Crafting in Studio D

It has been very cool here in AZ. in the past few days and even this morning we have frost on all the garden furniture in the garden.
It is a really good time to have lots of craft projects on hand to create. Mostly I have been learning how to knit and crochet.
Christa has been inspiring me and every day on skype we show eachother what we made that day...She is a knitting machine! Cindy in her ceramic studio and Caroliine in her painting studio. Alanna with her quilting!

Making granny squares for a lap blanket, some coasters just so I could learn to crochet in the round!
I hope that where ever you are reading this from today, you have a crafting project that
you enjoy making!



Was able to see Claire today on skype.I just love when Jeremy and Julie bring her down to the computer so I can see her.These are her lastest pictures.
I am totally smitten!
 She is making alot of sounds..soon I will be able to understand her.

Feed the Children....

Help feed the children of the world by clicking on to this site at
look in the many ways shopping will help make a difference!


Linen Tea Towels

I had alot of fun making these tea towels yesterday. I bought some twill tape on line and used what I had for linen and cotton in my stash pile. I ran out of white thread and now that problem is resolved I have a few more on the ironing board to make up. This time I am going to put the tape on the long
side of the linen as seen in the photo below. I think these will make wonderful little hostess gifts.
Another Purl Bee creation.

Caroline's crochet

Caroline has been so impressed with the craftiness of Christa and I that she has been crocheting on her own..except she has been painting the playful look she has created. This is so very different from the wildlife she normally paints. Check out her fabulous paintings at her Log Cabin Studio


Red .......

First of all...Happy Birthday Frosso..
We  hope your whole year is filled with love, health and happiness!

Red domino's, hearts, threads and vintage labels..
Red is not a color that I have much of around the house..except at Christmas and Valentine's day..
However it seems to be sneaking its way into my craft room for futurre projects.

These carnations are still doing well after being plucked out of my Valentine's bouquet.
They add a splash of color to my workspace which they share with a stuffed rabbit and an owl.
It was a good day in the craft room.


New Bathroom Shelves

Jim just finished putting up our new bathroom shelves..I love the job he did building them.
I give him the idea of what I want it to look like and he buys the lumber, paints...etc and voila...
I have 2 new bathrooom shelves.
It does make a difference to have something nice on the walls that has
been built by Jim.



Here is Alexander....he is a seriously funny, sweet little guy and it sure makes our day when we see him on seems amazing to us to see how he has grown since we saw him at the end of November. When Jim talks to him on Skype..Alexander looks behind the computer to see where his granddad is!


Crafty Friends..

Alanna spent the night a few days ago..She made me this great large bag..for the beach, books, name will fit..she even embroidered my name on it. You may remember that while in the Maldives and Sri Lanka the bag she had made for me several years ago was the one that I used the most. Right now this great bag is holding all my new wool.

Then here is Frosso with her new creations. While in Vancouver, Frosso and I went to several knitting stores and checked out the large array of wool, silks and all things handmade. We spent the time together with her showing me how she knits and crochets...mostly with out a pattern...what a gal.

So if you have a few crafty friends...I have several more in my close circle of girlfriends and sisters..remember to compliment them..especially if they make little or big things for me there is nothing more thoughtful when it is handmade or home grown..from fresh baking, to raspberry jam..fresh tomatoes right from the vine..a painting...a knitted or crocheted wash cloths..a beautiful photograph....a brooch..a bag..a knitted scarf..a beautiful ceramic bowl.....the list goes on!



My friendships are like this. Do you find them or have they found you?
I am thankful for the wonderful sister-hood friends and family I have in my life!
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Cotton Candy Colors

Yesterday I went up to my knitting class and learned all kind of new words when reading a pattern.
One of them was ssk (slip, slip, knit) and yo (yarn over) these
are lovely and scary sounding names to a novice knitter..but here you see one of my finished treasures..
a humble but pretty dish cloth.
I bought several hanks of cotton and was able to wind it up into this lovely looking ball that reminds me of cotton candy.
I am sure that not everyone understands about my love for cotton, wool, silk, & linen (thanks Cindy)
but no need to worry..
it's all about being happy, contented, fulfilled and joyful.
that is why I craft..good reason isn't it?

