Happy Birthday, Harry

To one of may favourite guys, my brother Harry. Happy Birthday, it was great talking to you today, we hardly ever are able to connect on your birthday...We hope you have many many more.


Ev & Richard are here

The wonderful workmanship of the new cabinets that Richard made for their 5th wheel.

The restored 5th wheel, what a classic. They made it here on the 3rd day by noon, and now we will have time to sit back and enjoy our visit!!!


Heart Felt!!!

My sister Evelyne and her husband Richard left their home in Bull River today with their 5th wheel to come down here for the winter...We call them "Driving with hair straight back" as they will be here Saturday sometimes.I am really excited to have them here with us...they will stay until they go to the Baja on Dec 4 to visit our brother Werner for 3 weeks and then spending Christmas here with Jim and I. They will spend about 4 months hanging out with some more of the other family and friends that will come down to Casa Grande..It is always a good time!!!

It poured buckets last night as well as the incredible lighting and thunder show...The poor dogs were so afraid and Jim slept thru it all...amazing!!! So, I got up and crafted for a while, and continued making some felted little Christmas things..

Happy American Thanksgiving. We are going over to have dinner with Ya Ya Shannon and her husband Del. Yummy!!!


Being creative...

Found this wonderful magazine, filled with crafty ideas, just down my alley to help inspire me to get more things crafted...I will keep you posted...Lovely photos of amazing crafts!!
Somerset magazine...they have many to choose from.


Backyard plantings..

With the addition of about 35 more plants, the back yard is really starting to take shape. In a couple of months, these plants will look like they have been on steroids..

On the back wall I placed a sunflower mirror, and I will replace the shrub underneath it with a Lilac vine, it will cover that wall really quickly. I will post this photo again in a month, so you can see the difference.

Jimmy has done a fantastic job digging the holes and feeding water lines to each plant.


Gardening requires lots of water - most of it in the form of perspiration.

Lou Erickson


Our Sympathy

Our love and sympathy goes out to our sister-in-law Stefanie, my brother Steven, their children Cassidy and Tyler for the loss of Stefanie's Dad and their grandfather, Dale.

Jeep & Deer

This is Marlene's Jeep and $7,000.00 worth of damage..A deer came up from the lake and Marlene didn't even have a moment to avoid it. Thank goodness that the second car that came along was an RCMP and that they helped Marlene go to work and make sure that the deer didn't suffer any longer.
We are so glad that Marlene was just shook up, but alright and will soon she and Heinz will be heading south to have a holiday!!


Pottery Barn..

Woodland creatures from Pottery Barn.
Each evening bird lover Tom Rowe stood in his backyard in Devon, England,hooting like an owl - and one night, an owl called back to him. For a year, the man and his feathered friend hooted back and forth. Rowe even kept a log of the “conversation.” Just as Rowe thought he was on the verge of a breakthrough in inter-species communication, his wife had a chatwith next door neighbor, Nancy Hollis.“My husband spends his nights … calling out to owls,” said Mrs. Rowe.“That’s odd,” Mrs. Hollis replied. “So does my John.”Then it dawned on them.:O)
Hoot! Hoot!
Thanks to my pal Suzie for sending this one to me.


Happy Birthdays.....November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to my sister, Evelyne.....finally you are catching up me, although I know it will take at least 2 years!!!! We will look for you over the next travels!!!
Happy Birthday to my dear friend Shannon....
Have a lovely tiime in Palm Springs and I will see you soon and
celebrate with you!!!
Happy Birthday to our Heli Pilot Leighton!!!
Fly safe and hope to see you down here one of these days.
The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. ~Lucille Ball


Journal Making..

Ya Ya Shannon and Sue with their Journals...we had such a good afternoon.
Then we all went out to "The Immigrant Italian Dinner" Yummy food.

These are the ones I made as samples to show the Ya Ya's how they were done!!

It's frustrating when you know all the answers, but nobody bothers to ask you the questions.


Wine Barrels...

How sweet is this?

Who knew that wine barrels could be so useful other than making wine.
I think these great ideas must of come after consuming some of the wine from inside these barrels???Right??
Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile.
(thanks, Caroline for sending this on to me)



Cassidy's 13th birthday..
My sister Evelyne was kind enough to help put together a few gifts for Cassidy's birthday.
She wanted things for a Hope Chest.
She included one of the little gifts that I made. A small platter that will remind Cassidy of her Auntie Dagmar.
So glad that your Mom sent me this photo of you and that you liked my gift.
It is really great that we are able to keep in touch via e-mail. I so look forward to finding out what is happening in you and your family

Harvey & Annmarie...

Harvey & Annemarie at dinner last night.

One of our favourite Mexican restaurants.

Harvey and Annmarie took Jim and I out for dinner last night here to "On the Border."
Always a good time.

They have been here 9 days and leave back for Grande Prairie and 3-4 " of snow...It will be quite a shock for them after having this long stretch of record breaking November weather here in Queen Creek..Yesterday it was 87.
The good news is that they will be back down here mid February.


Jeremy's Masters Thesis

29 pages...

