Little Alexander...

This school term,

Alexander will be going into all day kindergarten in

Canberra, Austraila.

He will be 5 in Janauary.

We got a copy of his report card,

he is a bright, curious, kind and helpful

little guy.

We get to see him on Skype most weekends

and his Aussie accent is



Special birthday wishes go out today to my sweet sister

Evelyne in Cabo,

as well as my good friend Shannon celebrating her special day in


with her daughter, Andrea

Many, many happy days ahead.






San Tan Mountains Hikes....

We love the hikes in the San Tan Regional Park.

If we can, we try to get out on the trails every other day.

The weather has been perfect.

Morning temps in the mid 70'.

Most days we hike around

2.5 or 3.5 miles.

You even need water on shorter hikes, on the longer ones,

I have a reserviour inside my backpack.

The desert is still very green at this time

of the year.







Crafting in the sun...

The raspberry are amazing this year.

Plumb, sweet and delicious.

Perfect for having

with our breakfast outside on our patio.

Taking time to make some

extra pockets inside

one of my most favorite bags, a gift from my sweet friend,


It is a great bag to hold my needlework pillow

that I worked on this




In the garden...

Yesterday we had a window replaced

in our bedroom.

It's a good thing that

our sealed windows have a lifetime guarantee.

I loved the way the garden looked

thru the opening.

I went outside to snip a few flowers and arrange

them on a mesquite round

that I was given last year.

This way, I have a chance to remember

what bloomed






3 years ago today...

It is hard to believe that it has been

3 years ago today,

that our brother Harry had his stem cell transplant.

Our sister Evelyne was his perfect 10 point match.

Harry and Jill knew they had a grandchild on her way,

3 years later,

they are blessed with 2 girls and 2 boys.

I am sure that gave Harry and Jill so much hope.

We are so grateful for modern medicine and the care

that Harry received at the

Tom Baker Cancer Clinic in Calgary.

I love this old photo I found of our family.

Christmas time 1954.

I am holding Harry who was nearly a month old.

It is a good day.