Wednesday Photos...

A morning out to the garden centre

to choose some new perennials for the lower flower bed.

Hydrangea, a few roses,

a couple of peonies.

I scouted all the garden centres out before I made

my decision.

They get planted on Friday.

Random shots of these past few days.

The best one of all,

the ball that Jeremy threw up in the air and didn't come down!

Great shot, Julie, thanks for sending it to us.



A busy summer planned...

Time to get out our calendars and plan the summer.

Making sure we leave

lots of empty days for impromptu country drives

and lakeside picnics.

Alexander is coming for a one month visit from Austrailia

with his Mom and Dad.

We will have them here in West Kelowna for about 4 days,

then on a road trip to

Vancouver, Victoria as well

as traveling by ferry thru the San Juan Islands.

We will get to know him again in the 10days they

spend with us.

It has been nearly 4 1/2 years since we saw him in Sri Lanka.

We checked out our local lakeside park

on our walk to send Alexander a photo

of the playground.

We are sure he will want to spend lots

of time down here.




Weekend fun...

"The Vintage Faire"

was great fun.

Lots to see, especially the booths and how they

displayed their treasures.

Gave me some good ideas of what

to continue thrifting for.



Celebrating 100 years...

Pyrex is 100 years old.

Some of these patterns are amazing,

imaging enduring all these years and becoming such a hot

collectable item.

Country Living Magazine had this wonderful

article of our love of Pyrex.

Certainly spoke to me!

These are my pink and tourquise

Pyrex I have collected over the years.

My Pyrex gets daily use.

On my counter within easy reach!

Some of these were gifts and even if they

aren't all the same or match,

they are all special to me!



A day in the garden...

For the past several years, we have wanted to change the courtyard area

we had for our dogs Cookie and Pebbles.

We got "Wayne"

He came with a good pickup truck, all the tools he needed to get the job done.

Jim will level it all with sand and put in pavers.

I moved all the plants I wanted to keep into pots.

The courtyard will have pots on a watering system,

a few hanging baskets,

as well as a wall fountain.

My Mom's lilac has so many blooms on it this year.

It looks and smells amazing.

It was a very good day.




Pricing and packing...

Yesterday I went and bought some

proper packing paper.

I will re-use it all to pack all the


that will be sold at the faire.

Cindy has done much of the pricing for many of the same things we collect.

She shared her price list with me.

{thank you sweet friend.}

Yesterday, I got busy pricing,

today I need to go up to the liquor store for boxes...

might as well get a bottle or two of

Sauvignon Blanc as well!

I am pleased with my first day!




Around the house....

Editing my collections..
deciding what I want to keep,
what I want to sell.
Now comes the hard part.
Lots of things I buy to sell, some were gifts,
some were bought to add on to my collections.
Some I have duplicates of the same




Thrifted treasures...

These are a few
of the
thrifted treasures I found and will sell
The Kootenay Chicks Vintage Faire.
I will start pricing them and packing them up for sale.
I had such fun!