Yarn love❤

A trip up to Prescott, Az with my knitting group proved to be such a fun day with visits to 2 amazing yarn shops as well as a wool mill..
Just a few photos of the beautiful wool that I saw. A couple of really wonderful skeins of wool came home with me that will be made into a simple vest. As I am a beginning knitter, I decided to knit a very classic vest in the most beautiful wool I could find. Stay tuned❤


Pottery Barn Love❤

I find so much inspiration just looking thru a store such as Pottery Barn..their displays are styled so well, making you feel like it could fit right into your are a few things that caught me eye...


Creating in my studio...

With so many ideas needing to get out of my head, books to read, fun to have, I crafted this little bunny after seeing this video..Source
I always try to show my crafting to Christa to get her feed back. Her help is such a blessing and joy for me....this little one was fun to create and style. She will be a sweet little gift at Easter time...Pom Pom love❤



I painted some of these clothspegs a while back, to hang up the pillowcases I added to..they are cheerful and just make me happy...hanging cloths outside must be one of the sweetest things..I know my good friend Christa would agree with me❤nothing smells as good as slipping into a freshly made bed with sheets and pillowcases that just came off the line on a sunny day.


Waiting for the tea to steep....

Loving the look of my new crocheted tea will look lovely on my breakfast tray..maybe with a croissant, some of Cindy's tasty raspberry jam, a small vase of tulips..a friend to share it come for a visit❤


The inspiration...

Saw this tea cosy on Emma's blog....I thought it was as sweet as could I decided to make is simple and easy..I only used 2 colors and will end up making a bigger pom my tea will stay warmer for a while longer...❤



A little more craft room love❤

Here is another peek at some of my craft room loot.❤ There is a place for everything, however that does not mean everything always stays in it's place.


Colors in my Craftroom

I have a larger craft room back in BC that I designed and Jim lovingly built for sweet place to be creative...400 sq feet of crafty is a peek for those of you who are new to my blog❤


Love of Globes....

I love old globes and have been collecting these small ones for Claire...old maps, globes, neon signs, rocks and things found on the trails that we hike on....this all gives me such joy to arrange into a collection....I wonder what I will make today...these map coasters seem like a great gift idea...might be just the thing to make❤



Just a few projects in the works...

Loving this time when there are projects whirling around in my head, on my needles and hook. What are you creating this month?



This wonderful amaryllis was a gift from Shannon, 3 stalks and 4 vivid red/orange blooms on each..we saw them grow wild in Panama last January..such a beautiful sight❤


"Grow your blog" Live....

With nearly 400 bloggers wanting to grow their blogs and meet like minded women, Vicki of 2 Bags Full Here has done such a wonderful job of getting us together. Thank you Vicki for all your hard work and effort❤
I am Swiss born and a very proud a joyful & crafty life. Blogging since 2006, this creative pastime has given me such a wonderful diverse group of women that I have met and touch my life on a daily or weekly basis. Happily married to my husband Jim,
(the builder of my amazing craft rooms) we spend 6 1/2 months at our home in West Kelowna BC., and 5 1/2 months at our winter home in AZ..Our 2 grandchildren give me plenty of reason to craft, knit, crochet and have all kinds of fun...hiking has become a big party of my life as well as keeping up with technology. What a wonderful time this is in my life❤
Please become a follower if you like and leave me a message including a way that I can get in touch with you. I will try to visit as many of the blogs that Vicki has listed and stop in and say hello!
I have made up some Valentine's tags as well as a felt holder as my is open to all...I will choose a winner on Jan 31/2013

Joy, Happiness and Love to you and yours❤

Side dish...

This little dish sits by my chair, usually with a work in progress. I love to surround myself with pretty things and for me they don't always have to be for their original purpose..have a wonderful weekend❤

There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day.
Alexander Woollcott


Emmy Lou recovering

My dear friend Cindy and Tim stayed at our home in Kelowna this week while their black lab Emmy Lou had her ACL operated on..all three are back home in Nelson now recovering....if any of you have pets, you know how hard it is to see them in pain....she sent these photos. Love that Emmy felt comfortable enough to make herself at home in my chair.. Just look at all the snow from the deck of our home...brr.. Wishing Emmy Lou a full recovery and a good nights sleep for both Cindy and Tim!


Back in my Craftroom

Here in craft room is our guest room..with a just a few moves of the furniture (after our company leaves) I can reclaim it as mine.❤ I must admit, I miss having the time to craft or be crafty nearly every the sharing this space is a good trade off.


Grow your Blog ❤

Join Vicki from 2 Bags Full HERE
It will be a great way to meet new bloggers..Vicki has over 300 bloggers signed up..I will be doing a giveaway when it goes live Jan 19th..Still time to sign up❤


Freezing cold...brr❄

This has been the coldest 5 days in 28 years here in is so cold even the sugar water in the hummingbird feeder is frozen solid...{25f = -3c} BRR!
However, the warmth should return by Thursday..the days are very sunny and that is something to be joyful about.


Photos of last week...

Just a little taste of spring that is yet to come...soft pastel colors with a pop of tourquise❤


All sweet in pink!

It seems that I love pink more than any other color! What color makes you filled with joy?


A little retail therapy

I don't know about you, but sometimes heading out and checking out how stores are displaying colors and goods, just gives me a lift..maybe time to change around a few things and freshen up our home..A visit to Pottery Barn as well as Anthropology in Tucson always does that for me...what talented display crews they are a few things that caught my eye but didn't come home with me..(thinking I can make these pillows).


Published❤ Lucky Issue # 13

I had to honor of being published in "Gathered"... Out today, I must say I am giddy with excitement to see my softies in a magazine❤

To view issue, check it out....HERE


Little badges of Honor

I am in the process of making a few more of these little badges of honor..a delightful mix of new, vintage and found items. They are wired onto a specially designed kilt pin that has more loops for extra loot..given as gifts, pinned on to a felted gives me as much joy to make them as I have to give them away❤