Moments in my day...

Up to visit a friend just out from a 2 week hospital stay.

Pleased to say he is doing well, with the good nursing care

of his wife.

The trip up to Altos del Maria is always interesting,

Fairly good roads, avoidable pot holes and often cattle on the loose.

Today we saw this charming sight,

real horse power.

Our morning walk was reward with a few more pieces

of sea glass after a huge tide change and thundering waves.

The wind was fierce last night, tables were moved around,

even a chair in the pool.

The sun goes down everyday at 6:29pm.

Then over a period of an hour or so, the sky fades to an inky black night.













Shells in many different shapes...

The tide was low today, but calm seas,

which meant hardly any shells.

We only found 2 pieces of sea glass.

The shells I did find were lovely,

Rounded and smoothed by time, wind and waves.

It was a good morning to walk the beach.



Claire love...

Claire will be enjoying the beach in Hawaii next week at this time.

I wish we could join them,

babysit Claire and have fun swimming with her.

I can't wait to see the photos of her playing in the ocean.

How quickly she has grown.

She is the one I miss the most!



Day tripping...

We had never been to Ell Valle on

market day.

Well worth the trip with lots of produce

and simply amazing flowers found there.

Some I had never seen before.

The orchids were breathtaking.

We shared a delicious lunch with Patrick

at Bruschetta's.

Come along for the trip in my photos.





Evening and morning walk...

Depending on the tide changes,

we try to walk at least once a day for 3/4 miles or so

and in the evening I tend to walk the beach by myself.

I take my iPhone and use it all most exclusively to take my photos.

Here are a few I took in the last few days.


These round shapes are all jelly fish stranded on the beach on low tide.