Lighter fare....

I just made this salad,
adding the avocado and grape tomatoes just before serving.
The lime juice gives it a nice tang, it is colourful and delicious.
I had added some cilantro to mine.
Served with a few slices of left over turkey,
it makes for a lighter but tasty supper.
What are you making for dinner tonight?



Packing for Panama....

This year we will be going to Panama for 3 months.

We leave on January 4.

Packing my clothes isn't a problem.

I will take a few cotton dresses, sleeveless tops, shorts,

a couple of skirts, several bathing suits, a cover up, and a light cotton sweater.

Throw in 2 pairs of Croc flip flops, my Merrill walking shoes,

a pair of runners and

I am all set.

My dilemma is what crafts to take!

This year I am going to mix it up a bit, I am taking more journalling supplies, watercolours,

fine tipped colored pens and pencil crayons.

I will take along my crochet hooks, beads and cotton thread.

I am in the process of laying it all out to be what best suits my needs.

Taking the items I know I can't get there.

My journals are taking shape, I plan to alter the covers of my Moleskin ones

and have found several inspiring ones on Pinterest

that have caught my fancy.

Here is what I have done so far.

I am going to sew the postcard onto the cover.

These are a few of the wonderful journals from


that I love.




The techie in me.....

My new IPad Air 2 is lightening fast.

I love this amazing technology.

The world is in your hands,

friends and family to keep in touch with

at the push of the

FaceTime, or Message button.

Video's of Claire, Alexander and little Myla

in my inbox to see their latest


Messaging, sharing photos, music, recipes and books.

My new skin is bright and colourful,

it will always be easy to find.

Thanks Jimmy for making those extra

trips to the

Apple Store

in San Tan Market so I could decide which

one was the best choice for me.

Trading my older Ipad in to upgrade to this

new model

was a good choice.



My family...

I am one of 7 children.

I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters.

4 of them still live in Bull River where we all grew up.

We try to get together once a year.


all our nephews and nieces are getting married.

Makes it easy for the three of us who have moved away to come back home.

I am always the one that tries to get photos of us


As you can probably tell by my hair do,

these were not taken in the same year!



{wooden tones}

I love old wooden bowls,

the texture,

the meals that must of been made in them,

the tactile feel of the bowls

in my hands.

Stacked on a counter,

filled with produce or just left empty,

they bring warmth into our