It's Sunday and the living is easy...

I am almost back to my normal healthy self.

What a good feeling that is.

Here are a few things I have been making, or photos I have been taking!

I made a liner for my "Old Girls Cart".

I will be selling her at the Kootenay Chicks Vintage Faire

next Saturday and Sunday in Nelson.

As well as a few other finds.



It's Friday....

When you are retired it does not seem

to matter much which day it is.

The days are filled with promise and purpose.

I love days when they seem endless, full of

creative hours.

My two sisters have been busy being creative.

Their lives are filled with purpose and


Here are a few photos of their wonderful pottery.

Check out the rest of their photos.




It's only Tuesday...

Happiness is feeling better.

A picnic on the weekend in the sunshine made all the


Oh yes, a new hair do and pedi helped as well!

Here are a few photos of my

past week.

These two photos below from Pinterest!



Hello Weekend.....

Another couple of days resting

and I am feeling

like I have a bit more energy.

I hope your weekend will be lovely.



I am on the mend...

I am starting to feel like my

good old self again.

A few things from around the house.







A few more treasures...

Jim thinks I will probably need the pickup truck

to take all my things to


for the

"Kootenay Chicks Vintage Faire."

I think he may be right!

Here are a few more of my treasures I need to pack up!



Around the house...

The strong meds are working well.

Less coughing, sleeping better and just a bit more energy.

I picked some flowers, took a few photos

as well as re-arranging my pyrex.

That was enough for the day.

We removed the wooden doors above the microwave.
They will be replaced with glass inserted
into the wooden frames as well
as three glass shelves.



I have pneumonia...

I finally went to see my own doctor yesterday

and I have pneumonia.

He gave me some good meds and I'm sure now I'm on the road to recovery.

I'm not used to being so inactive,

so as you can see

I have't been crafting much.

I'm concentrating all of my strength on getting better.

I did manage to finish

"Miss Camilla Doe"

however, she still needs a new dress.

Jimmy is taking excellent care of me and I

know that within a couple of weeks I'll be back to my old self.

My neighbour, Petra invited me to come over and smell

there lovely roses to lift my spirits,

they sure did.



On the mend...

I figured if I had to go to the drug store to get some meds,

I was well enough to stop in at my two local

thrift stores.

I had bid on these two little CooperCraft dogs and won the bid.

I found a bit more pyrex and a very retro avocado green chip and dip set!

These will all go with me to Nelson to the

Kootenay Chicks Vintage Faire

July 5/6.

I hope to see you there.




Eating well to get better..

Trying to get better each day.

Good healthy breakfasts of fresh fruit,

strawberries, blueberries, oranges and a sprinkling of

sunflower seeds over Greek yogurt.