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I found the sand and shells amazing in the Maldive Islands.
The sand was so white and soft..the shells white, tumbled, broken and beautiful.
Very different sand in Sri Lanka..coarser, yellows, cream, black and grey.
The shells were shaped differently .... the coral lived closer to
the shore..
Wonderful memories.
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Meet Harriet...

This is newest crafting adventure.

Meet take on the wonderful Owl Pattern by
I ordered the pattern on-line yesterday and made it this afternoon. It took me only about 3 hours as
I have alot of felted sweaters in my fabric cache..oh but the hard part
was knowing how she would turn out..I will make a few adjustments to
my next one which I hope to have time to make tomorrow. It involved a fair bit of sewing by of the most enjoyable parts of making this owl for me.
Check out her website and see for yourselves!

Sweet Claire

Jeremy's school gave them a baby shower for she is with her mom Julie heading out in her sweet little pink outfit..they were very generous contributing a lot of money for Claire's RESP for her education.
To me she looks as sweet as the icing on her cake!

I can't wait to hold her again.!


Re-cycled...up-cycled bag.

This was a great find @ $ had really sturdy handles and no holes...the ugly plastic liner didn't deter me..I have a large cache of fabrics to play with and here is the end result..from ugly duckling to a very respectable swan!..
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This would be my dream come true..a Vintage Shasta Trailer..complete retro tables cloth and cupcakes from Enjoy Cupcakes
How absolutely lovely!

My little Valentine!

It is really great that Jeremy and Julie are taking lots of photos of Claire. I love the one of her smiling at her mom..what a sweet and joyful photo.
Every photo they take and send to me makes me feel so connected to her.


Crafting today

Here are a few of the things that I have been crafting in the past couple of days..I made this little bunny from a 6x6 piece of semi felted wool...still need to refine my the learning process.
The little pouches are coming along well..the big one is for my knitting needles and is already in use in my knitting bag...all in all it was a great day and it is just morning!
These are some of the materials used to make the pouches.

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The ones I love the most...

Happy Valentine's Day to the Ones I Love the Most!


Works in progress..

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Christa's gifts to me..

Am I the luckiest girl in the world to have such friends as Christa and Cindy! I put out the word
that I am looking for a shopping cart and I get one from Cindy ( as a wonderful christmas gift.)
Then Christa finds me one here in this sweet
shop in Okotoks as well as salt and pepper shakers for my flowers.
Then Cindy sent me a photo of what she found thrifting yesterday. Salt and pepper shakers.
Now I can line both of the carts and have one for Cindy and I at the Farm Chicks!
Thanks to both of my dear sweet friends for keeping an eye out for me!


Cindy enjoying her evening

I realized yesterday that there were a few things I never knew about was that she knew how to crochet! I was so pleased when I found out as now I have another person to help me with my granny squares. Her she is with Dwight on her lap with the afghan she has made many years ago and is the only one she kept. So glad you kept this one as it looks so colorful and cozy.


Playing with Textures

It gives me so much pleasure to learn new techniques and this week has been full of discovery..not only working in Picasa but also learning in my texture class from Kim Klassen's courses here.
I am working on getting a macro lens.....then the fun will really start!


Alexander and Claire

 Alexander celebrated his 13 month old birthday with a small party and 6 new you can see he is a very happy and handsome little guy. He is almost walking on his own..any day now...then he can graduate from the baby group to the toddler group where he has playdates once a week..
We talked to them on Skype a couple of days ago and as soon as Jim said hello, Alexander came right over to the computer. As we also sang our "Ants go marching one by one" song for him, he started smiling and trying to touch our faces on the was a sweet moment to know he recognizes us after 3 months since we saw him..

Claire at 6 weeks...she has a ways to go before she is walking but she sure is 
bright and interested at what is happening around her..
Everyday there is a new change with her..I sure miss her and am counting down the days until I see her again in April.