New bracelet...





Had allot of fun last night putting this together. I have had the silver bracelet for quite a while and have been making charms and collecting them for some time. Here is the finished result. I am pleased with the look and the abitlity to capture a close up with my new camera. I photographed outside in the sunshine.


Felted Mouse...

Alex's felted mouse
While I was under the weather with a cold this week, I bought this pattern of the felted mouse and hedgehog from in her etsy shop.
This is the one I made for baby Alex and I will be sending him on his way to Sri Lanka next week.
for Alex
Felted mouse and Hedgehog
Made from the same pattern, just into a hedgehog...they are fun to make and since it is for a baby, I just embroidered the eyes, nose and sewed the tail in really well.
Am feeling much better today, thanks for all you good wishes via e-mail and phone calls.
Jim's cousin Wayne and Jo-Ann were here while I had this cold and they seemed to have survived with Jim taking them for a drive. They treated us to a lovely dinner last night at Brio, and have left today for their continued journey to Puerto


On the water...

These photos were taken of the water and to show the great funnel smoke stack from the Carnival Spirit.
Last night Jim's cold finally caught up with me and today I am taking it easy....and maybe just go to sleep in the sunshine.
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cruise to mexico 2 little camera
1) Towel animals in room each night.
2) Colonial Hotel
3) Heading out to get some photos with my new Canon.
4) Waterfront plaza in Manzanillo.
5) Toes on the glass on the balcony deck.
6) Typical street scene with colorful buildings.


The sights of the cruise to Mexico

cruise to mexico 2 little camera

1) The Carnival Spirit in the bay in Zihuatanejo, Mexcio.

2) The view outside our balcony as the ship was heading south.

3) Me on the ship just leaving San Diego

4) The sunset on the first night out at sea.

5) Jim at the beach in Ixtapa

6) A pickup truck selling tomatoes in Zihuatanejo

Can you tell we had a wonderful time. I took alot of photos that I hope to share with you over the next week or so.
Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.


San Diego, Day 1

san diego day one
Here are some photos on our first day to San Diego. We stopped in at Yuma to see my brother Heinz and his wife Marlene. As we got closer to San Diego it got really foggy with lots of fine rain that made the last few miles of driving very cautious. The sun came out just as we came into San Diego and it was a lovely evening. We can see the cruise terminal from our room and we will board the boat tomorrow at noon.
On a sad note, we are all thinking and hoping the Haitian people get the help they need and are able to rebuild their country and lives.


Crusing to Mexico

We are heading over to San Diego tomorrow to catch the Carnival Spirit on an 8 day cruise to Acapulco, Mexico...We have a balcony suite on the second deck from the top. We are so looking forward to our time away.
I will try and post some photos from our trip while we are away.


Baby Alexander

Isn't he swell!

Shane and baby Alexander

Adorable baby Alex.

Laurie brought Alex home from the hospital yesterday and they are doing well. We talked to them in Australia today and Laurie sounded great.

Shane is a proud Dad and is able to take some time off to be with them at this special time. They were happy that Laurie's Mom made it in time for the birth as he arrived a week early. Shane's parents arrived today as well, but we will have to wait until they travel back to Sri Lanka. We will see him soon over a web-cam!


Evening sunset

Today I went to Scottsdale to pick up 2 of my long time girlfriends for a visit from Vancouver. Frosso and Layne.We drove up to Cave Creek then around on Dyamite Blvd and on to
Fountain Hills then home via lunch at Paradise Cafe.
Tomorrow on to Tucson and more Cactus photos!

Sunset photo by Frosso

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Alexander Lucus Denison Austin

Welcome to our new Grandson Alexander born to Jim's daughter Laurie and her husband Shane Austin. They had him in Australia and when he is able to travel they will go back to Sril Lanka where they will live for the next 3 years.
He weighed in just over 7.5 lbs and both he and Laurie are well. More photos to share as Shane sends them on to us
A special day for us, especially for Jim


Black and White..

I love this old vintage look of Black and White. Slightly shabby with the look of being loved and used!

I am trying to take my camera where ever I go, and always ask permission if I can take some shots.

It is a great way to get some fresh decorating ideas for our home!

Top image of typewritter keys from Antique Store, remaining 3 images from Domestic Bliss in Mesa.


Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Theodore Roosevelt

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Images of Tuscon

tuscon day 2010
Tuscon is always colorful.
When Cindy comes in the spring we will have lots more photos to share, as we will both have used our new cameras that we got for Christmas with much more expertise!


As seen in Tuscon..

Yesterday, Jim and I drove to Tuscon. It was sunny and 71.
Not a bad way to spend one of the first days in January. We walked around 4th Ave. to look at some of the cool shops. We drove past to the plane bone yard (this is where all the planes from the US go to when they are no longer used). There are literally hundreds of moth balled planes sitting in these big open fields surrounded by high wire fences. A sight to see!

We then had lunch at El Charro. It has been a resturant there since 1922 and it is a great place to eat especially if you can sit in the courtyard. The serve some of the best Mexican food around in the Valley.

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January 1, 2010

Two Snow Bunnies in Nelson
Cindy and Emmy braving the winter snow!
Cindy with Emmy NY day 2010
Happiness is having family and friends who love you all year long!
Wishing you a joyful 2010.