Back at home...

As much as I love being away from home for

a holiday or joyful

Claire duties,

I do love being back home.

All of the flowers grew so much in the week we were gone.

I was overjoyed that I was still able to enjoy my peonies.

I styled my thrifted finds and I must say I am so

pleased with my

"New Pyrex"

issued to celebrate Pyrex's 100 anniversary!



The cousins...

Jim and Wayne are cousins and you can

really see the resemblances.

We always have such a great time with Wayne and Jo-Ann

when we get together.

Catching up on each other's families and of course the grandchildren.

A wonderful lunch and oh the strawberry pie!

It was simply delicious.

Jo-Ann is such a keen gardner.

Her roses and peonies were spectacular,

her begonias just starting to


Look what a beautiful bouquet I get to take to

Port Coquitlam when we see Claire today!

Lucky me.



A bit of time away...

Visiting friends in Sidney by the Sea,

Looking after Claire for the long weekend makes it a good time

for a bit of an excellent adventure.

I have always loved the ferry ride thru the

Gulf Islands.

Catching up with old friends, seeing family, loving Claire,

new sights, sounds, food and thrifting possibilities.

It's all very good.



A beautiful day...

Just going to the garden centre can

lift anyone's spirit should you need that.

I go to take photos and learn about new plants.

I am never disappointed.

Here are a few photos of what is blooming in our garden,

as well as what I took photos of at the

Dogwood Garden Centre.




Wood fired Pizza...

We spent a wonderful afternoon

enjoying the woodlands and amazing wood fired pizza.

To my surprise, Marilyn has several pieces of Pyrex, including this Butterprint bowl

that she got from her mother.

She also made her pizza dough in her

Pyrex Town and Country Cinderella bowls

she and Norn received for their

wedding anniversary more than 50 years ago.

I dug out some Alpine Willy Clematis to transplant in my garden.

Let's hope next spring it will be blooming amongst my

VIrgina Creeper.




Rain and rainbows...

The power went out for 2 hours,

but the rain was needed and a rainbow always renews hope.

The garden centres are filled with gorgeous blooms,

bright and colourful that will look good against our red stucco walls.

I will be planting some of these tomorrow.