Lucy's new knitted dress...

I made "Lucy" quite a while ago.

She was the first bunny that I made for Claire.

Today she wears her new knitted dress.

This dress knitted up a bit easier for me, but only after I got the rounds

joined in the correct order.

I also blocked this little dress and it does make a difference.

Lucy is joined with Isabella for this photo shoot.

I made Isabella an underdress just a bit longer than

the knitted dress.



Picnic time at 8,500'

We had a wonderful excellent adventure heading up

to Mt Lemmon Ski Hill

29 miles out side Tucson.

The top of the ski hill is over 9100' and they receive

180" of snow.

We had a great picnic

at 8500'

with a great view as well as cooler 56 degrees

in the trees...

it was 86 in the valley.




We will see you soon...

Hugs, not tears were the way we said goodbye.

We said

"we will see you soon."

Here are a few last photos.


24.3.14 7

It was another really good day.

Our family having fun...

our little one having such a wonderful time.

And then it was time for bed!



Sunday 6

Claire slept like a log, she didn't

wake up until 6:00am.

We crafted in the morning then

we went on a short train ride at Schnepf Farms.

Claire bought some vegetables and Jim had a wonderful

cinnamon bun. Their blueberry muffin was so delicious as well.

We are off for a swim and then pick up Jeremy and Julie

at 6:30.

What a lovely day it has been already!




Hiking and swimming..Day 5...

Such a good day to be a little grandchild in
Right after breakfast, we headed
out for a hike.
We were armed with long pants, hats, lots of water, sunscreen
as well as a small bag of treats for Claire.
We hiked our short hike, 2.2 miles.
We were so impressed with Claire, did she ever have fun and hike well.
She saw lots of horses on the trial which were a highlight for her.
She sang songs most of the time.
In the afternoon we all went swimming.
Jeremy and Julie are having fun in Vegas and Claire is
having fun and we love her
being here with us!



Day 3 & 4....

Shopping for new shoes and clothes,

swimming and chasing a duck

in the pool,

making all the bunnies have a nap..

It has been a good Thursday and Friday so far.


20.3.14 two...

There was a lot of twirling, dancing, singing

as well as just having fun.

Auntie Ev's Lion Purse

was a big hit.

Here are a few of the fun shots that made up our