Fun with Claire..

This morning I hitched a ride to

Port Coquitlam

with my good friend Shirley.

She had driven in from Nelson and spent Monday night with us.

Claire and I went for a walk to the park then continued on

another a mile or two

to Starbucks.

Along the way we gathered things we found for our

Nature Table.

We get to spend the whole day together tomorrow.

I am thinking a trip to Value Village for sure.




Picnic Baskets

I had fun getting out a few of my picnic baskets

to style, dust off and re-arrange.



A family visit..

I hadn't seen my brother Werner and his wife Dana for

3 years in person

as they live in full time in

Cabo San Lucas.

They were here for a quick overnight visit on there way to Vancouver.

It was a short but sweet visit!

Good thing we are able to connect regularly

with FaceTime.




A good start to August...

The signs says...Cut your Own.

15 stems for $5.00.

Zinnias and Dahlias.

All it takes is a good pair of pruners and a bucket of water

in your car.

Style them when you get home.