Heading to Farm Chicks Show...

Leaving today to spend a couple of days in Nelson, then on to the Farm Chicks Show in Spokane.❤are we ever excited!
Made a few things..aprons for Cindy and I, as well as a banner for our tailgate is a peek...stayed tuned for Farm Chicks 3 photos.


It takes just 2....

Just 2 ingredients to make this cake..a box of Angel food cake mix and a can of lemon pie filling..mix together..and sprinkle with icing sugar❤ it is so easy and tastes just yummy!

Recipe ❤



We drove to Vernon on the west side of Okanagan Lake towards Fintry Provincal is a crazy windy road loved by fast drivers, hot cars and motorcycles. We came across a few {14 in total } Rocky Mtn. Big Horn Sheep grazing along the road and up in the cliff...with a 300 foot drop to the lake on the right side, it is not for the faint of heart..but as you can see the views are incredible! 2 young lambs were spotted...dancing around on the rocks. Wish Clare could of seen them❤


Happy weekend...

A little sunshine, a bit of gardening, a picnic, and a few cut flowers in a blue Ball mason jar...summer must be here❤ Oh happy day!


One photo, many ways....

These are all done on my IPad..Photogene, Instagram, Photogene reflection, and Picstitch...have you tried anything new on your photos lately?
Have a happy weekend❤



Cindy always comings bearing gifts..pies, jam, cookies as well as some wonderful finds for me..these are but a few treasures she brought last week..loving the look with "Instagram"


Farm Chicks Show

I leave to pick up Cindy in one week today for our 3rd annual trek to the
"Farm Chicks Antique Show." To say we are excited is an understatement!
Check out Serena's blog here for more info...of course there will be lots of photos and a video or two❤


Almost faded....

These are the ranunculus that I deadheaded yesterday morning......I gathered them up and asked Jim to take a picture of them for me.....then I decided maybe they had a few more days of life in them yet! I think they have the look of open roses, don't you?


Sun Tea...

Nothing says spring like sun tea and lilacs...what is your favorite spring celebration?


An Excellent Adventure

I like to call our picnic trips.."Excellent Adventures"..sounds rather more fun to me..
Yesterday we took off at about 9:00am. We did a round trip over the mountains on mostly dirt logging roads to Princeton and back here by about 4:00.....around 200km! Saw some wonderful scenery and had a riverside picnic on the old Dewdney Trunk Trail....using my old plaid thermos for a warm cup of was just the thing we needed as the weather was cool...hopefully you have or will take the time to have an EA for yourself❤



Best known for its edible varieties—onions, garlic, chives, shallots and leeks—Allium also includes hundreds of ornamental species. Far too interesting to be left in the vegetable patch, various cultivars are in bloom May to July and, as spring bulbs, must be planted in fall. The tall-growing species, standing like sentries with big, round heads, provide wonderful contrast to other shapes usually found in perennial borders; dwarf species are well suited to rock gardens.

While some allium flowerheads are just a couple of centimetres wide, others can be ten times as large. These perennials range in height from 15 centimetres to more than a metre, with flower colours of white, yellow, blue, silvery pink and mauve. Their leaves (either round and hollow or flat and strap-like), although attractive when they first emerge, can become untidy later in the season. Plant them among other perennials or annuals such as roses, irises, poppies, anemones or petunias to help screen the leaves.

Alliums are long-lived and do not appeal to deer, squirrels, rabbits, mice or chipmunks. Flowers can be left on the stalk to dry or, if cut early, will last up to three weeks in water. The slightly garlicky smell they emit when cut disappears once put in water.




Cindy brought some of her wonderful ❤ baking here for us to enjoy....I decided the least I could do to stop the whining {Jim's} was to bake some banana muffins. Cindy is safely back in Nelson and all her baking is GONE!



Happy May weekend

I hope you have a wonderful weekend that might include an adventure..small or large, just enjoy being happy.❤


Cindy's Visit....

We had such a fun couple of days..deciding where we would eat was high on our well as finding as many thrift and 2nd hand stores as we could..Cindy was on the hunt for mismatched chairs...needed 8 found she is at the mother lode store "Lois Lane"..(which after living here 7 years didn't know existed)..look at her happy smile...she left this morning to go back to Nelson fully loaded down and a very happy girl!


Tea cups...

Apple Blossom Time...I love this set of tea cups that Jeremy's grandmother gave me when I got married to Jeremy's Dad, Peter..I still have the tea set and will be gifting it to Claire when she is old enough to enjoy it..filled with a few lilacs and set on an old fishing tackle box, I think is a lovely way to see them in a new light.❤


Georgie girl...

Since our two dear Dalmatians, Cookie and Pebbles, passed over the rainbow bridge over 2 years ago, we get our happy dog fix looking after our friends dogs..This is "Georgie"...she is an adorable, sweet natured Boxer..with out the squished in nose..her first time for a play date here went really you can see by the photos..we played outside, she helped me water the plants and watched me weed..we are looking forward to having her human parents drop her off many times during the summer. What a good trade.... Judith looked after our home here all winter long and we get the benefit of Georgie for summer company while Judith and Andrew are at work❤


Mother`s Day Picnic.

I had such a great Mother's Day yesterday..FaceTime video with Claire, a couple new photos of her on her new Trike and a lucky am I?
Our day started with croissants for breakfast outside on the deck. Jim was a sweetheart and got everything packed into the SUV and we took off on the back roads to a few wineries.
Hester Creek Winery was our final destination..We have been here a number of times and is one of our special places to visit. I had packed a picnic lunch as they encourage you to bring your own, sit under an oak tree and share some wine..These lilacs were found on a vacant lot. They soon filled our car with the most amazing scent on the way home.
I truly hope your day was as special as mine was!❤


Happy Mother's Day

May all the joy of having a Mom, being a Mom, and perhaps being a Grandmother, be yours today. I hope you will be spoiled today❤


Vintage Ceramics...

My latest find..a vintage ceramic flower vase...., usually given to a new mother when a baby was born..anything with a dog or puppy on it is always on my this expressive face..

This little guy is kind of shy..I have put some bark cloth trim in the flower vase❤

This is called a wall has a hole in the back to hang on the wall and put flowers in the vase behind the palm tree...aren't they just so sweet?


Roadside Lilacs...

Nothing says spring to me like lilacs...they grow amazing well here in the dry Okanagan climate...these were clipped from a large hedge bordering a horse farm..not sure what was sweeter..the smell of the lilacs or the new colts just running around..will need to go back and get photos of the foals.


Other smaller roadside finds..