Pyrex love...Arizona style...

Lovely to look at,

even more lovely to find.

I will be looking for colors to start of my Arizona collection.

Perhaps gold and orange.

The friendship divided dish will be hand delivered to my Cindy sometime

next spring.

The turquoise and white pieces will be an addition to my B.C collection.

The bowls I might keep or sell, only 3 of them are

good shape.





Back to our hikes...

Our hiking is back on track.

Starting with the shorter ones that just give us a taste of how

much if fun and exercise we had last year.



My son

Jeremy got to have the chance to go fishing with his dad in BC on the Fraser River near Chilliwack.

This is his catch, a 7 pound chum salmon that is already heading to the smoker

How wonderful for them to be able to spend this kind of quality time together.

Well done Jeremy!



From my Cindy...

Cindy was sweet enough to share these photos with me of her beautiful Star magnolia...she calls me while she is out thrifting, do I need { want ❤️} few more restaurant plates in my pattern? { always }.
She sends photos of her amazing finds, I comment how lovely they are and to my delight and amazement, some are destined to be my Christmas gift..Yipee...she is such a wonderful caring and thoughtful friend...Thank you sweet Cindy!


Fun day out thrifting...

I had to call my Cindy twice on my cell to tell her of my finds..I do miss my thrifting partners...Frosso is on the other side of Canada or I would of called her as well, but with the time difference....well you know how that are a few of what I saw...tomorrow I will show you my finds.


Time for tea..

Everything is unpacked, everything back in it's place..Jim is off golfing today, I am off thrifting....I know both of us will have a great if you are in the neighborhood, come for a cup of tea...always ready to put the kettle on.❤️


Safely here at our winter home....

The garden looks lovely in the morning sun, cushions out, a leisurely stroll in the garden with coffee in hand to inspect all the plants...the banner has faded to nearly white but still looks charming..maybe I will add some new colors this year. It will be around 33 degrees here today, time for a swim at our pool I think..the house work can wait....


Sunday travels...

Our day was a bit a longer today and are in Fresno. 538 miles today.
We decided against going down the California coast as their was so much fog. We went over this really really windy road (route 215) for three hours so we're pretty tired by the time we got to Redding....then caught the freeway all the way to here. Tomorrow we will travel about 640 miles to arrive back to our home in AZ. We saw some wonderful sights along the way, even in and thru all the fog.


From Newport, Oregon to Crescent City, California

Yesterday { Saturday! Oct 19} was another great weather day, except for the last couple of hours, then the fog rolled in and has not abated. It will make the difference of how we travel tomorrow. Here are a few of the beautiful ocean vistas we saw today, as well as some antiquing along the way...