Who knew?

With a few empty cartons of half and half, a village could be created...however, I just started with this was fun as well as a way to use up some of those scrap pieces of paper and you can see the glitterazzi was here!

A very happy happy birthday Harry, what a great recovery year you have had ❤


More sweet trees....

White ones, flocked ones, glittered ones, sweet little trees..along with a little felted penguin I made last you love little trees as well?


Come for tea...

An old tea pot I made years ago, a favorite pottery mug bought when Cindy came down 2 years ago at a arts and craft Faire..peppermint well with these sweet chickies on the tea towel..won't you join me for a cup of tea?

Maybe some of these wonderful cookies from Martha sweet are these little woodland creatures?


New set of needles

I just received my new circular needles from.... Knit Picks

Found these great hat patterns... Purl Bee

Bought this book..and now I am ready to go back to knitting class...what's on your " to learn list"? ❤


Palm Springs Air Museum

We sure enjoyed looking at these wonderfully restored WW11 planes..up close and personal..if you are ever in Palm Springs, take the time to visit the Palm Springs Air are just a few of the planes we saw...


Scenes of Palm Springs

The art galleries....vivid and amazing....

The Architecture, the gardens..just wonderful....



Lunch on patio

The view from the outdoor table having lunch outside...a much different landscape here in Palm Springs than where we are in AZ..we have much more plant growth on the hillsides and many more cacti..lovely in a different way, don't you think?


The drive to Palm Springs...

Some vintage neon, broken down and forgotten, but just imagine what it must of looked like it it's heyday..


Oh dear,

An early little sweet gift from add to my little deer collection❤We are heading to a Palm Spring today until Sunday. We plan to celebrate our friend Shannon's birthday and enjoy American Thanksgiving with some hiking, going to various gardens and just enjoying the company of a good friend.❤


A little early...

I know this is a little early, but in my defense, I love Christmas and I was just stacking some little things together to take a well as eating those wonderful pomegranate just seemed right..have you been thinking, planning, shopping for Christmas yet?



In the basket, on the hook, all finished..239 stitches done back and forth three times as well as a shell edge..such a sweet project to make and give❤
I have made one with the picot edge and loved it, but with this yarn it proved much easier to just do a shell edge.......

❤Source❤ thanks to Anneliese for her wonderful patterns..check out her etsy store


November 18

This day will always be such a special day for our sister Evelyne was a perfect stem cell donor match for our brother Harry who was diagnosed with leukemia. One year later he continues to make an amazing recovery. Harry and his wife Jill welcomed two granddaughters into their lives this past year..his future looks so happy and bright..we are all thankful as a family for this wonderful gift that Evelyne was able to give to Harry....thanks to all of you who have asked over this past year how he is doing, your thoughts and prayers were so appreciated by our whole family.❤

Harry with little Miss Colby dressed as a lady bug for Halloween..She was born April 6 and little Miss Halle born September 18.


Hike and a picnic...

Yesterday we hiked in a new regional park about one hour north of us towards Phoenix at Usery Mtn Park...3,600 acres...loaded with wonderful multiple use trails for horses, bikes, walkers, runners and hikers..we did a 2.9 mile hike, got a reasonable workout and saw some new country..the picnic under a ramada (shade shelter) was a great way to cool down and be out of the sun as well as enjoy our lunch..the view was amazing with hikers coming down the Wind Cave trail..800 feet elevation climb in 1.5 mile hike... we will think we will be ready to hike that at the end of January...will let you know how we do❤


Little Glitter Houses...

Love these little glitter houses seen everywhere closer to Christmas..planning to make a few of my own out of cereal boxes..

Posted on Pinecone Camp Here


Mine...are you starting to think about making a few things for Christmas to give and send off?❤


Immigrants leaving Switzerland..

Nearly 1.5 million immigrants came to Canada between family from Switzerland were just a few of celebrates that brave leap of faith our parents took to bring us ( 3 kids under 5 ) from our small village of Uznach, in November of 1952 to Le Harve in France where we boarded the Cunard boat, Scythia and docked on November 15 in Montreal. 60 years ago today our boat docked in a very different land that what my parents had chosen for a new life for all of us....we became Canadians thru and thru..with 4 more kids born in Canada, our lives were so free, being able to live in the great outdoors..what brave and courteous parents we had..


Sweet Pyrex..

My collection of pyrex has grown by 4 over the last 2 weeks...some bought on etsy, some found at a thrift know how it goes..soon your have a collection.❤I have several more in BC..maybe these two collections will merge sometime in the future.


Love ❤

I think everyone needs some love, joy and happiness in their daily makes me feel so grateful and blessed to have it in mine.❤....embrace the small things that give you joy.


A rainy day..

Julie tells me that Claire loves her new umbrella and Kitty boots and in order to get to use them, it must be's a good thing to enjoy the rain if you live in it just me or isn't she just the cutest?❤