My sweet little Claire...

She is a sweet, funny, happy little girl.

This angel costume really

sums her up, however, she does have a bit of a

mischievous streak about her.

Happy Halloween!



Settling back in....

Windows washed,

groceries in fridge, house dusted.

Enjoying early morning coffee outside in the

filtered light.

Planning our first hike early Saturday morning.

Having friends drop by to say hello.

Just letting the day unfold.





The garden survived...

It was literally one of the hottest summer here in


Record high tempetures, major dust storms

as well torrential rains.

In our development,

the wind uprooted many well established

large trees.

We have a walled garden. Safely sheltered from

the more brutal elements.

The garden is lush and green,

it is amazing how little water we use because we planted many

native and desert plants.

It was a wise move more than 7 summers ago

when we bought and had our

home built.

My banners have become faded,

however, they still dance happily in the breeze.




Day 3 - Arrived safely...

The final day driving is always more

relaxing, as we almost

always never travel as far on the last day.

We left Las Vegas at 5:30 and arrived here

close to 1:30, travelling

345 miles.

By the time we stopped for breakfast,

gas and lunch, the day was pretty full.

We got all the things out of the car, put out the outdoor

cushions and got the fountain running.

The garden looks lovely.

Tomorrow we will enjoy having our coffee outside.

Here are a few windshield photos,

mostly just the desert as well and some huge and amazing

boulder formations.




Day 2

Another good day of driving behind us.

637 miles, just over 11 hours on the road.

We share the driving, although Jim puts on a lot more miles than I do.

I am the entertainment director as well as the navigator.

I did drive today, thru pouring rain, fog,

as well as some snow showers with

1degree Celsius.

That soon passed and we spent most of the day in pleasant weather.

Leaving Vegas tomorrow for our home in San Tan Valley,


Here are a few windshield photos.