Christmas in Chiang Mai..

The small part of a northern Thailand that we got to visit was

the city of Chiang Mai.

We flew in at night so we never got to see how big it is.

Nearly 2 Million people live there of many different ethnicities.

It was everything I thought it would be and more.

Lots of temples to visit,

the Ping River to travel on,

The Tuk Tuks, the Red Songthews,

the friendly Thai people.

The food, the flowers, the elephants in various forms.

Did I mention the Temples?



Thailand Blue..

There is such a contrast between the sunrise and sunset

here on the ocean in Thailand.

The brightness of the sunrise and the softness

of the evening light.

I love the intense colors here,

they seem deeper, brighter, more intense.

Here are some of my favourite blue photos

I have taken in the past few weeks.


The dreaded jellyfish.


Just a few things to love about Thailand....

The warmth of the air,

the sound of the ocean,

the beauty of a sunrise.

I love how it all unfolds during the day.

It happened this morning as I watched

these two local fishermen cast their

nets as the walked along the sand bar.

There was a quiet beauty to it all.



Thai friends...

Two wonderful Thai friends Pu and Tuk took

me along with them to the

fishing village of Khao Tao to see the temple.

They stopped at a few other places so

I got to see more of what is south of us,

especially some of the beaches where the Thai people go.

It was great to hear about the dam the

King had made for his people in this

village and to see the beautiful pavilion in the middle of it.

Thank you for taking me along!



Thai Cooking Class..

I was so happy to be able to take a

Thai Cooking Class.

Thanks to my friend Heather Renton, for suggesting Thai Cooking Course.

Beau and her team were amazing. I was picked up at 8:30 am, we then went to the Day Market to see what Beau and her team buy, then onto her beautiful Thai home for an amazing day of cooking and eating.

I will be trying out some of these wonderful recipes.

I also took some photos of the pieces

in her beautiful home where she holds the classes.



For the love of Orchids...

Here in Thailand,

orchids are plentiful, grow amazing well and are stunning.

I had heard about this resort hotel in a bay not far from us.

The recurring discussion was their walkway of fabulous orchids.

I knew we had to go see it.

We hopped aboard the songthaew and headed for the

"Anantasila, Villas by the Sea"

It was as beautiful as it was described.

Here are just a few of the photos I took today.

We had a really wonderful lunch in a cafe on the beach.

We will be going back soon.