SharePoint and Collaboration.
How does the use of SharePoint web services increase collaboration for teachers at Riverside Secondary School.

by: Jeremy Brown

University of Oregon

Jeremy has had his Masters Thesis approved, and now has his Masters of Science!!!

How proud we all are of you Jeremy..2 years of hard work. And Julie for being there all thru your studies and having to be away from each other for some of that time while you were studying in Oregon.

Sending you our love!!!

News of the week!!!

News Flash!!!

Well, what a week, weekend it was for
Cindy and Christa.

Cindy was walking in the woods with Emmy Lou when she slipped on some wet wood and broke her wrist..Poor thing. We will send cookies and hot chocolate for you Cindy dear!!! 6-8 weeks in a cast. I asked her for a photo but she said it looked too ugly!!!

Christa was starting the wood stove in their shop, went down to visit her Mom for just a while when a neighbour phoned and said their shop was on fire. It destroyed their loader, snowmachines, bikes, tools and quads and a Camero that Mike was restoring....
The good news is that the 500 gallon propane tank didn't explode and it didn't burn down their log home...
Everyone is fine and thank goodness they had insurance!!!
Christa, we send our love to you, wish I could of been there for you during this tough couple of weeks for you


Fountain Hill Fair...

Self Portrait
Hand Painted and Fabricated Metal Sculpture by Kari Von Wenning

Ceramic "Balboa Gunnera" Leaf by "Imagine That! Creations"

Gourd Art

Ya Ya Sue. "Hearts all Around"
We had a great day, 81 degrees and lots of booths to check out, and no one to worry about.
Ya Ya Sue, Shannon, Annmarie and I had a lovely day, and I have lots more photos to show you. This is a high end juried craft show, thousands of people come and see it over the 3 days that it is held at Fountain Hills.


Yummy Food...

Am cooking supper, but this is not what I am making, but doesn't it look delicious!!!!!
I think these dishes will find there way to our Christmas table though!!!


Adelante in the water again

Shirley now has here boat in the water...The sea trails went ok,,,just a few glitches to get fiexed, but she is warm and dry and living her dream....
Good luck in your new home,
Shirely...see you in the Spring.!!!


Fall in the air...

The look of Fall.
The nights are really getting cooler here.
If you plan on staying outside, you need a jacket and a blanket to wrap yourself up in.
Having an outside firepit helps you keep cozy and warm.


The Ya Ya's all together again!!!!

Sue, Shannon and I
Jim and I

Future Balloon Ride...Yes!!!
We went with our friends to a new development called "Sun City Anthem" @ Merrill Ranch. All of us had looked at this last year before we bought in Solera @ Johnson Ranch...It is about 12 miles south of us. We tasted some good food, listen to a great jazz band and toured and saw some new show homes...a lovely way to spend the afternoon at 80 degrees and by the way, today it rained here.
Welcome our friends Harvey and Annmarie from Grande Prairie who are down here at their new house for the next 10 days!!


Winter @ 150 Mile House...

Marlene sent me this photo the other day to show me what we are missing. She is counting down the days until they leave in 6 weeks. Even in Kelowna, it has been rainy and snowing at least in the high country.
Today it was 80 here in Queen Creek.
Thanks for the photo Marlene, now you know why we spend our winters down here. We promise to save some sun for you and Heinz when you get here.
Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.
~From the movie An Affair to Remember


Caroline's Moose painting...

She paints on big pieces of really interesting rocks which have these veins running thru them. This is her new "Moose."
Wonderful work Caroline,
you make all of us proud with your amazing talent!!!!


True Love...

The Country Duo - Dwight (cat) and Emmy Lou..
These 2 pampered pets of Cindy's are living the fine life in Nelson. Shenia is too old to hop on the couch, and if she did, she would blend right in.
Don't always keep your dog on a leash if you want him/her to be attached to you.
A. Willametz


Obama wins....

This was a very historic time to be in the USA, especially as Canadians...
It will be so interesting to watch the next 4 years to see what change will come about....AZ. is very mixed...A Democratic Governor and a Republican Senator...Only in the USA.

Before & After..

Here is Jimmy in his updated Fire Engine Red golf cart that he had re-painted and the seats re-covered and of course new mag wheels...His cart is the talk to the cul de sac!!!!
I am sure that it heps him with his golf game.Before it was a plain white EZ Go cart like this one!!! The red one is much better don't you think.


Happy 13th Birthday, Cassidy

She's 13th today, and we hope that she has a great year. Cassidy is the youngest of the 7 grandkids and is the daughter of my brother Steven and his wife Stefanie.
She has one brother, Tyler who is still in school, but plays hockey.
Cassidy loves swimming and horses. Here she is with her horse, Red Wing at a horse camp this summer!!!


Cindy's Watercolors..

Cindy has great talent, and lately she has been painting in water color and I have been the lucky recipient of several of her works. I have a fantastic fish at home in Westbank, as well as a Palm Tree on a lonely beach somewhere.
She sent the top cacti to me down here this year, and I got the lower on last year. Can't wait to see what she will send next.
I spoke with her today, it was quite warm in Nelson. She had just cut some roses as well as some holly...go figure that one out in Novemeber.