Enjoying the beach..

Having so many public beaches to choose from is such a gift.

Everyone has equal access to the beach.

Having a picnic, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, boating,

just readng and relaxing, the day seems endless.

Unless of course, 45 teenagers from a church bible school unload

right in front of you ad take all of your personal space.

The volume was immediately cranked up.

Time to pack up and picnic another day.

Here are some quiet moments before the

teenage invasion happened.




It all in the details...

Morning coffee on our deck makes our trip planning such a treat.

The devil is in the details.

Just enough planning to get us there with all the necessary visa's and of course, our passports.

Not planning every single day, leaving it open to change and spontaneity.

In 3 months, we really have the opportunity to travel and see

a lot of the country.

Not getting tied down to one place, but enough time in each place

to suit our purpose.

Each person has a different list of the things they want to see.

This book sure hits a lot on my list.





An ice cream treat...

Paytner's Farm Market is always such a treat.

The ice cream is a summertime favorite.

This year, with all this hot weather we have had,

nearly all the fruit

is early.

This was the selection on display yesterday.

Only one word to describe it....





The fun of planning a trip....

Planning a trip 4-5 months in advance is the fun part.

Finding airline flights, hotels, condos, train schedules,

getting proper documents, like visas, vaccinations,

now that takes some time.

Planning what to pack for 3 months adds another dimension, especially if you plan on

travelling thru out the country.

A few things we already have from our other trips.

Backpacks, good suitcases, light travel gear.

We made some good investments in footwear..

Keen sandals, a new pair for each of us.

We are breaking them in by walking and making sure they are comfortable.

Packing for 3 weeks, staying 3 months.

2 small day packs, 1 carry one and 1 checked suitcase.

(Maybe that checked suitcase can become another carry on.)

Making sure we show our colours.




Happy Birthday, Caroline

To my sweet sister, Caroline,

Happy Happy Birthday.

I know Larry and your family will make sure you have the special day you deserve.

We sure have had some good times this year together,

I know we will have many more in the future!

Love you "Gertie"




Things I love...

Pots of flowers on a window sill.

Fresh tomatoes, peaches and cherries.

Crocheted coasters, crafting books,


rain when we desperately need it.

From Country Gardens UK



The Westside fire...

These fires seem to be a regular summertime threat.

For years they never let a forest fire burn

all the fuel on the ground.

Now, people are building homes in the places that

haven't burnt for 50 years or so.

They are using a lot of resources here in West Kelowna

to save all the homes and resorts affected by this last fire.

Even though it is in the West Kelowna area,

it is about 35-38 Kms away from

where we live.

Here are a few photos of this spectacular and dangerous


High winds and lightening in the forecast.

This amazing photo above is from Casanet website.



Loving the water.....

Whether it is a ferry crossing, a cruise,

or just a day at the lake,

I love being by the water.





Pink Pyrex Love....

Two new additions to my collection of

Gooseberry Cinderella Bowls.

I had to phone my Cindy from the thrift store to tell her of my find!

These have become more difficult to find.

There are 4 in a set, I still need

#442 & #441.

(I need 3 sets of 442 and 441)

I am lucky enough to have a complete set of the turquoise

Butterprint Cinderella Bowls.

It always amazes me how easy it is to find some

bowls to complete the set

and how difficult it is to find the missing ones, like the ones for the

Pink Gooseberry.