"Gathered" Magazine

I am once again so very fortunate to be published in this Issue 28 of
"Gathered Magazine" for my growing vintage Pyrex collection..Now more than ever I can not stop collecting......especially turquoise and pink pyrex❤


Roadside Lilacs

Nothing says spring to me like lilacs...we took a drive to Osoyoos yesterday, on the way back I found these wonderful lilacs so close to the road..Snip, snip went my pruners and into my drinking cup they went...there were white ones, dark purple ones, Japanese ones, lighter purple ones, planted long long ago...I call it judicious pruning. {having, exercising, or characterized by sound judgment : discreet.} They smell heavenly.


Works in progress..

I love having a couple "works in progress" I keep them close at hand and can work on them when ever I have a moment...I always, always try and finish what I have you have any "WIP'S" ?



It is a beautiful day here today, the sun is shining, the lake is calm, I hear birds singing, the lilacs will soon be blooming...I am happy.❤



I love moss and surprisingly, I can keep it fairly green here in our desert climate..Whenever Cindy comes for a visit she arrives with fresh moss off her back 10 acres in Nelson...this time I stopped on the side of the road just past Harrison Hot Springs on a detoured road home ( accident scene that closed the highway) It grew on a rock right beside the road and was about 4 inches deep..this one came complete with ferns...I already had this beautiful green pot, hopefully if I keep watering it, keep it in the shade, it will stay green for quite some time.
Just for a nice contrast, the hydrangeas are just beautiful at the garden centers this year..I will be planting a few in this color..I hope were ever you are you are enjoying some time for yourself doing whatever you love..


First blooms

We still are having frost in the early mornings, as much as I want to put in some flowers for a splash of color, it is too early..however, pansies like it cooler, I will go to the garden center today to pick some up for planting.

This little ranunculus was off a nearly dead and dried out plant, as you can see, it has a new life for a few days...

These little bears were rescued from a lonely life at a thrift shop...adopted for 99 cents..


Published in "Gathered" by Mollie Makes

"Gathered" the digital magazine by the publisher of Mollie Makes {Issue 27} is out and I have been featured once again in Show and Tell..How happy I am to be validated for my collection of Pyrex..I am sure more space in our cupboards will soon be freed up for my Pyrex finds in the future..{eg: Farm Chicks here Cindy and I come}..Oh happy day!

Gathered Magazine



Bracelets are fun! Claire loves her bracelets. I made 2 bags where I keep the bracelets, one is hers and one is mine..She and I cuddle in the morning and spent a lot of time trying on the jewelry..I will make her a few more and send them off in the mail for her to add to her collection..

Home again, back in West Kelowna...missing her already.


At Science World...

We spent the morning at Science World which is located in the False Creek Harbour in downtown Vancouver..We took the SkyTrain into town..Claire was fascinated with the scenery whizzing by..It is pretty amazing to see all the displays they have, all interactive and so much fun for children and adults alike..Claire loved it, from spaceships to the ball toss, she had a great time. It is well worth a visit if you ever find yourself downtown Vancouver.


Seeing Claire...❤

It has been 6 months since I have seen Claire in person. Much too long...but it seems she knows we well, we chat every weekend on Skype and sometimes more often..Jeremy and I walked over {just a block} from their home to pick her up at day care..she saw me at the door ran to me and gave me a hugs and kisses and said, hi Oma, hi Oma...then I went with her into her class room and she told everyone there..." my Oma". I was totally smitten! We tried on all my bracelets, we watched a slideshow with music of all the photos of her on my Ipad, went to the park, we watched out crossing the road, we ran up and down a small hill, she danced, we sang, we cuddled in bed as I read her 5 bed time story books, I taught her how to sing a lullaby, she had a bath was a wonderful afternoon. ❤


Cookies for Claire..

I baked some oatmeal raisin cookies for Claire..hopefully she will enjoy one..the rest will be enjoyed with a cup of tea..I will leave a few for Jimmy!


