new journals that I am making.
We leave here tomorrow for Santa Barbara and Hwy 1 up the coast of California. It is always a tough day because of all the traffic, and you really need to keep focused on everything. The rain has finally stopped and better weather is ahead as we start making our way home to Westbank mid March.
Christa, drive safely on those roads back to Alberta and have a great week with your grandkids. So happy for all of you who have grandkids to hug. My turn will come.



This is our older Dalmatian, Cookie. She will be 13 on May 11, 2007. Ever since we got her at 10 weeks she has been such a good dog. I remember when she was almost 2, she was such a going concern. When my Mom was alive she used to come over to Nelson where we lived at that time, and help me plant the spring bulbs. We were so pleased with ourslves, we worked hard to plant over 100 tulips, daffodils, and narcissus. We were sitting on the deck, having a cup of tea, when what did we see, but this sweet dog, digging up all the bulbs we planted....She knew she was in trouble, but she just couldn't help herslef. My Mom just laughed, and then we went back and replanted them. Cookie finally grew out of that habit of digging, and now she can be found napping at any given time. This is the wonderful shawl that Laurie and Shane sent me while they were in Pakistan. Love this old girl.

I really miss my Mom. She and my Dad gave the 7 of us kids such a great life in Bull River where we grew up. This is to all the loving Mom's in our lives, in memory of the ones who have passed away, and for my friends that still have their Mom's, cherish them and be grateful they are still with you.

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Vintage Posters....

I really love the look of Vintage posters and signs, and I have these two in a book of Canadian Pacific Posters back home. It does seems strange being here in Southern California and thinking about skiing, but there is snow here on the tops of the mountains, and you realize that is what our friends are doing back in Canada. I will look for these posters for our travel themed house in Westbank.



I've been thinking alot about "Friendships." The ones that we make in our lifetime, the ones that survive sometimes with minimal contact, the ones that are true. It is the love of those friends that help you thru the tough times each one of us has in our lives. The ones that share our joy as well . Whose shoulders are broad enough to help carry your cares as well as share their own. Who's arms and hearts are open at any given hour. Most of us are lucky to have such a friend, somehow I am blessed to have more than one. So this early morning, I thank each one of you for the wonderful friends that you are in my life. You know who you are, my love and thoughts of gratitude are sent to each of you.......

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My morning Smile...

When I spotted this old neon sign, I just had to smile. It was on this run down old bar just on the outskirts of Blythe, CA. In front of the bar there were various motor bikes, and some old beater cars, not a place a gal would want to hang out, other than to get a photo of the sign. It did seem to have a certain following though.
I can just see this on some engraved party invitation......"Let's meet for drinks at The Horny Toad." I wonder what Miss Manners would say about that?

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Fairy Meadows

February 22, 1985, this is where I was 22 years ago today. 12 of us met up in Cranbrook, drove to Golden, spent the night then had a helicopter pick us up and fly us into Fairy Meadows in the Selkirk Mountain Range. For 9 days we put on our alpine gear, climbing skins, climbed to the top of the mountains just to have one spectacular run back down to the hut. We broke off chunks of ice from the glacier, brought it down in a pack, just so we could have glacier ice in our drinks that night. The weather was perfect, the powder snow deep, and the scenery breathtaking. The best part was that we all flew out together and safely. The friendships we formed are still special today. I know Shirley is going back to Fairy Meadows in a couple of weeks, and I understand great improvements have been made, especially to the bathrooms... Happy and safe skiing..

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Martha Stewart....

We drove to a new development just about 15 miles nw from where we are in Hemet, to a town called Perris. There is a new area called Olive Grove where these show homes that Martha Stewart has designed with KB Homes. I knew that my Martha had been hard at work, (as Jim said,"with her designer tool belt and handy young construction workers,") and these 4 showhomes were the best finished and decorated that we have seen. All where furnished out of the MS collection. You felt that you could move right in. They also were huge, and so was the price tag, but if you dream, you might as well do it in color. Took lots of photos. I wanted some new ideas for our home back in Westbank.

The weather is starting to get warmer again, and where we are staying, it is mostly folks from BC, AB, and Manitoba....and the ones left behind, are glad that spring is on the way......

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Moving On....

We are leaving here today, heading west to Hemet, California. We still have 4 weeks before we are back home in Westbank.
I found some vintage postcards at Quartizse, this one was mailed in 1930, to a friend in Albany New York, and still has the 1 cent stamp on it. The message was heartwarming.

Enjoy your day.

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Hearts & Little Books....

Fun day yesterday, making "little books." A creative way to spend a few hours. The heart shaped rocks were found in Quartzsite. Az last week on a trip there with Evelyne and Richard. They have a huge rock and gem show mid Jan to Feb., where there are literally 1000's of RV's camped, or boondocked in and around Quartzsite. It is quite amazing. Anyways, found these rocks, will make gifts as great paperweights and the books, well who knows in whose hands they will end up in.

