Panamanian Homes...

They are small, colourful and mostly

have messy yards.

They always have chickens and at least a few dogs.

Yet they are somehow very enduring.

These are happy, friendly people.

If you just to say hello and ask how they are,

their face lights up with a smile.

Here are a few homes that I really liked.



Beach Clean Up....

Everyday when we walk the beach in the mornings,

we take along a garbage bag to pick up the litter left behind by the weekend crowd.

The litter problem has been getting better each year we come back.

You now can recycle and get a refund and that has made a difference.

We always give the beer cans to one of the local Panamanian guys that collects them...one small step at a time.

This young boy even picked up after his little Beagle, "Juicy"




The beach...

The sound of the waves,

the movement of the water, the sounds of people having a good time.

Life is a beach!

Today was a busy day on the beach!

The tide has been really high and since this is the windy

season, you need to hang on to your hat.

But it is all good!



Wonderful coffee....

Panama has some of the best coffee we have ever enjoyed.

The climate and latitude

up in Boquete is very suitable for growing

these coffee beans.

Before driving back to Gorgona,

we went to the Artisan Market on the Armador Causeway.

I love these beautiful woven baskets.

The ships waiting to enter the canal.

Back at our condo,

a faint rainbow after a brief rain.




The contrast....

We went out to the rooftop bar in Casco Vejeo called


I loved the contrast between the old and the new.

The decay and the restoration.

The people going about their daily lives.