Kootenay Vintage Chicks Faire!

It was a good two days of selling

as well as meeting old friends.

The hours are long, loading up the trucks,

unpacking, organizing, styling everything.

It was so hot inside, truly hot, the soaked scarves kept us cool!

The results were good.

Here are a few photos of our booth and

Cindy and I.

Thank you sweet friend for all the effort you put into making

this such a good event.

I will post about the forest fire drama tomorrow.

Thankfully, Cindy and Tim's homes are safe.



Tidying up my craft room...

With all my thrifted finds packed into the car for

tomorrow's journey to Nelson,

it was a good time to do a cleanup in the studio.

It was fun to re-arrange all my craft supplies.

I want to have everything neatly at hand

so that when Alexander is here

next week,

we can craft as much as he wants to.




Found a few lovely treasures

to take to Nelson on Thursday.

I got a really stiff neck, so gave up on pricing and packing today.

Tomorrow will be a better day.



Out and About...

Playing with Claire is so much fun. We went out for dinner,
we went to the park to play.
We added a couple more fairy
houses that were made for her by
her two talented aunts,
Evelyne & Caroline.
She has their pottery birdhouse as part of her garden as well.
We went to Ikea, where a measuring tape
and a pencil was all she needed to
be entertained.
An ice cream cone and a new wading pool
for the warm weather was a good way to
cool off.



Stopping along the way..

The thrifting was very sparse in the few stores I stopped at.

However, I got some really good ideas

about stylin our booth at the

Koootenay Vintage Chicks Faire.

I stopped in at the

"Spruce Collective" in Abbotsford. Their store is visual eye candy.

Here are a few of the things I thought were great ideas.