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Memorable Moments...

I made this little book for Christa. Of course, I already had to send her the photo of it for her approval. I have added some quotes, and this is one I want to share: "There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved." George Sand.

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"Come Away With Me".....

As Norah Jones sings. "Come Away With Me," and we continue to travel,
here are a couple of new signs. The top one is from Parker, Az , middle on Blythe, Ca,
and the last one in Mesa, AZ.
Wonderful works of art, capturing places that time has passed by.
As we leave here on Monday, I am always hopeful that we will find more of these timeless treasures.


The Secret....

This is the book that everyone is talking about. Check out When Oprah had these authors on her show, it was an amazing hour. I hardly ever watch TV, but I am sure glad that Christa told me about this. Thank you.

One of the quotes in this book: Once you begin to understand and truly master your thoughts and feelings, that's when you see how you create your own reality. That's where your freedom is, that's where all your power is. "Marci Shimoff"


River Rescue....

Here we are in Ehrenberg, Az. on the Colorado River for a week. We see this dog across the river, tied to a big rope and tangled around the the rocks. Jim drives over, gets him loose, feeds him, and the dog, a very friendly and grateful Australian Shepard, shakes himself all over Jim and hops into the pickup truck in the back seat. Jim takes him to the SPCA on the California side, and they take him in. Riverside county does not euthanize any animals brought to them. Jim told the SPCA manager that he promised me that if they enuthanize this dog, we would find this boy a new home.

So here is to Jim, hero to me and dogs everywhere, thank you....
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recycled love........

We had gone out to dinner at "On The Border" a Mexican resturant in Chandler, and I thought these coasters could be useful if recycled. As it is close to Valentine's Day, this is what they have become. "Recycled Patchwork Love Hearts."

A big congratulations to my son Jeremy for being accepted to continue his Masters studies at the University of Oregon for the summer, so proud of you!!!!!!

To Christa, all good thoughts and blessings for you today as you get your eye surgery... I will be checking in on you to see how you are when you get back...
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Neon Love....

These are some of my new neon signs that line "Main Street" in Mesa. It used to be the main highway thru Mesa many years ago. With all the new construction that is happpening down here, I am sure that these treasures will not be around for very long. Jim was so great about stopping the truck every couple of blocks so that I could jump out, take the photos, get back in and avoid some of the street folks that frequent these areas. One guy even said it was cool that I was taking these photos. It will be fun to print all these off when we get home and then put them in a special book on Neon.
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Hearts for Valentine's Day...

This is an early Valentines' day gift. Pebbles and Cookie didn't want me
to have to wait until the 14th, so they
told me to choose something
that I would love, and
who doesn't love Brigthon Hearts?


All about Cowboys......

Shannon treated me to a wonderful overnight stay at their home in Scottsdale, and did we ever have a great time. Pampering included a pedicure at The Village Spa, lunch at Tommy Bahama's, shopping at Keirland, happy hour and dinner at their club at DC Ranch. The company was great and the food lovely. Today we did the galleries in Old town Scottsdale, wow, what wonderful art they have there. This was at a book store that had all this "Cowboy" stuff including saddles.

Jim looked after himself and the dogs overnight. I think the peace and quiet was restful for him.
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For Christa...

A true friend...
Emerson wrote: Friends are kind to each others hopes.
They cherish each others dreams.

This is what my friend Christa means to me.

So there you are in snowy Alberta and here I am
in sunny Arizona, the distance between us means nothing.

We chat on Skype everday, just to keep in touch and give each other advice that is always useful.

A lovely gift, a cherished friend such as you..

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Love hearts...

I love hearts, making them, finding them, and with wonderful luck, having a healthy beating one....(even though I had rheumatic fever as a child). So as Valentine's Day draws near, I will be searching for more hearts to make but ones that will never break.....hope these make you smile. Who knew that jewellary could be so flexible that you can shape them into hearts like this?


Flea Market Finds...

These are just a few more of the fun things you can find at the Mesa Flea Market. It is a great way to spend a couple of hours, and the variety is amazing. Even if you don't need anything, it is a good time.
Finally sunshine and warm weather has arrived in Arizona. I keep watching the Canadian weather forecast, and it looks like winter is still there, feel for you in that deep freeze with the bitter wind chill factor.
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A bunch of little paper hearts. Scraps, all put together to one day hold a photo and tell a story. I tried to explain that to Jim this morning when I showed him what I was working on, and in his sweet way, he said,"Well, I am glad it makes you happy." And it does. Christa, wouldn't you agree?"
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