Fall is here..

It's been a busy but totally wonderful week!

Nelson, West Kelowna, Port Coquitlam.

I am in Port Coquitlam enjoying one of my last weekends with

Jeremy, Julie and Claire before we had off to Thailand.

It's a ProDay today and Claire and I will be crafting and having fun!

I imagine I will have lots of new photos to share!



It seems fall is here...

Cooler tempetures,

rain, leaves falling, grapes being picked,

I think we can say with a degree of confidence that fall is on its way.

It's a beautiful time of the year here in the Okanagan.

September is my favourite month.

My kind and loving mother was born in September 11 - 1924

she died in September 2000.

My son Jeremy is a September baby as well

6 family members have September birthdays.

I was lucky enough to be born 2 days after my mom's

25th birthday on September 13.

So yes, September remains my favourite month of the year.

And as my dear friends know,

I celebrate it all month long!

These wonderful birch paintings were painted
by my talented sister
Caroline Kelly.
One of the loves of my life,
my son Jeremy!



Claire in Grade 1

Claire's first two days of school got off to a

rockystart as she was sick.

Maybe a bit of stress, but mostly a cold.

She is now back enjoying her class and new found friends.

Hard to believe how tall she has grown in a year!



Busy happy Faire...

It was such a fun and busy time at the

Kootenay Chicks Vintage Faire.

Collecting all year paid off.

Not only with all the fun Cindy and I had collecting Pyrex,

as well as all the other "vintage" items we collect,

but all the "stylin" we did to make

our booth look great.

Here are just a few photos of our terrific weekend.

We could have never done it all by ourselves

Cindy and I are the collecting team,

she also enlisted Tim, Darlene, Larry

and I enlisted Jim to help out.

Our thanks to them all.

We have already begun to collect for next year!

Thanks for everything Cindy!



We played and crafted....

We sure had a lot of fun.
We crafted, we walked to the garden centre,
she took a lot of photos with her camera.
We bought a wig, we went to Value Village, we thrifted,
oh the fun we had.
At the garden centre.
The banner that we made.
The banner we made.
Her former Day Care school.