Heading out...


In 1968 I had a chance to travel across the USA and live in NY state.

I took that chance and that trip filled me with wanderlust..

I traveled with our family friend,

Helen Cox

in her green 1968 VW Camper Van.

We travelled to Victoria,

down the Washington, Oregon & California coasts

We travelled all across the USA, ending up at her home in

Pawling, New York.

I wish I still have my travel map and the journals

of that trip,

however, I do have all those memories.

Tomorrow, Jim and I head out to some new adventures on our horizons.

The wanderlust has never left me.

Art print by Leslee Mitchell/society 6



Sweet little ones...

I had a few extra hours today, playing down in the 

craft room.

I finished sewing little 

"Miss Camilla Doe's" 

dress and leggings as well as making a few necklaces for them.

"Miss Katherine Hepburn" 

was finished a while back, but only today was fully dressed,

ready to join the others.

I will keep them all here in BC.

I am sure I will be making a few more to giveaway as gifts.





Getting ready....

This week I have spent my time well, tidying up the house,

the outdoor pots, cutting back any perennials,

putting the garden to rest as we are getting ready to head to

Arizona for the winter,

on Saturday.

Usually by this time we would have been there already.Going a bit later has given us more time to enjoy these last few weeks of October.

It used to feel strange not seeing all our personal stuff for nearly 6 months,but because we have another home, different friends,

it is always an adventure.

We take a couple days to drive there, as it is 1662 miles between our two homes. We always try to take a different route,

but after 10 years, we know most of the roads quite well.

We are always in the lookout to see something we might have missed in previous trips.








Out and about....

Walking along the lakeshore in Peachland is one of our favorite places for a brisk walk.

I think it is because

"Bliss Bakery"

is there.

Their baking is amazing, a great reward every once in a while.





Warm and wonderful weekend...

Record highs all over BC.

Happy to enjoy being outside, finishing up cleaning up the outside

planters and flower pots.

Claire spent a sunny afternoon at

Art Knapps Garden Centre

enjoying the rides.

She sent me a sweet little emojis texts.

Love this little girl!