Saturday Picnic....

Love these last few days of August.

Enjoying a picnic

just a bit south of Summerland,

on Okanagan Lake.



So quiet...

We are blessed with such a loving


The energy that she brings just makes us smile.

But it is very quiet without Claire's

sweet happiness filling the house.

The good thing is we will see her soon

in mid September.




Happy 16th Anniversary..

16 years of marriage and

one terrific little


Happy Anniversary

Julie and Jeremy.

May you celebrate many many more

happy years together.

Claire and I baked cupcakes for this special occasion.



Claire is here...this says it all....

I can never get enough
of this sweet little
Her smile is irresistible,
and those curls!
Oh how much fun crafting and playing we are having!



Home again....

Summertime travel thru the interior of

BC is always interesting.

I think like many other places, there is definatley

more traffic, less courteous drivers

and more distracted ones.

This should not take away how beautiful a drive it is.

It just makes you happy to arrive home safely.

Thru the windshield photos.








The beautiful photos...

These photos were taken by a professional photographer,


He did a wonderful job capturing the true love between

Troy, Mandy and their girls.

I love the fact that they went up to the bench

and had photos taken

at our

Mom and Dad's final resting place.



Thanks to Caroline's sweet husband, Larry for keeping that bench in such good repair all these years.