Last day of June..

How quickly these days pass.

It's wonderful to be able to take a photo and capture

these fleeting moments.

Sunshine and sun lit days.




This last week in June..

This last week of June is going to be busy.

It's warm and filled with lots of folks starting their

summer vacation.

We are picking Claire up in a few weeks to spend

some time here with us.

Her first time away by herself.

She calls its

"Oma's Summer Craft Camp"

The start of baking a
Cherry Clafoutis.



On my walk..

All you need is a pair of running shoes,

a camera,

(using only the one on my Iphone)

as well as an interesting place to walk.

Here are some of my photo captures this week.




Happy Thursday...

The sun is shining,

the weather forecast looks sunny and warm

for the next week.

Outside gardening and taking lots of photos

with my IPhone.

Sunny days ahead.




Always learning....

There are so many wonderful apps to

use on IPad and/or IPhone.

Today I have been learning how to use the new

Rhonna Designs app.


Here are some of the really interesting things I learned

this morning.



It's a happy sunny week..

The flowers are blooming so early here.

We had a very hot weekend but thankfully

it's a bit cooler here this week.

There is lots of evidence of late spring.

Kids are in school only have a couple more weeks.

Swimming and dancing lessons done for the summer.

Ducks with babies, quail families running thru the garden.

Cherries and strawberries ripe and for sale at farmers markets

as well as roadside stands.

Spring is in full bloom here in our beautiful

Okanagan Valley.




Sunshine out on the boat...

We were invited out on our friends boat for

a cruise on the lake and a picnic.

It's lovley to have friends that share their day with us this way.

It was a very hot day,

lots of activity on the lake and beaches.

It was wonderful way to spend such a warm day.

We didn't go swimming but in some places on the lake the temp was

70 degrees in the water.

Almost warm enough to swim.

Thanks Bonnie and Gerry for the day spent on the

BB Lou.




Here's to a good weekend...

Sharing a wonderful lunch with my newly

engaged niece, Cassidy.

Meeting my new nephews for the first time.

Little Tyce will be a year old in Seotember,

little new born Sawyer

is already 6 weeks old.

It was lovley seeing all 5 little sisters, brothers and cousins

together for a couple of hours down here.

There was such wonderful energy and playfulness being

around these sweet families.

The roses are blooming

so early and their fragrance fills the air.

My pruners are never far from my hands.