Time out for a drive..

Going on a drive is one of our favourite


Asking friends to join us is a bonus.

We so enjoy the company of Connie and Joe.

We met them last year and have stayed in touch over

this past year.

They live in Gatineau and they are hoping to be

able to visit with us this summer and

return to favor.




Gifts from the sea...

We found

51 pieces of sea glass on

our beach walk this morning.

Jim found some of the loveliest pieces

today, giving him many, many credits!

We picked up a bag of terrible pieces of broken glass as well.

It's our gift to the "playa."

We always leave it cleaner than we found it.



The past few days..

The bags are getting packed.
The shells and sea glass bagged up and ready to be
added to the luggage.
Last invitations accepted.
4 more beach walks.
Reality is starting to set in.
Thankfully the Okanagan is having wonderful weather.
The transition should not be
such a hardship.







High Tide Treasures...

This weeks tides have been

very high, bringing in big waves as well as debris

a long way up to the shoreline.

Yesterday on two walks,

I found 25 pieces of sea glass.

Some very small, others that were beautiful

in both shape and color.

I collect these big shells to show off my collections.








The beach at San Carlos....

We went for a drive down the road to San Carlos.

They have a surf school there and luckily for me,

the tide was out and I had a chance to walk the beach and collect

a few pieces of glass.

I hope to go back and get a bit of sand and actually watch the surfers from the restaurant.










Sunrise to sunset...

I don't think I could ever get tired

of this.

Sunrise to Sunset.

These last few days are going much too quickly.



Last week at the beach....

I am going to absorb as much of this loveliness

as I can all this week.

There is always so much to see by just walking the

beach, finding shells and picking up

sea glass.

Up at Cabuya, not even a sign on the road to get here.



Hulu girl back home....

Jeremy told me Claire loved everything about

their Hawaiian trip.

The beach, the sand, the extra treats.

I thought I would share a few photos.



Very low tide...

I had a chance this weekend at low tide to walk around

the rocky point to the fish market.

It's hard to believe that the tide

has such a huge variance.

17.4 feet at hight tide and -2.9 feet at low tide.

The local Panamians were out in large

family groups collecting oysters

from the rocks and swimming in the ocean.










I am addicted to searching for sea glass and shells...

The proof is in these photos!
I love, love looking for sea glass and shells.
The time just seems to slip away.
I reluctantly head back for
a swim in the pool
as I don't want to get too much sun!