Happy Birthday, Marlene and Heinz

How cool is this, Marlene gets to celebrate her birthday on Dec 27 and Heinz on the 28 of December. I am sure they both wish it was a bit warmer down here in COLD Arizona, but still warmer than in BC, and they had their boys down here with them.

Also, a big happy birthday wish to my friend Andrea Morgan, glad to hear that you had your son Ryan there to help you celebrate!!!!


Leuenberger Family Christmas Joy......

Merry Christmas, different to be sure, golf in the morning, big Christmas supper in the afternoon. Started off with Ice Wine Martinis, Turkey and all the trimmings, and Evelyne made our Swiss dish. 2 Yule logs made from scratch by Franz and Ilse, Jan made wonderful sweet potato yams, Marlene made another turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes, and I made the stuffing and the martinis. The day warmed up beautifully and everyone sat around the bonfire late into the evening. We made some wonderful memories.
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Jeremy and Julie, Merry Christmas

We miss you and hope you are having a lovely Christmas time in Vancouver. Maybe next year we can all be together somewhere sunny!! Loving wishes to both of you. oxoxox Mom
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Merry Christmas Laurie & Brad....

Merry Christmas Laurie & Shane.....Brad & Carmen....... We hope that where ever you are celebrating Christmas you will have a wonderful time. I think these photos of when you guys were little are great. Your Dad and I have you in our thoughts, and send you our love and warmest wishes.
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Heinz, the golfer......

Look out PGA, this is Heinz's first time on the golf course. For the first 9 holes he was the guy's caddy, and then he decided that he too could take up this sport. 9 cold holes later he was on the right track, I even heard him say that he thought he had one nice drive and a couple of good putts.

We are having alot of fun, we cook together every night, and now are having a bonfire as often as we can. It is still really cool here, unseasonably so, but we are happy to be together as a family. So those of you who miss us, come and join as at the fire, we will leave a chair out for you, and greet you with a great big hug when you arrive.
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Cold in Casa Grande, AZ

Here we are freezing our butts off. Tonight it is supposed to be only 17 F, so we had chili, built a big white man's bonfire, and sat around and told all kind of tall tales.


#1 My sister in law Marlene and I. #2 The Bonfire
#3 Group Photo (missing Evelyne) #4 Marlene, Heinz, Gussy and Flash (missing Maggie)

Tonight we all drank a toast to Richard's Dad's. Herb Fahselt who passed away in Cranbrook, BC this morning. Eve and Richard are flying home on the 28th to be with the family and back here on the 31. We all send you our love and sympathy to Oryas and family.

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Casa Grande, AZ Dec 18 2006

Here we all are, the start of our Christmas get together. It was really cold here last night, 32 F, chilly. We couldn't even sit outside because of the cold wind. We are still waiting for my brother Werner to fly in from Cabo on Saturday, and Heinz and Marlene's boys are flying in from BC as well. Our friends Ilse and Franz arrive Friday, and the Harvey's arrived with Eve and Richard yesterday. This was the cool and cloudy sunset last night.

We now have dial up internet, so I won't have to drive to the Library in town and use our computer there.
Keep safe where ever you are.
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Pebbles new Pal.......

This is Tiffy, we looked after her for 4 days this week while her human Mom, Ilse and Franz went to Fountain Hills. We called her Pebble's Paris Hilton Purse Pooch. She is really small. The dogs really got on well with her. As you can see it has cooled down here quite a bit as the dogs are wearing warmer blankets even inside the 5th wheel in the morning. Tiffy really liked Jim, she followed him around everywhere and sat in his lap as soon as he sat down.

Travel plans now confirmed, we are leaving here Monday 18th for Casa Grande. Eve and Richard are heading straight there and we will all be able to spend more time together. Let the "Leuenberger SouthWest Christmas" begin. Marlene and Heinz already have the the outdoor tree set up, just waiting for us to come and join them.

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Leaving Bull River today.......

My sister Eve and Richard are leaving their home in Bull River today to join us in Casa Grande on Monday, Dec. 18th. For those of you who know Eve and Richard, they will be there in a few days, pulling their 5th wheel. "Hair Straight Back" is how they travel. Nothing slows them down. This photo was taken last year at Hemmett, CA, with Jim and in a few days we will be enjoying each others company again. Safe travels to the both of you, keep the dirty side down, and we will stay in touch by phone. Love you both!!!! Posted by Picasa


Yuma Flea Market

Posted by Picasa As we are leaving Yuma in a few days, I wanted to go back to the market and get some new photos. There are some new vendors there, and I think that these pictures reflect this. Gourds, Squash, T-shirts, and more T-shirts, a mixture of cool and funky.

Weather changing, getting cooler, but still way better than some of our friends and family are experiencing right now.

Thinking of you all.


