Seattle, Whidby Island, San Juan Islands and Sidney....

What a lovely week away from the smoke and heat it was.
Being near or on the water is one of my favourite pastimes.
We had lots of opportunities to enjoy all of the above.
The air was clear and cool.
We are now back in West Kelowna,
cooler but still smoke lingers in the air.



On our trip to Seattle...

Taking a week to visit friends,

to see new sights and get away from all the smoke and heat.

We are enjoying a wonderful couple of days on our friends floating home

on Lake Union in Seattle.


Here are a few photos as we headed here to Seattle over the

North Cascade Highway,

as well as a few more I took when we got here yesterday.



Another smokey week...

It's an eerie sight, smoke so thick it looks like fog.

The air quality is simply dreadful.

I can not imagine how hot and hard the conditions are for all the firefighters.

Lucky for us we can escape to our air conditioned home.

33 - 36 degrees all week.

The sun sets as an orange flaming ball.

Inspite of this all, there is still work to do in garden and within our community.

This smoke will eventually leave our valley, the sun will shine thru and

summer will return before the kids have to go back to school.




Summer photos...

Where does the time go?

Here we are nearly at the end of July.

It's been a good time for us, lots of sunshine, some smoke, picnics,

friends visiting, trips being planned.

Happy weekend to our family and friends.



Summer, sunny, hot Okanagan Days..

The apricots are ripening.

The sunflowers are blooming.

There are days when the smoke from all 155 fires burning

fill our valley.

There are days when our air quality was worse than New Delhi.

There are days that are sunny and clear.

These are days for late evening walks and early morning gardening.

These are all good days to be in the Okanagan.



All is good again...

Now that Claire was back with her Mom and Dad,

she was her usual good spirited happy little self.

We went visiting, thrifting, walking, crafting,

and playing.

I went with Jeremy and Julie to watch her at her Karate class.

I am glad they will bring her back to West Kelowna this summer.

She told me she just missed her parents so much and

that was a lot of pressure on her.

My sweet little girl.




So Homesick..

We picked Claire up in Hope on Sunday afternoon.

This morning, Monday,

I drove her back to Port Coquitlam.

She was so homesick.

I will just spend a couple of days looking after her while

Julie works this week.

I felt to sad for her, missing her parents so much.

They will come up as a family in August

so Claire will continue to have a good experience with us in Kelowna.

Off to meet her Dad after school.

Both Jeremy and Julie teach at their

International Summer School.





My girl...

On Sunday we are driving down to Hope to pick up Claire.

We get to have her for 5 days.

I have all kinds of fun things planned

to do with her.

Swimming and beach time will definitely be one of them

Maybe go pick some cherries,

maybe we will craft and make pompous,

maybe she will hit some golf balls with her Opa.