It's a lovely time of the year...


All photos sourced from Tumblr


Tabletop Christmas...

Most of my ornaments are packed away in boxes.

I decided that even for the two weeks we are still here in Arizona,

I would create a little Christmas tabletop.

Just enough of a reminder to bring us of the joy of season.





Yesterday while Jim and I had gone out to do some errands,

we saw a dog

running down the sidewalk beside a busy highway.

We stopped and I went over to her,

she was so excited, wiggling her whole body and laying down

for a tummy rub.

I always have a leash and a collar in the car. {Probably from Cookie or Pebbles}

She had a collar but no ID.

We drove around the neighbourhood with her comfortably

resting in the back seat, finding no one that knew of her.

We took her to our homeowner association office,

they took her photo, did a scatter email to all the

residents and one of the girls was taking this

sweet, sweet golden retriever

home with her for the night.

I will call first thing in the morning to see if she found a home.

I will post an update.

11:30 update: human owner reunited with her dog!




Moving on...

Jim and I have been coming back to Arizona each

Fall and Winter Season

for the past 10 years.

We have made some wonderful friends, had great fun,

gone on many road trips, picnicked, hiked and truly enjoyed our time here.

We decided this summer that we wanted to do more traveling,

explore new countries, see how the rest of the

world lives.

We sold our home here in 4 hours, we turn over the keys today.

Luckily, our friends gave us their home just down the street to

use until we leave for Panama on January 4th.

Instead of just staying a month, now we have a chance to really

enjoy our time there.

We will be spending 3 months.

We are excited on this new phase in our life.

Who knows in which country we will end up in for our

winter months.





Some sights down Tucson way...

It was a sunny and cool day yesterday,


for a drive to Tucson,

south on the Pinal Pioneer Highway.

Past the Cactus Garden, into the Oro Valley at


Spent some time looking at a few stores before heading home.

It was a good day.




Born with a suitcase heart..

When I was growing up, my mom would tell

me that I should marry a man with wheels instead of legs.

I always want to be on the go, to see new things, take a drive,

do things, go places.

After all these years and a fair bit of travel behind me,

I am still the same.

Today we are heading down to Tucson for a drive.

Camera in hand, new sights to see.

New memories to make.

They should tell you when you are born,

"Have a suitcase heart, be ready to travel"