Weekend joys....

Still finding the time to thrift,

take photos on our walks

as well as make a few more bracelets.

Not putting in time, but enjoying the time we have before we leave.




Countdown continues...

Lots of last minute things to do.

As well, there is lots of time to just relax

now that all the main packing has been done.

Time to visit friends,

go for long fall walks, craft, knit and read.

As I write this, it's raining out side.

Our valley is covered in a low gray fog that doesn't lift

for days.

Time for some Thai sunshine.

First leg of our flight after leaving here will be

Vancouver to Hong Kong,

then on to Bangkok, then a bus to Hua Hin.

Then the beach.

Yes the count down continues.




One week today...

Finishing most of the packing,

My list is getting shorter and shorter each day.

Some of my time is being taken

up by cleaning out the garden pots, some still blooming so beautifully.

Taking time to get some of my

knitting and crochet supplies to take along.

Knitting a row or two when I have a few spare moments.

It's all very good and exciting.

7 more sleeps before we fly out.




Colour in my life...

My love for colour is well known.

I don't own one article of clothing that is black.

My colour palette is mostly pinks, turquoise mixed in with

some white and beige.

I am the happiest using and wearing lots of colours.



My happy little girl...

New photos of my happy little girl.

When we FaceTime, she barely sits still.

The energy she has is amazing, the happiness she gives is heartfelt.

I adore her playfulness.




It's definitely fall here..

Back from Vancouver was great seeing our

friends and seeing family.

The seasons changing, our first frost here today.

Cooler morning, rainy days, shorter days and cooler nights.

The countdown to our holiday is only

a couple of weeks away.

Here are a few photos,

love the mist on the lakes on our drive down.

Countdown to our holiday in Thailand!
Celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary today!

Jim enjoying our walk and celebrating his birthday

on Oct 6.

It sure is a very good life and I am very very grateful.




This past week.....

We have enjoyed having our friends visiting from Vancouver Island.

We travel to the Island tomorrow morning to stay with them and see

Jim's cousin Wayne and Jo-Ann.

Enjoying my visit last week with

Claire, Jeremy and Julie.

Celebrating Jeremy's 43rd birthday!

(How is it possible that those years have passed so quickly?)

Remembering my wonderful Mother.

It seems to me that 16 years seems like such a long

time to be without the wisdom and love

of this kind and loving women.