"The Girls"

I have such a good time taking photos of our "girls". Cookie and Pebbles are really enjoying themselves, they are healthy and happy just spending most of their days sleeping in the sun. Cookie at 12 1/2 and Pebbles at 10 1/2 are such great companions.

We will be leaving Yuma on Monday Dec 18 to meet up with my sister Evelyne and her husband Richard. We will be staying in a State Park at Parker, north of here, and it is doubtful that we will have wifi for 4-5 days. Then we will travel together to Casa Grande to celebrate Christmas together. Heinz and Marlene will be there by then, as they are already in Indio, CA. Werner is flying in from Cabo, and Marlene and Heinz's boys flying into Pheonix. Other friends will be joining us there for Christmas as well. Look some some fun new photos of the "Leuenberger's SouthWest Christmas." Keep those e-mails coming, I love keeping in touch. Keep posted! Posted by Picasa


Missing you alot Jeremy & Julie.........

I am missing you two . It is great to talk to you several times a week, but I sure love it when I get to give you both a big hug!!! Have a great weekend, get in some R&R. Love you both. Posted by Picasa


Vintage Motel Signs in Yuma......

These are some of the cool Vintage Motel signs along the Old Yuma Highway. I love neon signs and I have some great ideas to do a page with these timeless treasures. I plan to go back at night, and take photos of them when they are lit up. Another wonderful warm day 75 here in Yuma, AZ, and hardly any wind. Posted by Picasa


Welcome Home Shane.......ETA now Dec 17 0r 18. Stay tuned.......

This is our son-in-law Shane. He is married by good fortune to Jim's daughter, Laurie.

Shane has many titles, but here as he is heading out in charge of the Austrailian Federal Police to help restore order to Tonga, he is Federal Agent Shane Austin. We had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with Shane and Laurie when they were in Bogota, Colombia. They were there for 3 years, and travelled all over SA, Central America and parts we have never even heard of. Laurie is currently in Canberra, re-establishing their home, waiting for Shane's return. She has always played a very important role, travelling with Shane and in many circumstances, managing the offices that he works out of. So welcome home big guy, Your man up North is waiting for news.


Too Cool....

So here is a great sign that I found the other day. I imagine that the folks that stay here are nearing the end of their travelling life, maybe just before settling into something more permanent. I leave that to your imagination. Posted by Picasa


Happy Brithday Brad

Happy Birthday Brad. I thought these photos of Now and Then were good to share. Hope you and Carman had a wonderful time in Hawaii.

This day also was Dagmar' s Dad (Heinz Leuenberger's) birthday 1923-1994. We all miss him Posted by Picasa

Brutus Ready to Roll...........

Here they are, my brother Heinz, his wife Marlene and 3 dogs, ready to leave after Marlene's 12 hour ER shift at Williams Lake tomorrow at 8:00 am. This is their new big rig, appropriately named "Brutus" The driveway is being plowed as I write this, the weather forecast gets checked hourly, and now, only after 11 months of planning, the guys are heading south to meet up with us!!!! So, you two, drive safely, and we will check in on your journey and have it on the blog for the family to read. Keep the dirty side down Posted by Picasa


I thought I would make this page just for the "Joy" of it.
I got these letters, covered them with paper, ribbons, and smaller alpha's on
each letter. This is my start to Christmas decorations
in the 5th Wheel.
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Belated Happy Birthday Harry

Hey brother,
Happy belated birthday (Nov.30-06) where ever in the world you are.
Tried your cell a bunch of times last night, so here's wishing for a happy year ahead to our Mountain Man. Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday Christa....... Dec. 1-06

Happy Birthday Christa. You look wonderful. I wish I could celebrate your special day with you, but we will have to be content with just talking on the phone. You have been such a wonderful and trusted friend since we started working together in 1984. What fun we have had over the years, the pranks we pulled, the stories we have shared. This friendship of ours is timeless.

You have so many people in your life that love you, your family, your grandchildren and the many special friends you call your own.

So, dear friend, celebrate your wonderful life!!!! Posted by Picasa


Sweet Cookie....

Today it is Cookie's day. Here she is doing what she does best...... resting. Not bad for a 12 1/2 year old gal. She was very patient with me as I put on a new scraf and completed the look with some of my new bling.

When she does move, she just turns her head and gives you one of those, "What are you doing?" looks.

So here's to all of you who have dogs in your lives, they touch your heart in so many ways, and they truly give unconditional love.Posted by Picasa


My Wish For You.......

My Wish For You" is another scrapbook challange by Ali Edwards that I did last night. It took about 2 hours to complete with all kinds of supplies all over the 5th wheel. I am happy with how it turned out, and will be submitting it tomorrow on Ali's web site for her challange. All the paper is LilyKate by Basic Grey except for one 4x4 Chatterbox.Love to be able to do this while we are on the road. Posted by Picasa


altered Lunch Box


I finished this little lunch box a few days ago. It is a great place to store all those photos that I am printing off waiting to be made into a scrapbook page. Posted by Picasa