A week in pictures...

Summer sun and warmth are finally here.

It's going to be a very warm weekend,

high of 32.

Our picnic spot down at the beach is still flooded.

We will have to look for a new place

to have our picnics until the water recedes.

The flowers are really starting to fill in

and bloom vigorously.



Happy Fathers Day...

To all the dads out there,

Happy Father's Day.

May your day be filled with phone calls, photos from the kids in your life...

your own or others.

May you be spoiled by the ones that love you.

Enjoying lunch out at Predator Ridge Golf Course.
Alexander in Australia with The ACT Brumbies.

Claire enjoying playing outside!



A weekend in photos..

A weekend of walks and drives around the area.

The water is still very high,

lots of sandbags still on the waterfront properties.

The weather is warming up, so the snow will melt and the water

in the lake will rise again.

Let's hope that it will soon be resolved.





Flowers in the Garden..

With a week of good weather behind us,

the flowers are starting

to bloom.

Their fragrance fills my vases in the house and outside

when I am cutting them to bring them in.

Summer is finally here in the Okanagan.




Home again...

Missing this sweet face already.

Glad to be back home with Jim and our

Okanagan life.

My flowers really bloomed in the past 4 days.

My Sarah Bernhardt Peony

is so fragrant and fills the house

with its beauty.




It's all about Claire...

Whenever I get a chance to play outside

with Claire, we take it and we are both have lots of fun.

Luckily there are lots of parks we can enjoy.

Ice cream was high on our list of fun things to try.

We drove downtown to visit a friend and stopped in to enjoy a cone.



Peachland Highwater...

Water, water everywhere.

Sandbags line the waterfront, both here in West Kelowna

as well as in Peachland where we walk.

It is helping keeping the flooding at bay.

The weather forecast is a bit cooler for the next few days which should

slow down the melt.

Looking at the bright side, when all the water goes back to normal levels,

they will have lots more sand on their sandy beaches.



Back to West Kelowna...

Cindy and I had such fun thrifting our way back

from Nelson to Kelowna.

It was a wonderful way for me to spend a night in Nelson,

enjoying Cindy and Tim's hospitality.

It was a quick turn around trip for Cindy as she had an

appointment here.

Short, sweet and fun was had.

There was a lot of high water on our trip down, especially thru

Grand Forks.

Lots of high water here along the lake, but as we are a long ways from lake,

as well as not being near a creek,

we are high and dry.