A work in progress

I have been knitting this vest over the past month or so, along with 2 other projects I have on my needles..I love having it near me...picking it up when I have time, knitting a few more rows...I will be taking it with me to Vancouver tomorrow, maybe Claire will be interested to start knitting, it is never too early to learn a craft! The rose is a felted brooch I made a couple of years, I really like the contrasting textures. Are you crafting anything at the moment?


Come for tea.❤

❤Tea is always on, stop in if you have the time. Sharing with friends makes drinking tea even more special...


Loving to photograph food

I love to cook, love to eat and really love to style the food for a photo to shoot..
I am learning so much from some of the wonderful food blogs out there..they are so inspiring and seeing their photos encourages me to take better really only need just a few props as well as good light. All these photos were taken with my IPad..
Appy's; toasted baguette with cheese and olives.....

Breakfast: poached eggs, sliced tomatoes with cilantro, toasted English muffin served with strawberries.......

Treats: Cornmeal cranberry biscotti.....


Pretty and Practical...

I love using my collections of thrifted, found and gifted treasures...they add to the joy of my life and really, who doesn't like to use their pretty and practical things? My collection of pot holders hasn't grown since last summer and as you can see, I am quite partial to red, but really, pink, red, yellow all look wonderful piled up in a large quart jar...


Puppy love...❤

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know how smitten I am with dogs, puppies, cats and my love for animals..Since we no longer have our dear Cookie and Pebbles, we have been helping raise money for our SPCA with our golf ball sales..On the other hand, my sweet sister Caroline, fosters and adopts from the SPCA. This is her lovely story to tell.. Well done Caroline and Larry..I have added the link to her art blog as well as her pottery blog!

This winter Larry and I have been going into the SPCA to walk the dogs. Our golden Retriever Cody will be 11 in September and we thought it might be a good time to adopt another dog. We brought Emma home three weeks ago as a foster dog to see how she would fit into our family. The SPCA thought she was about 6 months old. She is a really a lovely dog,she loved the grandchildren and gets along with all the dogs. We decided to put her into a obedience class, much to our surprise the first thing we were asked was she pregnant??? Yup, pregnant pause, puppies!!! We had Emma at a different vet about a week before and they had not noticed anything..We are about two weeks away from a delivery date. More xrays to see how many we are going to have, we will find out for sure next week. We will work with the SPCA to find them good homes and we will adopt and spay Emma. Interesting how life can throw you a curve ball sometimes!!!!! So for now this blog might be about paintings ,puppies and pottery!!!
Thanks for stopping by and anyone looking for a sweet puppy you know who to get a hold of.
Log Cabin Studio
Mud Frog Studio



When Cindy stayed at our home here with her sister a couple of weeks ago, she left me all kinds of gifts..her homemade raspberry jam, her beautiful sachets, preserves, an ice cream scoop, a little deer, restaurant ware, colorful glasses, vintage apron as well as several pieces of pyrex...she hadn't forgotten Jim either, leaving tarts in the freezer for him...she is a a true friend and a national treasure..everyone should have such a friend as she is.!! Thank you my darling friend..glad you guys had fun thrifting while you were here....I know that the blue pyrex casserole was a gift from her sister Darlene as well.


This takes the cake...

Sweet, colorful, piled high on a cake stand, this little beauty has no calories.
Collected over many years of thrifting with my sweet Cindy, these doilies are often only 25 cents..I always try to imagine the women creating these, I hope they are happy to see them being so loved.


Pyrex love❤

I finally got to put all my pyrex pieces together. First I unpacked the ones that I had taken with me to AZ., then the ones I bought and brought back, mixing them in with the ones I had left here and were gifted to me..I moved a few things around and put all of them together in one cupboard...I love the way my collection looks..but I truly think I might need a few more pink pieces..will be on the look out!
What do you think, do I need a few more pieces?