My words

Happy Sunday...just watched a wonderful, heartwarming and happy movie..out on DVD..or on ITunes. "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel"
Jim and I really really enjoyed it❤
My doodling!



If you are like me, you have things you like to style or display..rotate, put into different rooms, swap things out..move around furniture, give yourself a new are some displays I have seen or are mine..what do you do to freshen or change your look?



Happy Birthday my son

You have grown into such a wonderful and loving husband, father and son. I am proud to be your mother❤


The old girl gets a makeover...

What a bargain...regularly $40.00...but was 1/2 price at the Sally Ann! How fast could I start the car and get it in!..She had a few miles on her, some bumps, a sticker or two..but I imagined her in "Polished Pearl." Jim did a light sand with his palm sander and 2 coats later she is in the hallway..still waiting to have a bit of sanding back done and a coat of wax! what do you think? A great storage unit isn't it?



When I arrived home yesterday from Vancouver, this lovely parcel of goodies was in the mail from Suzanne of Meridian Road HERE
We have never met, but are great blogging buddies..what a little treasure trove she sent me..this is so thanks Suzanne❤


The colors of Fall..

Fro and I spent the day out and about..saw some fabulous flower arrangements and it was great being down here as the colors are changing.

Got a bit of a cold..heading home tomorrow..been a wonderful sharing time with Jeremy, Julie, Claire, as well as Fro.❤ Am ready to go home to Jimmy and enjoy fall in the Okanagan.


Out and About..stylin❤

Had a lot of fun with Claire, she really knows what she wants when we are shopping for clothes and will be so interesting to see her as she grows and the clothes choices she will make!


Fro and I just looking

When I come to Vancouver, I always stay with my dear friend Fro, for at least a few days...thrifting and looking thru our favorite shops near where she lives...she is the sweetest of friends, always making me feel so special with her personal touches thru out her home for my comfort! Here are a few of the things we looked at but stayed in the stores!

Fro's wonderful gift to me, the blue knitted fairy, Dagmarilo❤Thank you


Loving Claire....

My favorite quote " A grandchild fills a space in your heart you never knew was empty" Claire certainly does that!

No makeup, just a good morning cuddle..just as we are❤


Some of my favorite things...

I was so pleased when Suzanne put out a post asking some of us who read her blog to be a guest blogger...I have been an ardent fan of Suzanne's blog now for a couple of years..we almost met this year on our way back to BC from AZ...but an ugly dust storm made us change our plans as we got closer to Idaho..hopefully next spring...Check out her wonderful DIY blog HERE


Traveling to Vancouver...

To see Claire..and of course Jeremy and Julie..Frosso, Shirley and my friend Koralee...a lot of cuddling time with Claire..happy smilies and sunny days❤
Oh yes, a bit of shopping of course.


Time to Harvest...

Here in our beautiful Okanagan Valley we are known for our wineries and the orchards...acres and acres of apples, cherries, peaches, pears, apricots and it is time at the markets to enjoy all this bounty...I hope where ever you live you can have a taste of some wonderful fruit❤




There is something so beautiful about pears..the shape of them, the sweetness as well as all the lovely things you can make with them❤

This photo from Country Living magazine


Just a lot of fun with Cindy

The market, the fruit, the joy of our long and lasting friendship❤Just being us and having such fun! Thank you my Cindy for your love and friendship!


Dagmarilo the Spring Fairy

Frosso knitted this wonderful whimsical Fairy that she named Dagmarilo! Isn't she just so precious! What a talent...Thank you Fro!


What a special day❤

I was so touched with all the wonderful and caring birthday wishes I received..thank you all from my happy heart.❤ Cindy drove in from Nelson...Jim drove me to Penticton so that Cindy and I could meet and have lunch at Poplar winery's Vanilla Pod did not disappoint..the food, the spectacular view and the amazing treasures that Cindy gifted me..a truly special day..I am so grateful to be a year older and to get to see many more sun rises and sunset!


Buying Handmade...

This arrived today.....happy birthday to me...check out their beautiful hand made sweetness..Cindy comes today to play and check out our favorite thrift shops..oh happy day!❤

On order❤



On Order and in the Works..

Just look at this book..I can't wait to make some of these for Claire and for a few new babies in our family....oh what fun these will be to make and cuddle.❤
Today I am crocheting squares together for a pillow and crocheting the backing for the pillow..what a good day this is..crafting and listening to some Jesse Cook on my early birthday day gift from my sweetie.. A Bose Sound Dock..such great sound playing throughout our home...thank you, Jimmy


Vintage Hull Pottery

In my mind "Vintage" sounds so much better than old....These are a few of my vintage Hull vases that I cherish..perfect with the pink of these hydrangeas, don't you think?

Blossom Time by Royal Albert china...

Thinking of you today, would of been are missed everyday by all of us❤{Sept.11-1924 - Sept. 30-2000}



I have written down and kept quotes for many many years...yesterday I came across one of the books I wrote my favorite ones in.❤I hope you have a few quotes that are special to you.

"Don't let a day go by without finding some joy in it" my words, my motto❤