Weekend Breakfast❤

It is a slower easier time on the weekends for us..several cups of coffee and some warm Croissants with Cindy's wonderful strawberry jam...what could be better?


Outside....having fun❤

Learning how to make some different kinds bracelets..adding some more beads to Claire's...just playing and having was your weekend?


Sweet Sunday ❤

Jeremy taking Claire for a walk...Out for Sunday breakfast..I don't think it could get any better than this!



Reading, gardening, crafting..what a wonderful thing the gift of time is..I am cherishing these sweet moments {❤}..wishing you a joyful weekend.


SPCA Fund Raising.....

Last year Jim {❤} gathered, was given, or found {on our lawn} enough golf balls for us to raise and donate $461.00 to the SPCA before we left for AZ. in October. Over the winter, friends with dogs that walked near the course kept finding golf balls and giving them to us...Jim golfs 3 times a week and if they have to wait between holes, he and his buddies go looking for those errant balls...he comes home and sorts them by brands, cleans them up and nearly every day we put them out with an honor box..this year so far we have collected $633.00..with 2 months left...we are hoping to raise $ you have a cause you support?


Summer colors..

Headed into my yarn shop today where I take knitting lessons..I am always amazed by the beautiful colors in that shop. I know I have big time Yarn Envy❤


Embroidered Pillow

First of all, Happy Birthday to my darling sister Caroline..who is camera shy, but just so sweet! Will see you in September if not sooner❤may you be totally deserve it for all you do for others that you love!
Today was a lovely time to sit outside and hand stitch this little pillow together. I have had these two round embroidery pieces for a while along with a round pillow form...someone's hand work is now this sweet little pillow..


New lining

I crocheted this bag about a year ago from Lucy @ Attic 24..I have always loved it, but realized that by lining it would make it stronger and nothing would fall through the holes...I lined the handles as well..very very happy with the outcome..I just noticed on Lucy's blog, she made another bag as a gift and lined it as well..this is my take on the bag and the lining❤


Summer colors...

I usually go for pastel colors but in the summertime these bright cheerful colors just look right! Jim put up a line for me so that I could hang up my pillowcases in the sunlight! sweet!❤


Ticking and Stripes....

Happy Sunday...thought this was such a great photo..what a way to display some fabric samples...must ask my sister Caroline if I could use her horses for a photo shoot❤



Craft room fun...

Been spending some time in the craftroom..making pillowcases, adding trim to vintage pillowcases, taking photos, dreaming up all kinds of projects for these hot hot summer days when an hour or two in the cool of my craftroom is Bliss❤


Farmers Market..

The display at our local Farmers Market is enough to make one drool..especially enjoying an ice cream {sorbet} on a picnic bench right under the apricot trees...doesn't this look good?



Almost finished with the cherries, now on to apricots and peaches..isn't this just the best part of summer!❤



Somehow picking cherries yourself adds to how sweet they taste..some varieties all most finished here in our valley... @.50 cents a lb..they are a sweet bargain...toss them gently into a pan with some water, a bit of sugar and lemon juice..cook just for a few minutes until they are tender...this way
you are able to keep their luscious flavor longer...spooned over ice cream or yogurt, it tastes good any time of the day.❤


Magazine inspirations

I now subscribe to a few magazine on line..they are always with me on my IPad and a constant source of are just a few images that spoke to me..any one of these your favorites?

Country Living UK via Instagram....

Country living UK the sailboat❤

Souvenir Magazine here


Picnic list

Not much is needed for a picnic...a sunny spot, a lovely view, perhaps a chair or blanket, some yummy food and someone sweet to enjoy it with!
Have you had a picnic lately?

linen napkin and vintage hotel ware were gifts from Cindy❤


Wine touring....

With more than 125 wineries within our beautiful Okanagan Valley, the choices are amazing...yesterday with friends from Arizona we toured Summerland and the Naramata Bench..these are but a few of the sights seen along the way❤

Cherries just waiting to be picked.....

A handful of Maple leaves and seeds...

Patio offerings at Lake Breeze...

View from Poplar Grove....lunch here at the Vanilla Pod Restaurant was simply amazing..



Summer is defiantly here with the sun shining and the temps in the mid 90's...the allure of the beach beckons❤


Summer joy...

Just a few hand picked roses in a vase can add the sweet sense of summer to any room..roses are my first loves..what are yours?