The colors of fall...

Overcast but very warm here.

The work continues outside on the golf course renovations.

Everywhere we see the colors of fall.

Such beauty in the simplicity of it all.




Improving the golf course....

This year they closed the front nine on our golf course

a couple weeks earlier to re-countour,

re-slope and make play faster.

As well, they want to make

sure the golf balls stay away from the homes that

border this course.

In the meantime, some trees had to be cut down.

Some had pine bettle kill and some were in the way

of the new plan.

The benefit to us was that it really improved our lake view.

It will be several weeks of having this

large equipment outside

our home,

moving huge piles of dirt and creating dust.

In the end, the finished course will make it better for all,

golfers and home owners.



The great pumpkin patch..

Davison Farms in Vernon is a family

farm, filled with all kinds of wonderful food, fruit and pumpkins.

We saw a lot of young family going for tractor rides to pick out their perfect


Here are a few of the photos I took on Sunday.



Happy Birthday, Jimmy

Life just keeps getting better.

Happy Birthday, Jimmy.

I hope we share many many more

healthy and happy years together!




Sunday picnic and hike...

I love unexpected pleasant surprises.

Like seeing a huge full curl

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

that was close enough to touch thru our car window.

A small herd of young ones doing well.

It was a fabulous day to enjoy the drive on this scenic and winding road.



Lovely first week of October...

Sunny and warm,

with just the right amount of rain

in the evening.

A wonderful way to start October.



And the girls had fun....

Cindy leaves today, but we sure had a lot of fun.
Somehow we never took
enough photos.
Here are a few we did manage to take.
Cindy made out like a bandit in
Value Village.
I was able (thanks to Cindy's good eyes)
to add on to my Pyrex collection.
3 tourquoise
Cinderella bowls to complete a set.



Girls just wanna have fun...

In Cindy's and my case,

fun is spelled


Our afternoon

started off with Cindy treating for lunch and a

Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Then we got down to the very serious

business of finding treasures.

This was all accomplished in only 1/2 a day.

Imagine what mischief

we can into when we have all day tomorrow!

I will give you a sneak peek of some

of the wonderful finds tomorrow.