Recovered bench...

This bench was a gift from my friend Frosso..she works at the Hotel Vancouver where, when they redecorated their rooms they sell off the old sat downstairs for several years until I decided last week that it needed a little help with "polished pearl" paint and a new barkcloth happily sitting in our bedroom.❤ I think she looks quite pretty now! Thank you dear Fro for this gift❤


Little Treasures

These little treasures where brought to the hospital with flowers when a baby was born..they are so cute and evoke such a sense of vintage you have one of these in your memory bank?

This is my little treasure..can you see why? ❤



I love having a quote on my blackboard...need to learn how to draw the "world" and color in the continents! Have you ever had a blackboard? ❤


Little Claire

Claire arrived today bringing her parents with her for a few days..what a joy she is to us❤
The crocheted balls were a huge success...especially once she found put they could roll under the glass railing and fall below to the grass..we threw them all back up to Opa up top..then a ride in his golf cart which was fun..playing with all the bracelets and trying them on around her little ankle like a small gypsy..a perfect afternoon..❤


Sail away with me...

My Cindy has a nautical collection of little glasses! I stumbled upon these while out thrifting last week..shhhhh, don't tell her..she will be here mid Sept to visit and have fun with me thrifting...the thrift shops have been forewarned..this beautiful masted schooner was in the harbor in Panama City this Jan....oh how I wanted to sail away just for a few weeks on it! ❤


A love for color

I love red in small doses..but I especially love red vintage potholders..they are so charming....still easily found for often less than a dollar..just think of the stories they could tell of about the women who crocheted are just a few from my collection❤


Good light...

It was lovely light last evening when I cut these hydrangeas......they are drying to lime green and pink..what could be better?❤


All you need...

Is a painters drop cloth, a panel of barkcloth fabric❤{from my sweet friend Cindy} a slipcover lady {Susan} who likes a challenge and this is the result..I just love it, very versatile as I can use the cream side of the painters drop cloth as she will do her magic on 2 chairs as well as the ottoman.


Something Old made New...

Found at the consignment shop....great lines, nice legs, good price, $275.00...not my color, no worries...paint to the rescue...

Hello my pretty one...3 coats of Pearlized White from Behr...the handles where painted with the same paint..some hydrangeas in a vase, a mix of art pottery and voila ...I just love it! all the wall needs are a few paintings.


Happy Anniversary Dear Ones❤

You have so much to look forward to in the coming years with your sweet little girl...we love you and can't wait to see you both and Claire here next week❤


Blooming in the garden...

Just a few of the lovely flowers blooming in the garden..this hot weather has been amazing for the profusion of blooms❤


Summer time picnics

As August is half way over, our picnic time gets more precious..the water is so warm...little radio controlled float planes playing in the air and water, hearing the waves lapping on the shore, taking along yarn to crochet, having a nap...enjoying quiet time on a Sunday afternoon reading and relaxing with my sweetie.❤


Ice Tea and Ice Pops

Just my favorite way to cool off this summer..refreshing brewed Ice Tea and homemade Ice you have favorite way to stay cool this summer?

The 4 photos above are all from Martha Stewart.....HERE


The painting is done..

Painting is all done..just a few tweaks to do and put things back into their new places...A new slipcover for the bed, rearranging some paintings, gathering some more hydrangeas to has been a great week!❤


Making things for Claire..

I wanted to make a few more crocheted balls for Claire to play with when she comes..they are getting a more rounded shape..more like a ball..but I know she won't care if they are slightly off round! It is all about being made by hand, color, texture and softness.❤


"Stylin the Mantle"

We have a new painting to go above the mantle, but until the living room is back to normal, I thought it would be fun to see what my other paintings would look like above the fireplace...had fun gathering my things for a photo shoot..Used my IPad to take all of these shots❤and edited in PicStitch.

The furthest painting to the right is one of my sister Caroline's early ones of Bull Mtn. where we grew is my favorite.❤

Happy Anniversary to our sweet DIL Carmen and Brad on your anniversary❤


Choosing the paint color

The interior paint color we chose is by Benjamin Moore, called Athabaska...they will be finished in a few days...I think it looks a bit lighter than a foggy morning..... I will be happy to restore our home back to feeling comfortable again with everything back into its place!❤


❤A little something for Claire

With our home turned upside down (interior being painted today for the next week) I needed a few quick projects that I could do in the shade on the deck as well as stay out of the painters way...
I am making Claire some crocheted balls, she continues to love the Pom Pom birds, but this will be as much fun for her...any projects on your list? ❤

Claire and her new bike helmet...look out world.❤

3 made so far, all stuffed and ready to be tossed!



Do you ever wonder where the birds go to get water especially on a hot day...we have several places where they can drink and refresh themselves with a bath... they have a glorious time splashing around...they were quite interested in the ceramic frog as well as the was a joy to watch❤


The best part...

After making the jam, the best part is trying it..{product control}...and I must say it was good! Fresh and flavorful.❤


Blueberry Jam

Making jam, one jar at a time..just enough to save or to give as a gift..such a sweet summer pleasure❤


Ice Cream❤

Obviously Claire takes after me when it comes to Ice Cream and waffle cones! I am so excited that I will be able to treat her to my favorite Ice Cream here when they come in a few weeks!


Dagmar Makes

I love crocheting an edge on a few vintage pillowslips..this one got an added treatment with a fabric band around the middle, a lace edge as well as a tourquoise trim...perfect compliment to this crocheted spread I found when thrifting with my Cindy in Nelson BC last year!❤