She melts my heart each time

I see her.

She is bright, funny, smart, inquisitive

as well as kind.

We are so blessed to have this little

girl in our lives.



The drive to Vancouver..

Rain and more rain,

then fog and more fog.

thru the grasslands, into the city,

over the Port Mann Bridge.

Then the best part,

seeing Julie in her new class room

as well as going for a walk with Claire.

It is good to be here with




We are heading out for a cruise...

We are celebrating 3 big events within a month of each other.

My 65th birthday, our 25th anniversary and Jim's 70th birthday.

We fly out of Seattle to Fort Lauderdale and go on

an 8 day eastern Carribean cruise.

We have a balcony suite on one of

higher decks.

As Jim has never spent anytime in Florida,

we will add a few extra days on after

we disembark.

We will tour the Keys and visit our friends,

Trish and Tim

whom we met in Panama 3 years ago.

But first we get to see Claire in Vancouver tomorrow.

I'm so excited to see her again so soon.


All photos are from Carnival website.


Weekend pleasures...

We love the produce at

Paytner's Market.

Picked from their own farm, they are just up the road for us.

These are simply the best days of summer.



It's Friday....

Here are a few photos of my week!

The weather is just perfect, sunny, warm and just a hint of Fall

with the Virgina Creeper turning a

stunning red.

Purple plums, fresh mint as well the last of the petunias.

Hard to believe it becomes Fall next week.

Out for a little retail therapy.
(None came home with me)
Up to Carmelis Farm for some goat cheese.
It was another wonderful week!



Texting with Claire..

For those of you who know me,

you know I love technology.

I give iPad lessons to my knitting buddies in Arizona.

If I have a problem, I FaceTime Christa, then we both go on our Mac' s,

have our IPad's, IPods, or IPhones at hand to solve it and help each other out.

If I am really stuck I call in my big gun,

my son, Jeremy.

He set up his school's Digital Immersion Program.

Yesterday, Claire said to me, "Good bye Oma,

I will text you right away."

This is what she sent..not bad for a little girl who is 3 years 9 months old.




I send her cards in the mail as well.

My little one has learned to embrace

all this wonderful technology and I am glad I know how to keep up.

We use a program call Emoji, which makes these little characters.

(Emoji (絵文字 or えもじ; Japanese pronunciation: [emodʑi]) are the ideograms or smileys used in Japanese electronic messages and webpages, the use of which is spreading outside Japan. Originally meaning pictograph, the word emoji literally means "picture" (e) + "character" (moji).)


Fall must be around the corner....

The pumpkins, squash, apples, pears and all the goodness of fall

is on full display at the farmers market.

It is a thing of beauty!




The best of days...

It was a very relaxing day.

We shopped a bit and Cindy got her truck all


Jim was able to secured her wine barrels in the back of

her pickup truck.

We had lots of fun at the garden center and the farmers


Safe travels back to Nelson my dear friend.

Thank you for all your gifts, but mostly for your

gift of time and friendship.









A wonderful birthday...

It was a day filled with love, friendship,

birthday wishes and joy.

Finding treasures thrifting was an added bonus!

Cindy treated me to a wonderful lunch and Jim grilled dinner.

I was truly well looked after.

Thank you all of you who called, emailed, sent cards and phoned.

I feel very very blessed.