Weekend Pleasures...

Before we left on our weekend to Nelson, I harvested some lavender for Annmarie and made up a few new bags to tote my stuff in. Here is one of the before and after Martha Stewart Bags that I re-did.
I will finish the other one off next week.
new MS bag
newly created MS bag


Flowers from The Farmers Market..

There is nothing like fresh cut flowers to brighten any day.
Enjoy these from the Farmers Market.


Hello ladies,

Shane sent us several new photos of Alexander and I thought of all of them, this was the sweetest.
Jim and I love all the captions that Shane puts to each of the photos and this one is perfect!!
Imagine when he is 16, going out on a date and his parents drag out his baby album!!
I would give anything to be there for that moment!
Hello Ladies!-Alexander


On my craft table...

These are a few of the things that are on my craft table.
Right now I am mostly making jewelery!
on my craft table
However, yesterday I was inspired by a new neck strap I saw online for my Canon camera. $30.00
I knew I could make this myself. I used them hem of a pillowcase that I had and here is the result.
I did put some batting in the middle and was able to sew thru the layers right on to the existing strap. 
If it gets dirty, I will just throw the whole strap into the wash. $0.00
Canon Strap


Father's Day..

Father's and sons..Jim and Brad in Calgary, Shane and Alexander in Sri Lanka.
Wonderful, don't you think?
Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.
Author Unknown
The Father's
Alexander's father's day card
I made this card for Shane from Alexander to celebrate his first father's day.

Also, Happy 40th Anniverdary to my brother Heinz and my sister in law,  Marlene.
Happiness to both of you.


Farm Chicks Finds..

These are a few of the things that made it home in my Green Picnic Basket that I bought at the Farm Chicks show. I will be spending time in my craft room thinking of ways to work them into my jewelry.
farm chick finds



Before Cindy and I went to the Farm Chicks Show, we had some time to shop in downtown Spokane.
They have a realy nice mall called Riverfront Square.
We really loved Pottery Barn and Restoration hardware.
Across the street was P.F. Changs, it was a great place to have happy hour, (twice) and dinner as well.
Farm Chicks June 2010


Remember to Dream...

Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.
William Dement



Vintage Grafitti....

In 1968 when Marlene and I graduated high school,
my brother Heinz, Marlene (his wife of 40 years on June 20-2010)
and I went up into the hills of Bull River.
We found this big old rock and painted Grads 68 on it. We used this blue paint from the fish hatchery and as you can see, it held up well after all these years.
Marlene and Heinz took a drive last week, found the rock and took a photo.
What a great memeory that was !.
Thanks  to Marlene for sending this on to me.
grad 68


Nelson Brewing Company

Meet a few of the Organic Beers that I will be offering for tastings at a few select Okanagan liquor stores.
 I start to work with Nelson Brewing Company. Ltd. in July for the summer.
Check them out at the above link. I will have an interesting summer with new products to learn and of course, I will have to taste some wonderful Organic beer.
Thanks to Cindy, Tim and Al for believing in me and knowing that I can do this and be successful!



We finally had a great day to go on a picnic. We drove around Okanagan Lake, stopping to take some photos of all the flowers in bloom. It was a lovely way to spend a sunny day.
I will tell you about my new summer job tomorrow..What a fun job that will be.


Farm Hen

As you can see, this is what this Farm Chick looked like. Next year I am dressing up.
This is the new/old picnic tin I found to add to my collection.

Farm Chicks June 2010-2


Farm Chicks Heaven...

Just a few of the 200 photos I took..It was so wonderful and so crowded the first day. When Cindy and I went back on Sunday morning, we could actually get into the booths and have a good look around..



Farm Chicks Show..

Just arrived back in Westbank. What a fun time Cindy and I had at the "Farm Chicks"
Here are just a few of the first pictures that I took of Cindy having fun..More to follow tomorrow.
We met some great gals, like Carol and her friend Miranda as well as 3 gals from Vancouver, Caroline, Leann and Jackie.
We found lots of treasures that will find a new home with Cindy and I.
Farm Chicks June 2010



I left Westbank on Tuesday morning and made it to Nelson in 4 1/2 hours. Rained nearly all the way but with my ITunes blaring, the trip sped right along. Cindy met me and treated for coffee and a muffin then I headed out to stay a couple of nights with Shannon. Today we drove up to Kaslo for lunch and to walk thur the little town.
Rained for most of the day as well. It is what it is and you can't change the weather.
We had a really fun day.

Lake glass, the ladies lounge of the stern wheeler the Kuskanook (which we owned at one time before donating it to the Kaslo Historical society)...paddle wheel of the Moyie, The Moyie and a boat in a garden.
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