Found a few lovely treasures

to take to Nelson on Thursday.

I got a really stiff neck, so gave up on pricing and packing today.

Tomorrow will be a better day.



Out and About...

Playing with Claire is so much fun. We went out for dinner,
we went to the park to play.
We added a couple more fairy
houses that were made for her by
her two talented aunts,
Evelyne & Caroline.
She has their pottery birdhouse as part of her garden as well.
We went to Ikea, where a measuring tape
and a pencil was all she needed to
be entertained.
An ice cream cone and a new wading pool
for the warm weather was a good way to
cool off.



Stopping along the way..

The thrifting was very sparse in the few stores I stopped at.

However, I got some really good ideas

about stylin our booth at the

Koootenay Vintage Chicks Faire.

I stopped in at the

"Spruce Collective" in Abbotsford. Their store is visual eye candy.

Here are a few of the things I thought were great ideas.




Countdown begins..

Alexander arrives in 2 weeks, complete with

a new Canadian haircut,

here with his Uncle Brad and his Mom.

Ice cream being a favourite of his!

Eating it before it melts.

The lake will definitely be warm enough to swim in

once they get here.

This weekend we will have temps into the 100's.

I am off to Vancouver this morning.

It will be a lovely drive thru the mountains.

Staying with Frosso tonight,

then the weekend with my Claire.

Oh my how I am looking forward to seeing all of them.



Being with Christa..

We were so happy to be able

to spend an hour or so with Christa and Mike.

Jim had not been to their home for some time.

I got to enjoy seeing Christa's garden first hand.

Here are a few photos of all the hard work

my sweet friend has been up to.



Alexander has arrived...

Alexander arrived in Calgary after

24 hours since he left

his home in Canberra, Austrailia.

He did amazing well on the trip and as you can see,

he is seriously catching up on his sleep and jet lag.

They will be here with us in West Kelowna on the 8th of July for a couple of weeks.

We have lots of fun things planned.




Happy Father's Day Jeremy.

A wedding.

What a wonderful wedding we had.

It was so much fun, the setting was amazing,

the love shared with the family

was so special.

Here are just a few photos.




The "A" team..

As my sweet sister Caroline tells me,

there isn't an I in team.

And a team were were today.

Cutting flowers, conditioning them in cool buckets of water.

We went up to her friend's garden, we could cut all the flowers we desired.

We cut lots of flowers from Caroline garden,

she made up pots as well.

We cut from Ev's garden and Gina from the

Bull River Guest Ranch

saved her beautiful peonies for us.

Here are a few of the flowers we have picked so far.




Paytners Market

Paytners Market is open 2 weeks early.

They have a huge market garden as well as fruit trees and flowers.

Their home made waffle cones are the best,

pair that with one of their 30 flavours of ice cream,

sit on a picnic table in the orchard

and it is a summer time treat.

After that,

you need to go for a nice long walk along the lake.