Ice crystals on a hike my friend Shirley took on the weekend near Whistler to Brandywine Glacier.. Beautiful isn't it?

Enjoying the pool here in Queen Creek, Az where the temp was 89 today.

What a contrast.

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Getting moved in..

View to the Superstition Mountains to the NE from our front patio

The cabinet and Iron Cross from Mexico and desert art collected last year. Really enjoying finding all this stuff and putting it together here in the desert.

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Desert Home

So here is our "Prairie" desert home, new garden plantings and no decorative pots yet, but at least we are in.

As you can see from the photo below, Cookie is loving the new King bed, done in Martha Stewart Linens. Can't believe that at 13 years old, she can jump that high without help!

Looking forward to getting our art framed and accesories put out to make it feel less empty and more like home. Pebbles is enjoying the park across the road, where she can run off leash. I got to enjoy the pool again today, man, it is at least 10 degrees warmer than normal. Works for us. Jim has his new TV all hooked up and just chillin out after all the shopping he has had to endure.

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Enjoying our Club House

Jim on the patio at our club house
The inviting pool & thick chaise lounges
So here we are having a break at our Club House, and wishing that it was Wednesday so that we would have time to have a swim. More shopping today, but almost done. Lorie, our sales rep and manager of Solera at Johnson Ranch where we are at Queen Creek, AZ gave us the keys early, so at least we could put all our stuff into the rooms. The less glamorous stuff was bought today, washer and dryer, but we did get some fun things as well. It was really windy here today and dropped the temp to 79, so it was good for the "girls", as we had a picnic and there is surprisingly a large amount of green grass for them to run on.

Tomorrow will be a more restful day, only a few more things to buy that we need to set up our home down here....will keep you posted.
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Shopping with Jimmy....

Today we do the inspection on our house, and then on Tuesday sign all the papers and get the keys Wednesday to move in. They really do things differently down here, so it has given us time to go shopping. We chose this couch, because it is the right size, and can accommodate Jim lounging (all 6'3") of him, when he wants to watch TV and both dogs, and room even for me. The leather coffee table is still being debated, but I really like it, as the adventure continues. We have the K&Q beds already and on Wednesday it will be a delivery day. Off to shop some more, for me it is fun, for Jim, not so much, .....but he is a tremendous good sport about it all. I am sure that the golfing beckons him, and I will be free to shop on my own....The girls haven't seen their new sectional couch yet, but we are sure it will meet with their approval.
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Ely, Nevada

We made it safely to Arizona and we are staying in Mesa for a week before we take possession of our desert house on Wednesday next week. As we were driving down, I found a few more vintage signs to add to my collection. I love the top one, both of these were in Ely Nevada, and I am sure there will be more to take on the trip home. The "girlies" are resting at the moment, but they made the trip with very little complaining, even though they were in the Van for 3 long days, we had lots of breaks and walks. Today will be 90, so we will be getting out our shorts.....
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Miss Emmy Lou....

Please meet "Emmy Lou" the new addition to Cindy and Tim's family in Nelson, joining Shenia (large rescue dog) and Dwight ( cat)...Cindy picks up her new little girl on November 7th. I am sure that over the next few months, Emmy Lou will be featured here many times.

Heading to our new home in Arizona on Monday, only 2726 kms from our home here in Westbank to our home in Queen Creek. 3 1/2 days of driving. Will keep you posted.


Happy Birthday Jim...

Happy birthday Jimmy....I was hoping to post a new photo of you, but since I lost most of my photos in my recent computer meltdown, here is one that was saved. We have been so busy working and getting ready to leave that I can't even remember where my camera is. However, it is all good, and I am hoping once we get down south, you will have more of a chance to relax and get back into the golfing groove.
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