Blackberry Studio...

This is my girlfriend Cindy's wonderful ceramic ware..She just sent me this photo and this is what she wrote in her e-mail to me. How true this is.....Love these plates

Back to the plates in the photo. The first one is happiness at finding a big sale and the second is bliss at finding something to buy on sale. Thought it kind of represented Cindy and Dagmar having a perfect day together.


Welcome Spring

This lovely items were found on-line at Pottery Barn. Fresh and Colorful, just right for spring around the corner.
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Jim in the Kitchen

This shot was taken of Jim (in stripped apron) in the kitchen of the new Del Webb community of Anthem @Merril Ranch just south of where we live. He was asked to this print ad as well as the TV ad that has been running here for the last couple of weeks. In the TV Ad he is on the golf course, but here he is in the kitchen..which for those of you that know Jim, cooking is not one of his skills or his passion. He was in luck, he only had to slice bread, and he had a couple of fun days...
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Desk in guest room...

Well, today the desk got finished in the guest room, and I think that Jim did a really fine job of getting it done. We still need knobs and a smaller chair, but other than that and a few more accesories, I think we are done. Now we have a place for all the crafting stuff that I do, in a way that we can leave it out and I can continue my work at any time.
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Rocky Point, Mexico... Day 2/3

Metal Flamingo's, wouldn't these be great on a lawn for a friend's birthday!!!!
THandpainted Tiles in the market.

Flowers from the beach vendors.

The view from our deck.


Rocky Point, Mexico

We came for the sunshine and shrimp, and they were both wonderful. We had beautiful weather for all 4 days. As we returned home today the weather got a bit cooler & windy, but it was a lovely time spent with my sister Ev and her husband Richard, and 2 other couples, Fred & Janice, Norm and Joan who are Richard's family...Great company and wonderful food and of course a few drinks.

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This horse (Conan) was painted by my very talented sister Caroline. She is really starting to sell her work and has won several awards. She is very quiet and humble about her work. This doesn't do her work justice as it is just a photo that I took of a photo that she sent. She has made up limited edition prints of this work. I am so proud of you and your work Caroline.
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Happy Valentine's Day....

Happy Valentine's Day...there are so many ways to keep this day special....a dozen roses and a wonderful heartfelt card sure starts my day our with a smile.....and a card from the dogs, how sweet. Thank you Jimmy.Posted by Picasa


Tubac continued..

Next time we go to Tubac, we will try to go on a day that isn't so hot and had a normal amount of people instead of the hundreds that were there of the Art Festival....but the opportunties to get colorful photos was definatley a plus. Eveywhere you looked the colors of the south west just gleamed in the sun.

The weather here in Queen Creek has be so lovely and warm in the past few weeks, it is what spending the winter months down south is all about.

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Tubac Treasures....

We had a very warm and wonderful day in Tubac today. 77 degrees. All week they had an art festival and we didn't have enough time to take it all in. Harvey and Annmarie joined us for the day. They were amazed at the quality and variety or the artisans and can't wait to go back .

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Come for lunch....

It is finally getting warm enough to eat our lunch outside once again, a nice change of temperture and what living in the south is all about.
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Handmade Hearts...

Live your life, make some hearts, do something fun and most of all, be a good friend.
Please check out my friend Alanna's blog in Kuwait..she is doing wonderful things for some orphans...
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.- Mark Twain
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Crafting today..

This is one of the bags that I made today from all those designer samples that I got when Christa was here last week. I made this one of two different colors, showing front and back and inside I put in some pockets.Used some of my embroidery stitches on my new sewing machine.

back of the bag

Sun glass cases
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Winter in BC....

Don't you just love the contrast, today in Cranbrook, BC with Christa all bundled up in her snowmobile suit with my Bull River Mts. in the background, to her last week at the pool.... 1600 miles apart and total contrast!!!!. She said they had a ball playing with there sleds on such a sunny day.

Jim went to the FBR Golf where it was really cold for most of the morning, and no traffic there or back, and he watched JP Holmes win in the playoff against Phil....I had a lovely day at home here, reading, crafting , walking the dogs and just hanging out........
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Felt hearts made while sitting outside in the sun. Small easy pieces to keep in a basket and start sewing when I have the time. It is a lovely way to spend some time creating a gift or 2.....They will look great piled all together in a white ceramic bowl.

Good friends are like quilts - they age with you yet never lose their warmth.

~Author Unknown

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