Last couple of days..

I am thankfully starting to feel better.

I am still coughing quite a bit but hope it subsides before we fly home on Tuesday.

We went to one of our favourite beaches,

for dinner and a walk.

Look at these cute puppies on the beach.

I wanted to take them and their mom home and give them a good life.

Hopefully someone would be as likely inclined.




Recovering poolside..

I had been coughing for a few days and wasn't getting any better,

so off we went to the

Bangkok Hospital in Hua Hin.

I have bronchitis but was happy it wasn't pneumonia.

As we fly out on Tuesday from

Bangkok to Kelowna,

coughing and sneezing for 24 hours was not going to be good for anyone,

especially in the plane.

Amazing service, saw a specialist had a chest X-ray, meds and an inhaler.

I was in and out in less than 2 hours and $200.00.

Dr. Sirichai Saengngammongkhol

not only had a great name, but was a kind and caring Doctor as well.

So today, I am relaxing and resting after doing my swim/walk in the pool.



Seeing new places..

We have had the chance of seeing some new

areas around Hua Hin.

It's amazing how many little bays and beautiful beaches

are really close to us.

Next year we will rent a car and explore more on our own.

It will be a bit of a learning curve to drive on the left hand side of the road,

but totally doable.

It will give us so much more freedom.

A little over one week left here in beautiful Hua Hin before our long flight back to BC.

I know I will be missing the warmth and sunshine.

I am already dreaming that tulips and snowdrops will be sighted when we arrive.

One always has to be hopeful that spring will arrive

in BC at the beginning of March.



Claire's Winter..

There has been record snow and cold this winter in


Spring feels a long way away before the snowdrops and cherry blossoms appear.

So, you embrace it, you have fun,

you help shovel, you build snowmen,

you learn to skate,

you become a scientist at school and at home.

This is how our little Claire has spent part of her February.



Please bring me a coconut..

When you have been at the same place as long as we have,

you get to know the gardeners around

the resort.

They were busy trimming the palm trees and knocking down the coconuts.

I am always thrilled when I get a gift,

especially one that is right from the tree!

The water inside is so fresh and

tastes like liquid sunshine.

It is amazing what a smile and a thank you will do for

friendships around the pool.




Happy photos this week..

I hope some of these photos show you

the sense of joy I have when I take them.

I always try to find something a little different

that strikes my fancy.



Prayer offerings...

As I was watching the sunrise yesterday,

I noticed something yellow washing up on the beach further

down from were I was.

I soon saw about

these flowers offerings brought in by the tide.

The flowers garlands are so beautifully made.

They hang on spirit homes as well as

on mirrors in cars, on boats

and at temples.

Phuang malai (พวงมาลัย) are a Thai form of floral garland.

They are often given as offerings or kept for good luck.




Crocheted rocks..

There are some lovely white pool pebbles

around the perimeter of

the hotel pool.

I liberated a couple of these rocks and crocheted

some covers for them.

I have been giving them to the

Thai ladies here who are the gardeners and maids.

Trying to explain to them that they can be used as paperweights

is quite funny.

Thankfully we have a translator App for that.