Bunnykins set

$2.50. For all this lovely have here when our new grandbaby comes for a visit...perhaps in the summertime!

It is with a sad heart but many special memories that we remember the passing of our wonderful mom,10 years ago today. I still think of her nearly everyday..she will always be in our hearts.


First Mate...

Shirley was kind enough to send on this photo of me piloting


while we were cruising False Creek in Vancouver. She is a very responsive boat to steer.

View from the stern of Shirley's boat at her berth.


Happy Birthday my son

Happy Birthday, Jeremy

Today Jeremy is 37 years old. The time has flown I am holding him in my lap on his first birthday and here he is holding me. In 3 months he will be holding his new baby in his arms..hold on tight Jeremy, cherish all those small moments. I am so proud of the wonderful man you are.


Painted Gate hooks

Cindy brought me these painted gate hooks that used to belong to her neighbor George...she knows I love all things rusty, shiny or painted. I decided to play around with my Photoshop program and here are the before and after..interesting isn't it?


Lucky Cowgirl Boots

How totally cool are these cowgirl boots..I saw them along time ago and wish I would of written down the store where I saw was probably in Scottsdale or Cave Creek in AZ. I do however remember that they were about $2,000.00. But with a flirty skirt, wouldn't they just look cool!

I thought my sister Caroline would look great in these!

These I found on this web site : $1898.00


A gift for Natasha

I sent those handmade "Badge of Honor" brooch to Natasha Burnsas a thank you gift for helping me change the look of my blog. She loved it and here is what she said posted below the last photo.

To me the packaging is as important as the gift. I loved these quilt pieces that I had found months ago in Value Village in Vancouver. I pinned the brooch to the vintage doilies and wrapped them in the quilt piece and then they were ready to send off.

Hi Dagmar!
Thank you SO much for the fabulous package you sent me!!!
You really did spoil me, and you really shouldn't have… but I am so glad you did!
I love the brooch you made, it's gorgeous! Leroy my 6 year old son, has tried to take it, he loves that little bottle, lol!
Love the quilt piece and crochet pieces too, thank you!
That brooch is very handy, I needed one to hold a cardigan together that I bought this year, it has no buttons but I always want to close it over, and this will be just right for it!
thanks again,
Natasha xo



Caroline painted this beautiful dragonfly on her agate rock for me, filled with inspiring words in the back ground. The birthday just kept on getting better as this was a gift from her and Evelyne.

Christa sent this wonderful package filled with her homemade antipasto. I couldn't wait to try it and the small jar was a true test of the delicious was such a treat.

Jars of Cindy's goodness will travel to AZ. with jewels to be eaten.
I still have a few more that I will post over the next few days.


My Birthday Photo

Jim took this photo of me for my birthday just before we went out for lunch. I have a new app for my iPad (photogene) and I can do a lot of fun things.

Vancouver sights...

Got back home yesterday late afternoon after fighting my way thru the traffic and all the major road construction coming back to Westbank. Even got hit by a few snowflakes on the Coquihallla summit. Very happy to be home.
Here are some of the images my lens is an beautiful and vibrant city of many contradictions.


View from the boat


Shirley took me out in her 42' queenship. We motored out to Kits Beach, dropped anchor, bobbed about for a bit then came into to the end of False Creek. The light was fantastic, the rain had stopped and the sun shone on the bridges and the buildings. Here are a few of the shots. I will post more of the market later on in the week.
Shirley captaining her boat..she let me take the wheel for quite awhile and it was a lovely evening. We had dinner aboard and watched the sun set thru the clouds. What a pleasure to have such an adventuresome friend who had this dream of owning and living aboard a boat since 1975. She has owned and live board this boat for 2 years and plans on enjoying it for many years to come.
Having a wonderful time with my caring and loving friend Frosso..she is off to Cyprus for 2 months...have a great trip Frosslini.
Heading back later on the morning to a very lonely husband (really) plus I have not not seen him since Wed.....too much rain to golf every day..I will be home soon.


Julie and I

My Grandbaby!

I feel very lucky to have a lovely daughter-in-law such as Julie...and I know how much I will cherish the photo of us together. In 3 more months, I will have the chance to capture the moment of her holding the baby and then it will be my turn to cuddle my grandchild.


Bobcat kitten.

Bobcat kitten is Caroline's new painting. I love the way that she has done the eyes. You can just see that it is watching something with great interest.

Jeremy and Julie

Here are the newest photos taken this morning of the expectant parents. The baby nursery looks so lovely and soothing. A very peaceful place that will be exciting in 3 months from now..


Rain in Vancouver


It has been raining all night and into this morning..however, it is all cosy and warm here inside Jeremy and Julie's home. Today will be a baby shopping day..
Jeremy will be BBQing a salmon for dinner tonight with fresh veggies. It is a good day already.
The rain has drenched the mock orange in their back yard..but still, it is much needed to fill up the reservoirs

Marcel Germain photo


Breakfast on the Deck

Breakfast on the deck just a few weeks ago...Summer ended so suddenly this year. September is usually the most beautiful month here.We almost always have sunny days and warm evenings. still is beautiful with the clouds and when the sun bursts thru them.
I am off for a small adventure to see my Jeremy and Julie in Vancouver. I am leaving this morning and Jim is flying back from Calgary to find all the furniture re-arranged. Won't he just be surprised? Pleased, I am sure.
The house has had it's fall cleaning...well, maybe the windows didn't all get washed..too bad..was crafting!


LeRoy and the Boys

This lovely and touching email from my darling sister, Caroline..

Hi Girlfriends,
I just wanted to send this along to all dog lover's. My friend Ann Jones is donating 50.00 to the Cranbrook SPCA for every print sold,it is her way of giving back to the community!!!The more people that we can get on board for this the better !!!!Thanks
I own this print and love it.

Leroy and the Boys can be found here Fisher Peak Art Gallery



These are just some of the colors that I wear or have around the house that make me Happy!

These are Cindy's paintbox colors.....sorry Cindy!


Passport Wallet

It rained 2 days ago and that gave me a good excuse to if I needed an excuse to craft. Here is my Passport Wallet made with the scraps I have been collecting. I love how colorful it is and all the compartments it has..for sure it won't get lost in my bag on our holiday. I made up the pattern as I went along, using the measurements of another passport wallet that was leather. My Christa, Caroline and Cindy think it might be a tad bland for me and could use a few pearls and more bling! Stay tuned for an update!




Treats for my birthday.

Birthday update: starting my
on-line crafting class today..."Crafting My Best Life"....and Jim is taking me out to "Local" in favorite place.

I love celebrating birthday as the alternative is does not please me at thanks for all the love, the phone calls, the gifts and the friendships that I am blessed with.
Jim is taking me out for lunch which I know I am going to enjoy.

Cindy brought all kinds of wonderful treats for my birthday when she came on Tues. Here are is what was left of my pumpkin spice cake...

These lovely jams look like jewels in the sunshine. They will be coming with us to Arizona when we leave in 3 weeks. Such friends as Cindy are a true find. Thank you my dear friend for making my birthday week so special.



I have my mom's set of dominos and whenever Cindy come here we have a good time playing and having fun. She usually beats the pants off of me, but this visit she let me win! I found these rock dominos on Martha Stewart and I will be making some of these. What a fun project when you have a young grandchild or some friends over to play.

Why not have some fun and make some of these?