A week in pictures...

The family, my sisters and brothers, the kids, the grandkids.
Even the dogs get into the action.
It has been a great week to be in Bull River.



In Bull River...

It great being here, seeing my family.

Some of the most fun I have is crafting with the kids.

Myla, Tyce, Sawyer, Haley and Ryker

with their parents, Amanda and Riley!

Not home on this visit is

Colby and Issac.




Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

to all the wonderful Mother's and women

that have touched our lives.


My Mother's lilac tree blooming in time for
Mother's Day

Card sent from my friend Shirley.


Finally, 2 days of sunshine...

The week has started out sunny and

even reasonably warm.

The trees finally have some leaves on them and

the flowers in their pots are growing.

It feels so good to be outside.

Lots of high water in the creeks flowing into the lake

Love seeing these different photos of Claire.

Making more pink polar bears as gifts.




Happy to see the sunshine....

It has been such a dreary spring.

Fog, rain, wind, low cloud cover, more rain and wind.

I know it is flooding in many places, even here we had had power poles knocked out and flooding.

Happy to report we will have a week of sunshine.

We didn't want to miss a chance to go on a picnic,

this sunny day by the lake was perfect.

A little crocheting, taking some photos, enjoying the lake.

It was a wonderful day.




Always fun..

Shopping with Frosso at Southlands Nursery.

Finding some beautiful plants to take back to

West Kelowna.

Crafting and playing Dominos with Claire.

Weekends come and go so quickly.!



Happy Easter weekend.

It has turned out to be quite a nice weekend.

We have seen the sun peek thru the clouds a couple times this week.

I hope wherever you are,

you are enjoying a good weekend surrounded by family and loved ones.

A few chocolates to enjoy wouldn't be a bad idea as well!