Our weekend....

Nothing much has changed much weather wise.

We are still waiting for the rain to come and get rid of the smoke.

It is still very very grey and smokey,

but just before dusk,

we saw this rainbow.

Good bye sweet friend,

you made this world a much better place with

your love and kindness.

You will be sorely missed.


More forest fires...

The smoke from the US fires was finally

clearing out of our valley

when 3 new fires started up.

This one was over the lake and on the

next ridge,

but quite visible from our home..

The air is easier to breathe,

rain is in the forecast.

An ice cream is a good way to

enjoy the evening.

(these photos taken yesterday afternoon,

we are socked in once again)





Out and about...

I went out to Peachland,

smoke and all,

walked along the lake,

took out my chair, table, and enjoyed my lunch.

Only a couple of boats on the water,

a few geese and a very bold duck.

Took some photos of a tiny

fruit stand here in West Kelowna.

The sun still glows red in the morning sky.



Smoke is still here..

It is difficult to go outside

and exert any energy with all the smoke that is still in the air.

So there is a lack opportunity of taking good photos.


It was Werner and Dana's 2nd anniversary.

She is totally lovely!

Flowers from our time out and walk last week.

Inspiration from one of my favourite blogs.


Snow on Bull Mtn, in Bull River where I grew up

(Thanks Ev for sending the photo)

Candle on our deck railing.
Loving this little camper.

Waiting for a table at Lake Breeze Winery.

No power today from 9-2 while they work

on our compressor station.

Definitely time to get outside once again,

smokey skies and all.