Beach Glass

For the past couple of years,
my dear friend Cindy has been collecting lake glass
that has wound up on her beach.
What a collection she has
Beauty and practically



Picnics at the beach return such interesting finds, such as these heart shaped rocks. These are easy to find as you walk along the shore line. feathers, rocks, bits of glass. A good day beach combing.



3 new bunnies
in the
coffee and sewing in the
making dresses from these
little fat quarters.
could anything be sweeter?

These sweet little fat quarters were bought in Summerland  at Cherry Tree Quilts


Summer scenes....

what a marvelous July we have had.
picnic, swimming, 
seeing Claire,
just enjoying each day as it comes.
more of this in August..
that will be
my buggy from Christa,
 how wonderful to get all our stuff 
to our picnic site in one move.
Claire enjoying the summer sunshine.
can't wait to see her here 
in two weeks. 



Happy Birthday Caroline❤

Happy, happy birthday,
sweet sister of mine, 
these will be the best years ahead of you! 
To celebrate,
 I introduce you to your name sake...
"Miss Gertie"
 hand made with love and joy,
hand delivered to you in 

being made!


Meet "Anna"

Little "Anna" 
came together very quickly. 
I had already chosen her
dress material 
which matched her
Isn't she just as sweet
as can be?



At O'Keefe Ranch

It was a great day trip to Vernon to visit Jim's long time friend,
Clyde, who takes care of the two horses and drives the
here at the O'Keefe Ranch. 
Clyde treated us to a wonderful
brunch at the restaurant, then we toured the ranch and got to ride
up top on the Stagecoach.
Now those were pioneers, what a way to travel all those miles! 
Thanks Clyde for sharing with us 
your love for these amazing Percherons and the ranch.  
Clyde even let Jim stand near the horses,
and they weren't







the lake,
drinking lots of water with herbs,
picking and arranging flowers
drinking coffee on the deck,
listening to the birds sing,
watching the sunrise,
this is
bliss ❤





Ice Cream Goodness

                  Koralee's book
            "Everything goes with Ice Cream"
                is filled with
                  ice cream goodness.
                Treat yourself to a delicious receipe 
               or craft
              something as sweet as can be
        from her lovely 

Find her book here




if you make a few
as gifts,
they will be
season long❤


Thrifted goodness..

All it takes is a vintage piece of embroidery, a hoop and violĂ , you have a wonderful place to hang your pins...I made these little brooches and call them my "badges of honor". I hope your weekend is filled with some crafty goodness as well as some thrifted finds and a garage sale or two❤





When the tomatoes are ripe, all they need is a little basil, drizzled with a little olive oil, add some feta and there you are..a delicious lunch.


A sweet gift..❤

Having lunch with my friend Koralee of Bluebirdnotes is always such a joy...We both collect pyrex, both of us love pink and turquoise. She gave me those two wonderful pyrex mugs to add to my collection...Thank you my sweet friend.
Check out Koralee's blog, she is having a give away for her marvelous "Ice Cream" book❤



Our hydrangeas have been blooming for the past couple of weeks, this year they have such big blooms, the stems can hardly support them..even conditioned, they only seem to last a day or me they are one of the most beautiful flowers I have in our garden.❤


Granville Market ❤

Such a gorgeous place to visit on a sunny Vancouver day. It is one of the finest Farmers Market in Canada with a world class setting on the waterfront. A wonderful place to send an afternoon.


My sweet weekend with Claire....

Story time, Bunny time, Lunch time, Biking time, all good things done with Oma when you are sweet and young like Claire. ❤


My happiness ❤

Enjoying a beautiful sunny day at Granville Island Market with Jeremy, Julie and does not get much better than this!


my little Pirate

Going to see my little Claire for the weekend...can't wait for those little arms to be wrapped around my neck and kisses on my face. ❤


The best of Summer....

A trip to a few wineries, sip, savor and enjoy the beautiful Okanagan Valley.
Having our dear friend Frosso and her husband Robert here to tour around for the day..what a pleasure it was to have them here over night, just not long enough..


Happy Birthday Cindy❤

Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet "Farm Chick" friend. I hope you are showered with love all day and especially all of your birthday month!


Clara and Harriett...

Two new bunnies made, "Clara" is for Christa..her body is made from soft light gray felt, her little dress is from a vintage embroidered table runner that Cindy gifted me..Her bloomers are a pair of cotton gloves, trimmed with crochet. "Harriett" is gifted to Shannon, dressed in darker gray felt and a light summer cotton dress..they were such fun to make..I know I will have to cut a few more..


Climb a tree...

I went out early the other morning to pick some cherries, moved the big ladder around until I found the perfect tree..perched about 10 feet up, the cherries were as ripe and plump as could be. It took no time at all for me to pick 5 lbs..It was a bit funny to try to take a photo, hold on to the basket, not fall off the ladder and smile at the same time..hope it makes you smile as well.