Evening and morning walk...

Depending on the tide changes,

we try to walk at least once a day for 3/4 miles or so

and in the evening I tend to walk the beach by myself.

I take my iPhone and use it all most exclusively to take my photos.

Here are a few I took in the last few days.


These round shapes are all jelly fish stranded on the beach on low tide.



Sea glass gifts...

When you stay in one place long enough

and you are friendly,

you meet all kinds of wonderful folks.

They know my love for sea glass and sand dollars.

These were the amazing pieces that Gina and Graham found

for me.

I definaley need to take a

jewellery course!



An excellent adventure..

We went up into the hills and over

the mountains.

We spent a wonderful time

enjoying the sights that rural Panama offers

with new friends Elizabeth and Patrick.



Breakfast out....

We went back to enjoy a great breakfast
at our little Fondo.
The morning went quickly
chatting with the
friends we have made here on
our holiday.









The making of sea glass..

They say it takes 30 years to make

sea glass.

If you found a piece today,

it would of been something else that long ago.

Now it is just a small remeberance of what it was.

Tossed and turned by the ocean, that bottle that was once thrown over board

became a sea glass heart found


on a Panamaian beach far away.









There is nothing I like more

than the early morning

quiet. Up before anyone else,

enjoying watching the darkness turn into light.

For a new day to begin.



Eating out...

Our condo has a well equipped kitchen.

The only thing missing is a small BBQ and a Panni grill.

There are several nice restaurants close enough by

for us to walk to.

They are small restaurants or a family owned fondo

which is in a persons home.

The food is local and very good.

Here are a few photos of our choices.