Listening to Christa sing..

I had a chance to go to Penticton to listen to Christa and her friend Tammy sing at the Penticton Choral Festival with their choir from Cranbrook. " Bisset Singers......I sat with Christa's mom and that made the evening even more enjoyable!..what a wonderful evening of song with 9 choirs from the Pacific NW..stayed overnight to be able to enjoy all the joy!

A wonderful friend and such a wonderful voice... Thanks for the gifts you brought as well as the choir was wonderful!


Black and White..


Having fun trying some different ways to change a photo....have a sunny weekend❤


IPad camera

My original IPad did not come with a built in I was never able to take a quick photo..The new Ipad has an amazing camera that quickly captures images from the front or the are just a few I took this week.❤


❤love heart....

buttons from Mollie Makes Magazine....❤



These are my "works in progress"....learning to knit a pair of socks....learning how to knit a pattern with cables in it as well as crocheting a cotton basket for yarn....such joy to be able to learn something new.❤


Are these really real?

These flowers are amazing..some real, some not...can you tell the difference? seen out and about today❤

Let me know what you think!❤


Raspberry Jam...❤

One of my favorite pleasures is homemade raspberry jam..Cindy's jam is the best..her berries are handpicked from her garden, then lovingly created into this wonderful tastes like eating fresh berries! Served on a toasted baguette it is a real treat..thank you Cindy for all your jammy goodness❤


The fallen ones..

I think there is so much beauty in these petals that fell to the table.....what do you think?❤

edited them in photogene


Getting my garden ready...

Old tools, wire baskets, vintage buckets and well used watering cans..going to the nursery to get some tulips, some pansies, their sweet faces smiling up at you...resisting some of the beauties from jumping into my cart..just enjoying it does your garden grow?❤



Some fresh flowers & yarn...a bit of sunshine and time to be creative..this gives me so much joy. ❤ What brings you joy?



My Cindy knows my love and wish for a Vintage Trailer....this sweet postcard hand painted in watercolor by her arrived in the post yesterday...she also sent along with a very nice vintage collection of embroidery transfers...
My thanks Cindy....hopefully we will see some of these old trailers at the Farm Chicks show this June.❤



I decided to call her "Sophie" as Claire will be familiar with that name for a giraffe...oh my goodness...she was such fun to I worked at putting all her parts together, she took on a personality all of her own..I added a shell stitch necklace just to make her look like a only wish is that Claire will love her...❤

Instructions can be found ❤ here ❤



Just a few of these lovely Ranunculus waiting for warmer soil to be planted in my garden...I am sure they will be blooming all summer long.❤

Native to Asia and celebrated for its medicinal properties as well as its bright beauty, the small camellia-like ranunculus ranges from white to pink, red to yellow to orange. Also known as Buttercup and Coyote’s Eyes, legend has it that the mythological Coyote was tossing his eyes up in the air and catching them when Eagle snatched them. Unable to see, Coyote created eyes from the buttercup.

In the language of flowers, a bouquet of ranunculus says, “I am dazzled by your charms.”


Knitting classes...

On Wednesday next week, I start a new set of knitting classes..oh how I am looking forward to that❤..picking out a pattern, buying wool (or using something from my stash.) Here are some of the wonderful colors that were
luring me into a state of bliss today! Knitting Eye Candy! Wouldn't this be a marvelous shawl to knit..I am hoping it might be in my range of knitting talent, certainly would stretch my creativity...stay posted...


Sepia tones

Taking photos of what I have (stashed) displayed in my craft room..decided to mix it up a bit with some sepia tones..makes all these things look just a bit more vintage. don't you think?


Good Morning❤

Am happy to see all my familiar things..ironstone, crocheted pot holders and woven tea towels..makes breakfast colorful and interesting.



Claire @16 months, just having fun..She has two favorite toys which she shows me every week when I see her via Skype..Sophie her Giraffe and her new love, her Panda bear....

I will see her in 2 weeks, and I am attempting to make her this crocheted Giraffe, Georgina... Here from Lion instructions are wonderful on this link Video

This is my progress since last night..I watched the entire 8 episodes first, then realized that I could make this..I am excited to learn something new.❤How has your weekend been?


Mollie Makes..issue 13

This magazine is filled with things that I want to make because they just make me smile..Issue 13 was released into the digital world today..under Apps..Mollie Makes....what will you be crafting this weekend?❤


Safely home.....

It was an interesting 3 days and lots of interesting countryside to travel thru..
2643 Kilometers = 1642 Miles...we had pretty nice weather most of the way..
Here is our view when we got home yesterday afternoon! It's good to be back in BC once again.


On the Road again.....

First thing in the morning, we stopped for a coffee...and wouldn't you know it..a fresh cinnamon bun appeared in Jim's hand..freshly baked in a little gas station in Panguitch, Utah..yummy..I did get a small bite...

Some of the great old vintage Neon Signs along the way....


Yesterday's adventure..Zion National Park...

Leaving our AZ. home at 5:30 am with the sunrise at 6:30.. It was a wonderful drive and such beautiful sunny weather..We got to our motel at Carmel Junction around 1:40...plenty of time to drive into Zion and see some of the could spend a week here and still be in awe...these are a few of the sights we took in..the rock formations are so amazing...see for yourself.