Sweet things

Most days, I use my IPad to blog my posts..using Photogene, PS Express and now the new IPhoto app. There are so many great possibilities to make your blog totally what makes you happy..Pinterest has given me so many idea..I always try to remember to credit back to the source....
Here are a few of the things I found that seemed so sweet to me!

Source, source, source



❤sweet Claire

Claire @15 months, growing more hair with maybe a wave or two in it..what a charmer she is❤

Saw this quote on Pinterest and thought how true this is..
"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents."
I hope you read to your children or grandchildren..what a gift that is!


The Apache Trail.....

The Apache Trail, or AZ 88 as it is officially known, links Apache Junction at the edge of the Greater Phoenix area with Globe via Theodore Roosevelt Lake, through the Superstition Mountains and the Tonto National Forest; 40 miles of steep, winding and mostly unpaved road past magnificent scenery of twisted igneous mountains with dense forests of saguaro and ferocactus, and several deep blue lakes. Past the lakes, the trail continues in more traditional fashion to the former copper mining town of Globe, but it is the western half which is the most scenic and well-known; however caution is required when driving and it is not recommended for large RVs or caravans;
Here are a few photos of this great trip that we took Harry and Jill of the road have a 10% grade and is not for the faint of heart.❤


My brother

We had the best 3 days, we walked, we drove, we took them on a lake cruise., we had some good laughs, we talked. We showed them a small part of Arizona and they were amazed with the amount of water here in AZ...
best of all, Harry is on the road to recovery and he feels great. He and Jill are heading out this morning, on their way back to BC over the next few days.
It was such a wonderful time with the weather in the 80's....just what they needed...sunshine and some R&R.


Amazing pots...

We were out and about with Harry and Jill...Jill wanted to see was a place that sold some we took her here! She was impressed and a few will go home with them.


Oh Happy Day

Yesterday was one of those happy brother Harry who has been recovering from Leukemia arrived here yesterday with his wife Jill for a little R&R...that he is doing so well makes our whole family and our friends so grateful!.....they stopped in to see our our sister Evelyne and Richard before coming here as much fun it will be to have them we are taking them for a drive to show them the cacti and flowers blooming here in the will be sunny and warm..85..just what you need when you have been stuck in the snow in BC for most of the winter...
Oh happy day❤

From on pinterest..

at the end of a hard working day taken by my good friend Cindy..❤


Blooming in the desert....

These are a few of the flowers that I found on my walk this morning with Jim...some of these cacti are just stunning in their beauty...has been a wonderfully warm week here in AZ. Hoping spring finds its way to you...wherever you are.❤



These images where taken with my new IPad..the camera feature is one of the bonuses for me..either capturing them from a digital page or with the built in camera.

Magazines on my read list and within "Where Women Cook" is my friend Koralee's lovely blog featured HERE wonderful read..


Happy colors...

It doesn't take much to make me
 A new pair of shoes, a sweater, some flowers
and with this, a whole lot of joy is 



camera case....

Made from a felted sweater,
stitched with love,
holder of many places dreams
to take pictures of.


A new journal for Spring...complete with sharpened watercolor
pencils...a blank page...
I want to fill the pages with creativity, color, pictures, 
words as well as joy.


Is Spring far behind?

It has been very cool, windy and pouring rain here the last few days.
Today the high will only be 56...compared to the 86 we enjoyed last week.
Even the doves and quail are cold and took shelter under our table outside..shivering! Wherever you are, I hope that spring will arrive with a burst of sunshine and joy.

Photo from BHG


Beautiful images

Today it is literally pouring here in AZ..great for the desert and even better yet for all my allergies that I only get down here..the rain has stopped the wind from blowing all the dust and pollen it is a good day to play with my new IPad.....these photos are from the digital magazine and captured to my camera roll.
Sweet Paul....what a great digital magazine this is.


Pretty things in March..

It was a fun day for me yesterday...I got my New Ipad..played around with it for quite a while.
I am off to the Apple Store this morning for a few lessons...It is quite different from
the 1st Generation Ipad...
I will be playing with IPhoto as well as some of it's other features!
Hope where ever you are you will be having a fine weekend!
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Short Row Scarf

My 2nd Short Row Scarf is finished..
I used a fine wool yarn that
gave me this wonderful striped effect...
An early spring late fall scarf for my
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Tape Measure Purse

Alanna gifted this sweet little coin purse to me..she sews and quilts like a dream! check out this tutorial HERE !


A new App....

Anita from ""Going a Little Coastal" gave me a great tip for a free app called Pic Stitch to work with photos on my Ipad..Here is the results....Thanks Anita❤
Claire and well as photos from Pinterest on the photo on the bottom.


country living uk style.....

I have an online subscription to Country Living UK edition...I love the photos and how they are styled..but on an can't save the photos to your library from the digital can take a photo of what is on your screen...hold your on/off button and your home button at the same time..
you should hear a click..( like a shutter click)... then check the photo out in your IPad photos...
This college was created in photogene....❤ that app!

Maybe you will try it and let me know how it worked for you!❤
All photos are from CL..Uk (april 2012)


amazing lamps...

These amazing lamps were displayed in the Riande Hotel
in Panama.
I loved how the lights reflected on the walls!
One of these would be perfect in a room!


Peach Oatmeal bars...

I added coconut, some ground flax seed and used
Peach Jam instead of Raspberry Jam..
Delicious...Jimmy approved of many of them!
Have fun mixing it up!