Warm and wonderful weekend...

Record highs all over BC.

Happy to enjoy being outside, finishing up cleaning up the outside

planters and flower pots.

Claire spent a sunny afternoon at

Art Knapps Garden Centre

enjoying the rides.

She sent me a sweet little emojis texts.

Love this little girl!



My love for travel....

I collect globes to satisfy my love

Thanks to my Cindy for

her generosity

over the years in helping me


my collection.




A quiet day to read some crafting books
as well as crochet a rock.
I love how quickly theses small projects come together.
Place several together, or simply place
one in a birds nest as I did.
Sweet and simple

Have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Shirley

currently trekking in Bhutan.



Colors of Fall...

The days are getting shorter.
The sun rises later.
All the deciduous trees have changed their colors
and are losing their leaves.
There are crisp apples at the Farmers Markets
as well as at the roadside stands.
Apple pies to be baked,
birthdays to be celebrated.
The air is much cooler on our walks.
Fall is here in the Okanagan.



Happy Anniversary....

My sister, Evelyne and Richard have been

married 39 years.

Wintering in Cabo, they drove down early

to help out our brother

Werner and his wife Dana

right after hurricane Oldie hit Cabo.

Luckily their home sustained just a little damage.

Today, things are getting back to normal and the boys are fishing..

A good sign for sure.

Many many more happy years together.